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November 19, 2016 00:15

Itchy abdomen during pregnancy |How to prevent itching of the abdomen during pregnancy

Itchy abdomen during pregnancy should not go unnoticed, and in the event of this symptom woman should report it to their gynecologist.

Itching during pregnancy is often localized on the abdomen as a result of its increase and skin stretch marks.Doctors have repeatedly considered the question of why the pregnant belly scratched, and agreed that this symptom often occurs on the background of physiological changes in a woman's body.The skin is stretched due to the increased levels of estrogen loses its elasticity, becomes overly dry, and it provokes scratching reflex.The most common belly itch caused by hormonal changes in the body, resolves after delivery and does not require any medical intervention.

Causes itching stomach during pregnancy

Large-scale studies of medicine proved another cause of itching of the abdomen of pregnant women.If you constantly itchy belly - it may indicate impaired liver function.Itching thus becomes accompanying symptom of hepatitis, cholecystitis, cholestasis, and oth

er "liver" diseases.In this case, not only scratched the whole stomach, but also to chest, back, arms and legs pregnant.Itching caused by the dysfunction of the liver, usually enhanced by the night and can be accompanied by a burning sensation.This state is very dangerous, and in rare cases can lead to a complicated birth and fetal death.Only the timely diagnosis will help save the situation.

Diagnostics belly itching during pregnancy

After examination, the doctor may prescribe additional tests in the form of blood tests (general and biochemical), liver function tests, and if necessary - ultrasound of the abdominal cavity.Test results show, is not the main cause of allergy symptoms of itching or malfunction of the liver.Often the allergic reaction of the body of a pregnant woman can be caused by changes in hormonal levels.In this case, an allergy is acquired and can occur from almost any stimulus: tight or synthetic clothing, food, cosmetics, etc.

Naturally, liver problems, primarily indicate analyzes (liver function tests, bilirubin, AST, ALT, and others.).A pregnant woman is important not to ignore the planned visit to your gynecologist and tell him about any changes that occur in her body, including the emergence of even a slight itching in the abdomen.Usually, if the itching associated with the stretching of the skin due to the growing belly, it is localized in small areas of skin.

How to prevent itching of the abdomen during pregnancy?

avoid itching during pregnancy the expectant mother is recommended to review the diet and to exclude from it products, "heavy" for the liver (salty, spicy, fried), exotic fruits and seafood.To improve the functioning of the intestines must be entered in the menu apricots and prunes, which are establishing peristalsis.

to prevent stretch marks skin on the abdomen pregnant women are advised to use special moisturizers, as well as take a shower, using hypoallergenic means.For bathing, you can use herbal tea (succession, celandine, chamomile).Cream to moisturize the skin should be neutral, with no chemical additives and strong smells.In pharmacies, you can buy special tools developed by dermatologists for pregnant women.

Itchy abdomen during pregnancy in medicine is called "polymorphic dermatosis pregnant" and is most often seen in the second half of gestation of the child when the fetus grows in size and begins to actively move in the stomach mother.It is important that pregnant women promptly drew attention to the itching in the abdomen and has taken care to eliminate the factors causing stretch marks, which leaves unsightly trace after delivery.To prevent striae (stretch marks), you must immediately apply a moisturizing active abdominal skin natural remedies.While this is true not only of the skin on the abdomen, but also breast, thighs - in other words those areas where there are often extensions.