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November 19, 2016 00:14

Yellow cyst during pregnancy |Symptoms and treatment of the corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

Yellow cyst in pregnancy is formed instead of the corpus luteum, which develops in the ovary after ovulation.

functional responsibilities of the corpus luteum - a production of progesterone, which creates in the female body and the conditions for the onset of a normal pregnancy.If conception did not occur, the corpus luteum activity weakens and must gradually regress and disappear at the end of the menstrual cycle.

If the birth is successfully held, the corpus luteum continues to synthesize the hormone as early as 12 weeks later that this feature will take the placenta.However, this is not always: according to statistics, in 5% of patients the corpus luteum can not be involution and continues to exist in the form of cysts.

reasons corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

corpus luteum development takes place in four stages:

  • the first phase multiply follicle cells, which burst (immediately after ovulation);
  • the second stage of the cells in the vascular tissue to sprout;
  • on the third stage, the
    flowering of the hormone, increasing the corpus luteum to two centimeters, the beginning of the production of the hormones needed him;
  • on the fourth stage, the regression of education, the cells regress completely replaced by connective tissue.

Yellow body should be about 14 days, and if successful conception of its function, in addition to the synthesis of hormones, is also the regulation of uterine contractions and the fallopian tubes.

cystic formation of the corpus luteum is able to develop in postovulatory period and during pregnancy.The reason for this may be a disorder of blood flow and lymphatic drainage of tissues in the area of ​​appendages.

cyst formation may contribute to the use of certain drugs (such as hormonal agents, contraceptive drugs), excessive physical and stress overload, poor diet (prolonged sitting on restricted diets, food insufficiency), inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs (eg, genital infections) affecting appendages.To these factors can add and endocrine disorders: malfunction of the thyroid gland and the pituitary gland.

Another version of the causes of the cyst - congenital factor when a woman more at birth has a tendency to cyst.The trigger in this case can serve as a hormonal surge of pregnancy or inflammatory reaction in the appendages.

Symptoms corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

cystic neoplasm of corpus luteum usually occurs without any apparent symptoms.Only in some cases, a large amount of the cyst may put pressure on the surrounding organs and tissues, promoting the emergence of abdominal pain with possible irradiation in the lumbar region.

cysts often show up randomly during the passage of a planned US.Rare symptoms that can be noted at the woman, the following:

  • uncomfortable feeling of pressure, heaviness in the lower abdomen, on the right or the left of the navel area;
  • pain becomes more pronounced when walking or running at a fast pace, through sexual contact, abrupt slopes or turn of the body.

Brighter symptoms appear, usually in the development of complications of the disease.

  • Twist or compression of nerves and blood vessels that supply the feed and the appendages.Such a situation may develop due to excessive physical activity in large sizes of cystic formation.State accompanied by cramps in the groin area, dyspeptic disorders, separation of cold sweat, the appearance of weakness and dizziness, hypotension.
  • gap cystic formation.When the corpus luteum cyst is rare, since education has a fairly thick capsule.State accompanied by sharp pains in the field of ovarian projection, faint and dizzy, nausea, dizziness.
  • internal hemorrhage.If a cyst localized area of ​​the vessel, it may be output in blood ovary cavity and the abdominal cavity (ovarian apoplexy).Then feels when complication depends on the amount of blood lost.This can be drowsiness, braked reactions, pallor and cyanosis of the skin, low blood pressure, tachycardia.

Such conditions require urgent medical attention or hospitalization.

Diagnostics corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

diagnosis of cystic formation, in addition to a careful survey of the patient includes:

  • examination by a gynecologist - is determined by palpation of the uterus seal in the subordinate zone;
  • ultrasound - examination of the abdominal cavity - allows you to see echogenic tumor volume and specify its dimensions;
  • laparoscopic method of diagnosis - the most informative method can be used both for diagnostics and for the removal of the tumor;
  • hormonal studies - through analysis can reveal hormonal imbalance women;
  • other laboratory research aimed at finding infection, triggering inflammation in the epididymis.

The individual may require a surgeon's consultation, reproduction.

Treatment corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

treatment tactics detection of cystic formation of the corpus luteum during pregnancy may be different.Often, the doctor simply watching a cyst within 3 months.

Yellow cyst does not constitute a threat to the child, either for the patient, often has no effect on self during pregnancy.However, you must watch for it, controlling its growth with the help of ultrasound.If the cyst has a strong tendency to increase, the doctor may decide to conduct surgery to avoid complications in the future.

However, for the most part, these cysts have to self-destruct 20 week gestation when progesterone production falls squarely placental membrane.Even in situations where the pregnancy has occurred against the backdrop of the existing yellow cysts, education must arrest the self by the time the final the forming placenta.

If the cyst involution does not occur, can be assigned to surgical treatment.Such treatment is applied and situations with a break and twisting cystic formation.

Laparoscopic surgery is a method of sparing surgery, which even during pregnancy can be carried out.Removal of education is carried out by three small puncture (approximately 1.5 cm) of the anterior abdominal wall.The operation is performed under general anesthesia.Traumatic operation is so small that the patient can be discharged home the following day.

Pregnant women after cystectomy surgery usually takes additional treatment aimed at preserving the pregnancy.

Prevention corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

Since the factors of development of cystic formation of the corpus luteum during pregnancy have not been studied more thoroughly, specific methods of disease prevention is not.

general principles of prevention measures may be aimed at reducing the physical exertion, the overall strengthening of the body, maintaining the immune system, a stable hormonal environment.

  • during pregnancy to avoid physical activity, especially housing and the anterior abdominal wall;
  • exclude fizprotsedury, thermal effects on the stomach area, mud and other wraps;
  • exclude active exposure to the sun, visiting the baths, solarium;
  • eat right, avoid mono-diet, there are enough vegetables and herbs, drink clean water;
  • avoid stress, psycho-emotional stress, to protect the nervous system, more than a walk in the fresh air, do not overwork.

If you feel unusual discomfort in the ovaries, by all means tell your attending physician, visit the US office to remove all suspicions.

forecast corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy is very beneficial.Regular visits to the gynecologist - a guarantee that the yellow cyst in pregnancy is not progress, and will reverse development, as it should be in a healthy female body.