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November 17, 2016 00:07

What happens in a woman's body during pregnancy ?

First, during pregnancy there is a change in the amount and quality of hormones.And one of them you already know.It - chorionic gonadotropin.He made one of the membranes of the ovum after implantation (fixing) it in the womb.It stimulates the corpus luteum to continue progesterone secretion - the hormone that ensures the preservation of pregnancy.First progesterone produced by the corpus luteum and later by the placenta.

Estrogens in early pregnancy are also produced by the corpus luteum, and then after six or seven weeks - the placenta.Their main role is to ensure the growth of the uterus, breast and fruit.The amount of estrogen is the criterion for assessing placental function and fetal development.A sudden decrease in their number is an indication of a violation of this unity.

placental lactogenic hormone influences the growth of the fetus.It appears in the blood of pregnant five weeks after the last menstrual period.If the amount is below normal - the risk to the developing baby.

Oxytocin is produced by the pituitary gland and stimulates the contraction of the uterus during pregnancy and childbirth.Early and increased its secretion can cause premature labor.

addition to hormonal composition changes affect other organs and systems.

increased uterine weight from 50 g to not pregnant state up to 1 kg to the end of pregnancy.In addition to shelter for the fetus, the uterus will have another role - to expel the fetus.To do this, and it increases muscle mass.Increasing the uterus can lead to compression of the veins in the abdomen, which impairs venous outflow from the lower extremities.This can cause varicose subcutaneous veins.

respiratory system are also several active.First, the developing fetus carbon dioxide (CO2) releases throughout his life, which is getting into the blood of the mother, increases the overall level of CO2 in her blood.Because of this, women are breathing becomes deeper and more frequent.Secondly, the increase in blood volume and cardiac performance acceleration entail recess respiration frequency and of permanence relationship between the amount of blood flowing through the lungs and the volume of air inhaled with.In addition, rapid breathing is due to the increasing size of the uterus, which puts pressure on the lungs, reducing their volume.

weight women increased by 10-12 kg.It mostly happens by increasing the liquid (7 liters).If the mass is growing too fast and too much, then there are swelling.It is an occasion to sound the alarm and see a gynecologist, as it signs of toxemia of pregnancy.

cardiovascular system, or circulatory system, also undergoes changes: increased blood volume, and plasma volume increases more than the number of red blood cells.This need for more blood thinners (to better flowing through the vessels).Therefore, pregnant hemo globin somewhat reduced (normally about 130 g / l, and in pregnant - 105-110 g / l).However, some gynecologists once diagnosed with anemia pregnant women.(And right would only be diagnosed, and then another and begin to heal, and placed in the department of pathology of pregnancy.)

Increased blood volume results in a greater than normal stress of the heart - there is tachycardia (rapid heart rate).

Blood pressure should remain the same throughout pregnancy.Therefore, if the end of pregnancy is increased, it is an occasion to see a doctor.High blood pressure, along with edema and protein in the urine - a sign of toxicosis second half of pregnancy - preeclampsia.

Urination becomes more frequent due to the increased uterus that begins to compress the bladder.

begins to suffer memory - along with a general increase in the body fluid in the brain decreases its amount.This caused memory impairment, reduced some intellectual skills (difficult crossword puzzles), and changes in the emotional sphere.It is very often women want to sleep more.(And do not deny yourself this.) And some want to cry all the time, it is a pity to yourself - this "unfortunate" and "abandoned" by all.