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November 14, 2016 00:03

Winter clothes for children

winter clothing for children should have characteristics that allow the child a lot and move freely at the same time not to freeze.This means that it should be free, but warm.What characteristics must have winter clothes for children?

Children's clothing outdoor

most suitable for children sporty.This jackets, jumpsuits, warm pants, which are ideally suited for the cold season.These clothes can be with heaters, for example, with a light and voluminous synthetic padding or fleece, which keeps the heat well.Winter clothing for children and multi-layer (membrane).Overalls are very comfortable for the child, because then it is not necessary to select a set of jacket and pants in color.Straps jumpsuit is very convenient because they can be adjusted for the growth of the child.The main thing that suit was picked up not very bulky and well protect the child from rain, snow, cold and fog.

What is important for the child's winter clothes?

winter clothing design for the baby should be suitable for all

hygiene requirements.Looking for what it is intended.For hiking clothes can be warmer and sports - such as to a child it is not evaporated.Top winter clothes baby must adhere to other, more subtle layers of clothes, pretty tight.But at the same time it must be such that the wind is not blowing in the sleeves and bottom garment.

If the parents, afraid that the baby will freeze, buy him a heavy and thick winter clothing, it will compress the blood vessels that are in the child close to the skin.This will worsen the nutrition of tissues and organs, blood flow slows down, the child, instead of warm, there will be more cold.Parents should be aware that a strong winter jacket can worsen respiratory processes, especially with the active movement of the child and panties or tight jumpsuit - worsen the processes of the digestive system, organs that are just in the abdomen.

Therefore cut children's winter clothing should be comfortable, appropriate to the age and allow the child to move freely.

protection from the cold

winter clothing should protect the baby from the cold in the first place.So look carefully, what it consists of jacket or suit (composition written on the label).The highest protective properties of cold - from materials consisting of several layers.Cotton wool, wadding, padding polyester is lightweight and at the same time a good thick.They will protect the child from the cold thanks to its porosity and layering.Sheep fur is the warmest - beaver lamb can be 18 mm thick and full sheepskin - up to 50 mm.This winter clothes - the warming.

child even at the winter walk is always moving a lot, especially small.Parents should know that the active movement of the child produces 3-5 times more heat energy than with a calm state.Therefore, the more a child moves, the thinner the jacket should be on it, otherwise the baby will overheat and cooled down, cold.

Therefore, given that the child may sweat, and on top of the rain or snow, winter clothing should be well absorb moisture from the inside and not to let her out, and dry quickly.Therefore, winter jackets for children optimally buying of waterproof fabric.

Stratification winter clothes

Very well, if the child is wearing winter clothing in several layers.Firstly, it creates additional heat, and, secondly, allows air bubbles between layers of clothes, so there is a natural process of airing, the baby's skin breathe.But with each successive layer provides not only additional heat, but the additional weight of the baby clothes.Therefore, in all good measure.

very important to understand that it is not necessary to wrap up the baby as a head of cabbage, because there is an optimum number of layers of clothing.Beginning with the third layer of clothing, the heat begins to be stored is not better, but worse.For example, the second and the third layer increases children's clothing at a temperature within a half a degree, but the third layer and above it increases by only half a degree.When we get to 5-6-th layer of children's clothing, the heat is almost does not increase them.But all these layers of winter clothes give it additional weight that a child is forced to wear a.This limits his mobility and robs the pleasure of walking.

If you're a child in kindergarten, or he is in a room, it is advisable to use several thin layers of clothing.

winter clothing for children of preschool age at different temperature indoor air

air temperature ° C What clothes? number of layers of winter clothing
16-17 ° cotton, linen, wool blend, or woolen dress, knitted sweater, tights (with legs and warm slippers or shoes). 3 - 4
18-20 ° cotton, linen, wool blend dress or a shirt or a dress of thick x / cotton fabrics, thin tights (and shoes on his feet) 2 - 3
21-22 ° X / W linen dress made of fine cotton fabric - can be short sleeve or shirt, socks or stockings (on legs shoes or sandals) 2
23 ° C and above thin cotton dress or withouthe or shirt;light dress without sleeves, socks (on his feet sandals) 1

to children was comfortable winter stay in the room the girls can wear dresses and boys - in shirts made of natural fabrics - cotton, baize, flannel, plaid, wool mixture, wool.The woolen products for children can be added viscose or cotton, to not "bite".Synthetic fibers for woolen fabrics in the product must be less than 35% (eg, intron).A Dacron allowed no more than 40% of children's clothing from wool.These figures are valid for children up to three years.For children from 4 years of age can use a little more synthetics in winter clothes - blouses, pants, jacket - up to 50%.

Children's clothing for winter walks

Weather Activity Outerwear number of layers
+3 - 3 °, wind up to 2 m / s average overalls 3-4
-4-10 °, wind up to 2 m / s average overalls or a jacket with trousers warmed 4-3
-11 - 15 °, to wind up to 2 m / s average overalls or a jacket, coat 5-4
-16 - 20 °, the wind up to 2 m / s Intensive fur coat, warm jacket, jumpsuit 5-4

winter clothing for children should be not only warm and waterproof, but also a bright, beautiful.The baby was not only protected from the cold, but also to enjoy every day.