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November 06, 2016 00:02

Newborn Baby : Why change the temperatures on the thermometer ?

When a baby is born, one of the first manipulation, which will be made to it - body temperature measurement.Normally, the indicators on the thermometer will be at 0.1-0.6 degrees different from the body temperature of his mother.And all because of abdominal temperature mom higher than outside.It will take just 60 minutes, as the newborn's body temperature starts to fall.And 2-4 hours to reach their minimum levels.

sharp decline in temperature triggered by the immaturity of newborn thermoregulation system and the new conditions of existence of the crumbs, which still need to adapt to it.Healthy kids do not lose more than 1.5-2.5 C, but premature babies are born, or after a severe fetal hypoxia may suffer "fall" up to 35 and even 32 C. This condition poses a threat to life, so these babies nursed in a special incubator"under the hood".

Once the temperature reaches its lowest figures, it will begin to gradually rise, and after 12-24 hours already will reach 37 C. If the figures for this period of time

did not grow up to 36 C, it signals the weakening of the protective forces of the organism.These kids are exposed to a more thorough examination by specialists - neonatologists Kiev.

at 3-4 days after birth, might such a thing as an abrupt rise in temperature to 40 C. This happens mostly at night, kept 3-4 hours and completely passes.This condition is called "transient fever newborns."He feels the baby is not affected, except that he may refuse to eat.At the same time, have to peak and the maximum physiological weight loss crumbs (up to 10% of initial weight at birth).

one pediatrician in Kiev observed that strong kids who lose less than 200 g initial weight, almost never faced with transient fever.But kids who have lost between 500 and 720 grams, half the cases are experiencing the symptoms.The explanation is simple: these kids lose more fluid, and the first of their food - Colostrum contains large amounts of protein, which is normal for assimilation by the body requires sufficient amounts of liquid.Strong protein load provokes a rise in temperature.This kid is enough sometimes just water, so that all parameters returned to normal.