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October 19, 2016 23:03

Juices in pregnancy

juice during pregnancy - is a nutritious and delicious drinks that should be consumed every expectant mother.Consider the benefit of fresh juices and the most useful natural drinks.

juices from fruits and vegetables - this is a mandatory component of the diet of every woman in the gestation period.They quench their thirst, saturate the body with beneficial vitamins, minerals and trace elements.Value of beverages in their natural composition and rich in beneficial properties.Some of them are used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases and to increase the protective properties of the immune system.

juices from fruits and vegetables is recommended to prepare their own meals.Packages purchased juices can be found the inscription - 100% natural product, but it is worth remembering that these drinks are made from canned foods.That is, the value in this product is not only sugar remained.

Drink juices can be if women do not have contraindications and allergic reactions, in other cases, we r

ecommend consulting with your doctor.

What juice to drink during pregnancy?

Actual question for each expectant mother.This is not surprising, because every woman is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while waiting for the baby to eat, and only useful, rich in vitamins and Beverages.Fresh juices to properly select, before their use, it is recommended to consult a doctor in order to avoid possible allergic reactions and contraindications.

juice during pregnancy is very important, as they quench their thirst and enrich the body with beneficial maternal and fetal trace elements, vitamins and minerals.They are made from different fruits, vegetables and even plants.Natural drinks allow to diversify the diet and the body to bring the maximum benefit.During pregnancy it is recommended to drink: apple, carrot, beetroot, citrus and other juices.

Useful juice during pregnancy

useful are natural and fresh as vegetables and fruit.On the shelves you can find a ready-made product - juices from fruits and vegetables.But use of such beverages is not much since their composition is sugar and preservatives.Some manufacturers have adapted for pregnant women and nursing mothers juices.In spite of this, you need to drink only juices own production.Experts say that the drink should drink in the first 20 minutes after cooking, because after 20 minutes it loses 60% of its macro-and micronutrients.

juice drink is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or allergic reactions to any fruit or vegetable.Let us consider the most useful juices during pregnancy:

  • useful properties and a pleasant sweet-sour taste has pomegranate juice.It frees the body of harmful cholesterol and free radicals contributes to the hemoglobin.It can be used for prevention of anemia, which often occurs during pregnancy.Fruit normalizes the digestive system, diuretic and antiseptic effect.
  • Equally useful juice during pregnancy is a carrot.The drink contains only useful components that are indispensable both during pregnancy and in the postpartum period (improves lactation).It is recommended to drink the juice with pulp, because they contain fiber.
  • high nutritional value has beet juice.Drink lowers blood pressure, prevents constipation, which is very important during pregnancy and purifies the blood.Unlike others who need to drink immediately, beet is better to drink a few hours after cooking.It must be diluted with water to dilute the pomegranate juice can be used.
  • Pumpkin juice is also useful during pregnancy.Pumpkin reduces edema, removes constipation, improves the functioning of the kidneys, liver and heart.Regular use of pumpkin juice eases the symptoms of toxicity, improves sleep and results in order nerves.
  • tomato juice prevents weight gain pregnant and is considered the low-calorie drink.It cleanses the body and prevents the formation of cancer cells.

juices All of the above are useful in pregnancy.Natural drinks will give energy, refresh, improving both internal and external condition.

Fresh juice during pregnancy

It is not only delicious, but healthy drinks, allowing to diversify the diet and improve the body's functioning.Freshly squeezed juice is considered a nutritious drink that provides the body of a pregnant vitamins and minerals necessary for the full development of the child.If a pregnant low hemoglobin, it is recommended to drink beet, carrot or beet-carrot juice.Fresh drinks can be consumed only if a woman has no allergy to fruits and vegetables.

Drink the juice immediately after cooking better, because at this moment the drink is saturated with useful microelements.After 20 minutes, he loses his favor.Please note that canned and frozen juices do not possess the properties possessed by fresh.Juices and fresh juices of vegetables, fruit, stems and shoots of plants provide energy, improve your mood, helps to cope with diseases and normalizes the general condition of the body.Fresh juices help to easily transfer pregnancy, derive from the body toxins and wastes, facilitate toxicity symptoms.

Natural juices during pregnancy

This healthy drinks that contain tissues of fruits vegetables and fruits.It can be made at home or order in any cafe.The peculiarity of natural juices that are stored in all the nutrients that are essential as during pregnancy.It improves the protective properties of the immune system, protects against vitamin deficiency and improves the functioning of all organs and systems.

Natural juices must be taken regularly, regardless of health status.In addition to juice, a pregnant woman should eat fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.This will provide the body with a full range of nutrients.Natural juice contains a large amount of pectin, which has a positive effect on the stomach and intestines, lowers bad cholesterol.Pregnant women need to drink fruit, vegetable, drinks concentrates and nectars (juice diluted with water).

Drink the juice is better in the morning, it will charge the body with energy for the whole day.

To improve the mood fit the natural juice from apples, celery and bananas.Drink perfectly tones and improves the protective properties of the immune system pregnant.But they can not be abused, especially during pregnancy, because the juice can cause gastritis.This is due to the fact that in the fruit contains large amounts of acid.If the expectant mother has a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, the natural juice is better to dilute with water.

Orange juice

is the most popular citrus drink.Eating orange juice, pregnant saturates the body with vitamins K, B6, B2, B1, E and folic acid, amino acids, magnesium and zinc.A large amount can cause allergic reactions, withdrawal of calcium from the body and acidity.The orange juice contains pectin, improving digestion and bowel function.It strengthens capillaries, supports the normal functioning of the lungs and heart, speaks excellent prevention of colds.

  • drink is recommended to drink for women with poor vision, as it saturates the body with calcium, potassium and vitamin C. It helps fight fatigue, stress, anemia.It is useful for pain in the joints and liver diseases.Citrus strengthen the immune system and has a favorable effect on the cardiovascular system.If
  • pregnant bowel disease or gastritis, the best juice diluted with water.The drink contains a lot of sugar, which can lead to diabetes.Pregnant women are recommended to drink orange juice for 20-30 minutes before a meal, it will avoid bloating and flatulence.

Apple juice

This tasty and healthy drink.It protects a woman's body from dehydration and protects from toxicity.Glass apple juice contains carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, choline, and other nutrients.Its only drawback is that unpasteurized beverage may contain harmful microorganisms and bacteria, and it is fraught with pregnancy poisoning.Excessive consumption of apple juice can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cause exacerbations of peptic ulcer or gastritis.

Apple juice is combined with other fruits and vegetables.Fresh drink made from apples perfectly energizes and tones up the whole day.The composition of natural juice with vitamins: B, C, and E, as well as pectin, calcium, manganese and potassium, which help fight anemia (common in many women in the waiting period of the baby).

Potato juice

used as a means of traditional medicine, has healing and anti-inflammatory properties.Outside its use is effective in healing wounds, boils, acne and burns.This is very efficient since during pregnancy is not recommended medication drugs.

  • If it is taken orally, it acts on the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus, removes the unpleasant feeling of heartburn, accelerates the healing of ulcers and improves gastritis and hyperacidity.
  • potato juice has cleansing properties.This cleansing occurs naturally through bowel stimulation and diuretic effect.Potato juice relieves the liver and relieves swelling that often appears during pregnancy.
  • In later pregnancy, potato juice fights the signs of toxicity and relieves heartburn.It can be used in cosmetic purposes as a mask to align the color of the skin.
  • Potato juice is contraindicated for use in patients with diabetes mellitus and low acidity.Excessive use of its negative effect on the pancreas, so before taking a drink is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Grape juice Grape juice

during pregnancy can lead to bloating, constipation and flatulence, so it is best to use after consulting your doctor.Natural grape juice has a minimum of restrictions, the maximum daily dose of the drink - one glass.In later pregnancy, it is best not to drink.The drink is not recommended to be mixed with fatty foods, other fruits, milk and carbonated beverages.This combination results in heaviness in the stomach and in the gut fermentation.

Grape juice has a high calorie fructose and glucose.Therefore, the excessive use of it during pregnancy leads to rapid weight gain, as the mother and baby.Large fruit can lead to serious complications during the birth process.Passage of a large fetus through the birth canal - the risk for women.Therefore, in the last months of pregnancy grape juice is better not to use.

  • Grape juice, which consists of a peel fruit, has a positive effect on the functions of the gastrointestinal tract and removes toxins from the body of woman.But it leads to increased gas formation due to fermentation in the gut.In the last trimester, it may cause premature termination of pregnancy, because the gut starts to put pressure on the uterus.
  • drink grape contains many minerals and vitamins, the most useful of them: vitamins B, PP and C. It is rich in selenium, iron, magnesium.Grapes contain organic acids that neutralize bacteria in the oral cavity.
  • Drinking grape nectar during pregnancy protects against cardiovascular disease and prevents the development of hypertension.It improves blood circulation in the brain and reduces bad cholesterol effect.

Noni Juice Noni Juice

during pregnancy can be taken only after doctor's permission.This is justified by the fact that it is contraindicated for many women, especially during lactation.Some women who are not pregnant before taking it, you experience an allergic reaction, skin rash, stomach upset and other side effects.Noni - is the fruit of Morinda tsitrtssolistoy, evergreen shrub that bears fruit all year round, and gives fruits of different maturity.Noni fruit juice is used to normalize the menstrual cycle and treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system.

noni fruits have a specific taste and smell, so it is recommended to dilute an extract of blueberries and grapes.As a rule, it contains 89% fruit Morinda, 11% of the grapes and blueberries.Its members may include agave nectar, malic, tartaric or citric acid.The drink is rich in B vitamins, A, C and E. Due to this composition the body resist infectious diseases, increases efficiency.Noni like athletes because it increases the tone the body and energizes.

Noni juice can be used in the event that prior to conception the woman took the drink.It enhances the protective properties of the immune system, eliminating inflammation and infection.The drink is considered to anthelmintics.Before use, noni is necessary to consult a doctor.

Juice Kalanchoe

Juice Kalanchoe in pregnancy is used to treat slow-healing skin defects, burns, cracked nipples in nursing mothers, inflammation of the oral mucosa, inflammation of the gums.It has anti-inflammatory effect, cleans the wound of dead tissues and accelerates regeneration.

Ranka Kalanchoe moistened with a syringe or applied wet bandage, soaked with abundant juice.The treatment takes 2-3 weeks.If Kalanchoe used to treat mucosal lesions, the liquor used in the form of applications.For the treatment of cracked nipples, kalanchoe be applied to the affected skin once a day.

Typically, Kalanchoe does not cause side effects and has no contraindications.You can cook yourself or buy at a pharmacy.Kalanchoe is recommended to dilute 1-2% solution of novocaine, it will save from the burning and itching in the wound.

Cranberry juice

This tasty and healthy sweet and sour drink that quenches thirst and hunger, saturates the body with useful micro and macro.A glass of cranberry juice, it's a real vitamin cocktail, it consists of: vitamin B, H, PP, C and mineral salts: iron, phosphorus and magnesium.During pregnancy it is particularly useful because it acts as an excellent prevention of many diseases and replaces certain medications.

  • It has a diuretic effect and promotes healing in pathological diseases that are aggravated during pregnancy.Cranberry has antipyretic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • drink is effective in the treatment of headaches, dental caries, periodontal disease, toxicity, constipation, colds, rheumatism.Cranberry improves the elasticity of capillaries and stimulates the brain operation.
  • Regular use of cranberry juice increases the immune system, enriches the body with vitamins, eliminates nausea and swelling.It helps to reduce body heat with no side effects for the baby body.

Cranberry juice can be used as a prophylactic or a tonic to improve the overall condition of the body.Many obstetricians and gynecologists strongly recommend every day to drink 1-1.5 liters of cranberry juice.But also not recommended to abuse cranberries.It includes a large number of vitamin C. In the early stages of pregnancy, large amounts of ascorbic acid are dangerous for women.But with the right dosage, it supports the uterus in good shape and prevents the threat of miscarriage.

grapefruit juice

grapefruit juice during pregnancy is very useful and contains owl composed of vitamins B, C, K, PP, beta-carotene, pectin, mineral salts, and citric acid.