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September 27, 2016 23:01

Cream of stretch marks during pregnancy : the names and methods of use

During pregnancy, the skin on the abdomen and chest inevitably stretched.Under certain circumstances, extensions may be formed - a kind of scars that form as a result of micro traumas of skin fibers.Such cosmetic defects in earnest grieve most women, so the cream for stretch marks during pregnancy - is a topical issue for each expectant mother.

begin to use creams since the second or third month of gestation, and continue to apply for some time after birth, until the skin on the belly will not recover completely.The essence these creams is that they harbor and hydrate tissue surface, thus making them more flexible and resilient.As a result, the fibers become more extensible, which prevents the formation of stretch marks.

Choosing cosmetic products for stretch marks is large enough.The shops of cosmetics and even in pharmacies and can be purchased cheap money, and more expensive drugs.How do they differ, and some of the creams really effective?

most popular brands of creams for stretch marks

  • Cream Sanosan - a time-tested tool for the prevention of scarring, intradermal retaining structures against excessive stretching and rupture.Main components Sanosan - is wheat protein fraction and the olive oil.These components have a positive effect on the elasticity and plasticity of tissues, which greatly inhibits the formation of scar tissue.The cream has been tested by numerous tests, which clearly confirmed that the product is distinguished by its naturalness, so it is absolutely harmless for the future mother and the developing baby.
  • cream Vichy (Vichy) - is a cosmetic product on the basis of thermal water, the main purpose of which - is actively moisturizing the skin.Among the additional components are present: Basso oil (helps synthesize collagen), glycerin (softens the skin), and silicon (strengthens the skin).The cream is hypoallergenic, evenly distributed on the skin, absorbs quickly.The manufacturer advises to use the tool twice a day throughout pregnancy.
  • cream Mama comfort (our mother) - a tool that is suitable both for pregnant and lactating women.It includes no flavorings and chemical dyes, but most represented natural components.Main components: Hyaluronic acid (supporting tissue turgor), an extract of horse chestnut (strengthens the vascular skin mesh) and a variety of vegetable oils (to moisturize and protect the surface layer).The cream is well absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy, and after applying the cream feeling comfortable and light.
  • Bepanten Cream - a popular tool with pro-vitamin B5 to care for the skin If pregnancy.This cream cools, neutralises bacteria, heals minor damage.In this case the impact of the drug is carried out not only outside, but also in the depth of tissue, thus preserving the moisture and nourishment to the skin layers.Bepanten applied twice a day on clean skin until complete absorption.It is all natural and not dangerous during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Mustel cream - is an excellent preventive and therapeutic agent from the stretch, which not only prevents their appearance, but also significantly reduces the existing defects.cream are listed with special moisturizers, oils, minerals, as well as extract from Sophora and silicon.Means hypoallergenic and harmless.
  • emulsion Bepantenol (Bepantol) - a tool similar in composition with ointment Bepanten.Do not provoke the development of allergies, contains no preservatives and dyes, and is absolutely harmless to both mother and baby.Consistency Bepantenola easy and pleasant, has an unobtrusive odor.Metabolizes the skin for 2 minutes.
  • Veterinary Cream Dawn was originally intended for the care of cow udder, but many people use it and to take care of their own skin.Indeed, the natural cream does not contain chemical substances and hormones.The basic ingredients - a soy oil and palm extracts of chamomile color and beets, as well as shea butter, beeswax and the liquid collagen.The main active ingredient is Floralizin substance which is a micellar extract.Applying the cream Zorka provides hydration and smoothness of the skin, eliminating wrinkles and strengthen blood vessels, supporting the skin with excessive tension.

Listed list - it's not all creams are often used for the prevention of stretch marks.Each woman chooses a drug individually.In order to choose the best cream for stretch marks during pregnancy, it is important just to use them properly.This will be discussed further.

How to choose the best cream for stretch marks?

composition useful cream for stretch marks is to be submitted and vitamins, primarily vitamin A, which qualitatively retains moisture in the skin layers.Besides this vitamin have the same ability aloe extract, hyaluronic acid and chitosan.Desirably, the ingredients were present among tocopherol, ascorbic acid, collagen, minerals, herbal extracts, kelp, shea butter and a good amino acid composition.Welcomed the presence of natural oils -. Such as cocoa, coconut, rose, grape seeds, etc. This will increase the elasticity of the surface layer of the skin.

should be used regularly for stable and faithful effect creams for stretch marks, morning and night: only in this case, you can count on their positive action.At the same time begin to use the selected tool should be no later than the third month of pregnancy.The cream is applied not only on the abdomen, but also on other problem areas: breasts, hips and the gluteal area.

Rating creams for stretch marks are classified depending on their destination.For example, there are tools for the prevention and treatment of already existing skin defects.On the cosmetic market these external preparations today presented very much.It is necessary to pay attention not so much on the price (although this too), but on the natural composition of creams.This is important, especially in order to avoid harm to the growing fetus in utero.Even more desirable to present the inscription on the label, indicating that the agent is allowed to use during pregnancy.

According to numerous reviews, the most popular creams producers are trademarks Sanosan, Avent, Galenic and "Our Mother."

Recipes creams for stretch marks

If the domestic cosmetics market is full of products that helps to combat stretch marks, what prevents to prepare a similar tool in the home?Is there a home cream for stretch marks during pregnancy?

Yes, these recipes really are, and we have chosen for you the most interesting.

  1. Mix equal parts of linseed oil and almond oil.Lubricate the problem areas two times a day during the entire period of gestation.
  2. Mix 1 tbsp.l.oat flour, 3 tbsp.l.cosmetic clays and grape seed oil to the consistency of sour cream liquid.Apply the mixture on the body 15 minutes after which the rinse water without detergent.The procedure should be done every other day.The finished mass can be stored in the refrigerator.
  3. Prepare a mixture of 100 ml of yogurt, 1 tbsp.l.any vegetable oil, 15 g of glycerol (or any cream with glycerol) and 1 g of mummies.The resulting cream should be applied to the skin for 20 minutes (without rubbing), then wash with water without detergent.
  4. Squeeze the juice from the leaves of aloe vera (100 ml), add the same amount of vegetable oil, as well as the contents of 20 capsules Aevitum drug.Mix well.Store in a cool place.Apply to the alleged extensions area daily at night.
  5. Mix 4 g mummy, 1 ch. L.drinking water and 100 g of any moisturizer.Lubricate body areas 1-2 times a day.This tool is advised to not use in breast-feeding.
  6. Connect 1 tbsp.l.fresh coffee grounds left after brewing coffee with 1 tbsp.l.honey and 1 tbsp.l.homemade sour cream.Massage movements put the mixture on the stomach area and leave for 15-20 minutes.Rinse with warm water without soap.

In addition to using a variety of vegetable oils for the preparation of creams, recommended and welcome them inside.For daily use in the morning on an empty stomach 1 tbsp.l.any vegetable oil will not only make the skin supple, but also get rid of constipation, which is often plagued by women during pregnancy.

cream for stretch marks during pregnancy is really necessary, if a woman does not want to lose the beauty of the body.However, it is equally important to monitor your diet and weight, not to overeat, a walk in the fresh air.If we take all the necessary measures, after the birth of the baby skin will remain as beautiful as ever.