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September 24, 2016 23:09

Aggressive behavior of adolescents |Cause and correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers

aggressive behavior of teenagers every year more and more evident and growing.At the same time suffer from it especially the younger generation itself.

word aggression comes from the Latin "aggredi", which literally means - "attack", "attack".Unfortunately, the pace of modern life, all kinds of stressful situations lead to the fact that the aggressiveness of younger and angry, irritated pupils of kindergartens is rather the norm, not the exception to the rule.

Psychologists call this aggressive destructive behavior, in which harm others, psychological or moral.

But when violent behavior appears for no reason, it may mean that the person suffers from a severe hormonal imbalance in the body, as well as Alzheimer's disease.Psychotherapists insist on a thorough examination and identification of the causes of aggressive behavior, especially if it manifests itself in adolescence.

aggressive behavior of teenagers, if it is not caused by a disease or disorder in the body, can be a form of protest restr

ictions at school, at home and a desire to assert itself among classmates through conflicts with teachers.In addition, the causes of aggression can also be social and economic inequality, the impact of media, movies, bad company, family conflicts between parents and children.In any case, one should not neglect a situation.

Aggressive behavior in children and adolescents should not scare parents and teachers, its timely diagnosis and correction (treatment) gives very good forecasts.

Aggressive behavior - this deviation, which can and must be fought.Modern psychology and psychiatry with aggressive behavior in children and adolescents cope quite successfully.It is important to determine the cause of right and on time, which led to aggressive behavior, and prescribe treatment.It can be as visits to a psychologist on preventive conversations and medication.

If childhood aggression was not resolved, then a teenager to fight will be much harder.

problem of aggressive behavior of teenagers

problem of aggressive behavior of teenagers today, more than ever relevant.Psychologists have noted that in recent years has increased significantly the level of aggression among adolescents, with it, both developing and developed, prosperous country.

The root cause is the unfavorable atmosphere in the family, which enforces child antinormy social behavior.

dominance of violence and stiffness in the media and film industry led to the fact that the aggressive behavior of adolescents perceived as the norm.With the help of the aggression they are trying to establish themselves in the team, to achieve the desired.

the aggressive development is influenced by many factors, both biological (genetics, diseases) and psychological.

aggressive behavior of teenagers - the diploma on the subject chosen more and more graduates of universities psychological direction.Aggressive behavior of adolescents, their diagnosis and correction of now, more than ever, relevant and in demand.

School Psychologists say that aggression is common among high school students and younger.A specialized medical institutions neurologists do not have time to take patients.But on the other hand, it should be noted that if the earlier 20-30 years ago aggressiveness attributed only to the wrong education, it is now recognized that the aggressive behavior - is a disease that should be treated.

Causes of aggressive behavior of teenagers

Psychologists call one of the main reasons for aggression in adolescents - the desire to attract attention.Aggression - a kind of cry for help.During the aggression often hides weakness, fear, self-doubt.

Causes of aggressive behavior of teenagers:

  • age crisis
  • unfavorable situation in the family, kindergarten, school
  • inferiority complex
  • heredity
  • hormonal disorders
  • disease organism
  • abuse of alcohol, drugs, antidepressants

Featuresaggressive behavior of teenagers

particularly aggressive behavior of adolescents are largely dependent on gender.If girls prefer verbal manifest aggression, the young people - to use physical force.

Psychologists say these types of aggressive behavior of teenagers - physical aggression, indirect aggression (gossip, stamping his feet, slamming doors), verbal aggression (screams, cries, quarrels, threats, curses), negativism, resentment, suspicion.

According to statistics, the boys are aggressive, more and more often than girls.Their aggressive behavior is more difficult to be adjusted.

Studies show that the main cause of aggression in adolescence is the lack of parental love and care."Nedolyublennosti" children, in which the atmosphere of mistrust prevails families, violence and abuse, difficult to adapt to education, as they are similar in circuit communication society.

Aggressive behavior in adolescence, primarily due to a misunderstanding in the family.This is followed by age crises, the impact of media and cinema, alcohol and drug use, with learning and peer problems and hereditary diseases.

Boys characteristic physical form of aggression for girls - verbal.The sharp difference in the aggressiveness of gender comes at the age of 14-15 years.

Psychological features of aggressive behavior of teenagers

In adolescence, puberty occurs and psychological maturation, the desire to clash with the world, and especially - teachers and parents, limiting life.This period is the most difficult and controversial for any teenager.Psychological features of aggressive behavior of teenagers depend on their place in society, social level.Between aggression and violence there is a difference.Aggression - is a character trait, and aggression - an emotional state that is amenable to adjustment when correctly chosen method.

Psychological features of aggressive behavior in boys and girls differ in their characteristics and time.After all, puberty in girls starts a year or two earlier.

forms of aggressive behavior of teenagers

forms of aggressive behavior of teenagers are two views - verbal and physical.

By verbally often resorted girl is - verbal abuse and humiliation.Verbal aggression is indirect and direct.

physical aggression more than boys characteristic.Direct physical aggression - is the physical humiliation.Indirect physical aggression - moral damages.Symbolic physical aggression - intimidation and threats.

real form of aggression - causing physical injury.

Diagnostics aggressive behavior of teenagers

Diagnostics aggressive behavior of teenagers conducted by specialists - psychologists, psychotherapists.To this end, we developed a number of programs and tests that allow a few minutes to determine whether the aggressiveness of the teenager undergo adjustment, or he just a bad mood today.

Often teenagers refuse to acknowledge their aggressive behavior, do not want to talk to psychologists, to pass tests.To convince them of the necessity of diagnosis - the task of parents and a psychologist.

Presentation of aggressive behavior of teenagers includes diagnostic aggressiveness, the correct selection of aggressive behavior correction methods.

a teenager for the first time there is the denial of recognized morality and the desire to go all around the counter to create its own system of values.If the attempt to influence the strength of a teenager, most likely, it may lead to nothing.It is for this reason that the conflict Teen + teacher hardest amenable to adjustment as teachers act according to the rules, not wanting to give in, to try to understand the aggressive teenager, the reason for his aggression.

correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers

correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers initially carried out by experts - therapists or psychologists, including school.After all, school psychologist often better parents know the challenges faced by their child on a daily basis.To do this, there are a number of techniques.First you need to make a thorough diagnosis, rule out hormonal and hereditary diseases.

correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers - a collaborative effort of parents, teachers and, of course, of the "patient".Among the recommendations, including those for the prevention of aggressive behavior, it occupies an important place point active and interesting leisure student.Very good effect on the employment of children of all ages in sports sections.

Methods of correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers

Methods of correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers depend on the cause of aggressive behavior.If it is psychological, the aggression will be adjusted by means of psychological interviews, tests, programs, games (both group and individual).

Medical aggressive behavior adjustment method is used if the disease is caused by a biological factor, ie, heredity, drug abuse, alcohol and antidepressants.Also, aggressive behavior may be caused by hormonal disorders, infectious diseases.

Psychological correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers

Psychological correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers conducted by school psychologists or members of specialized medical institutions.Psychological correction includes both preventive conversations and games (individual and group), painting, music, contact with nature, animals, chrism (often, communication with horses and dolphins transform even the most aggressive children, the standard methods of treatment which is not operated).

program correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers

program correction of aggressive behavior of teenagers includes a lot of points, the choice of which depends on the degree of aggressiveness of regrowth, as well as its causes.If biological factors such as heredity, alcohol abuse and drugs, antidepressants, hormonal disorders - the aggressive behavior is corrected with medication, often in conditions of inpatient treatment.

Otherwise activated psychological correction of aggressive behavior - talks, workshops, games, pictures and music, communing with nature and animals.

Prevention of aggressive behavior of teenagers

on aggressive behavior of adolescents may be influenced by many factors - the difficult situation in the family, the lack of basic standards of education, transition age, social and behavioral factors.

Prevention of aggressive behavior of teenagers, oddly enough, should begin in childhood and is held by parents.In two or three years, all children show aggression, but those whose behavior was not corrected, starting to assume that aggressive behavior helps to achieve the desired.

Psychologists say that prevention of aggressive behavior of teenagers is as follows - the definition of the factors that influenced the development of aggression in adolescent development measures (both psychological and pharmacological) to reduce aggression.

program of prevention of aggressive behavior of teenagers

aggressive behavior among adolescents Prevention programs should be approved at the level of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

timely prevention, diagnosis and treatment of aggression among adolescents will in future significantly reduce the crime situation in the society.Moreover, psychologists and therapists to successfully cope with teenage aggression, but timely diagnosis.