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September 23, 2016 23:09

How to teach a child to count?

children learn to count - it is a real achievement for the kids.Many parents wonder how to teach a child to count?In this case, there is a whole system, which parents should adhere to the learning process has been quick and joyous.

Child Memory

memory in children is very difficult arranged.Kids remember the information that they liked, they are interested in, perhaps even frightened.If your sessions with the kid would bring him joy, and you will not notice how he mastered the science of accounts.Even linguists argue that the study of any language is easiest remembered numerals.

Pros studying bills

do math much easier than reading scientific literature and memorize complicated acronyms, sitting for hours at the table.Read all you can, take it should always be.Your child can read in kindergarten, while outdoor activities, at home, at a party - everywhere.Even dressing can count the number of socks or wearing buttons on his shirt.If you teach children from an early age, they have physically deve

loped brain, they become more workable and inquisitive.

How to learn to count?

First you need to clearly define what is a number, and that number.Figure - is, for example, 1, 3, 5, 10, digit represents the number.A number of - a number of objects.Objects can be three, five.

can tell the child that he will get for breakfast 5 spoons of food and you need to help your child, take them one by one.

Leaving the child in the store, tell him that you are going to buy, count the number of shopping with a child.Have to remind him that it was, and how many items you need to buy at the store together.

Workout baby

remarkable exercise for the baby will be a game in the store, the currency can be either: buttons, coins, small objects of various shapes of the same type.Excellent will play wrappers or just write on pieces of paper figures.By the way, children under the age of three enjoy the payment.They are addicted to this action and immediately learn to count.

more apples can be divided into parts, candy, bananas or any product that loves to eat your baby.Ask your baby, how many parts will get mom, dad, cat or any family member.

main thing is that the child knew that if he had in both hands, for example, a typewriter, or a doll, it's two dolls or cars.


can cut cardboard cards, which will be approximately 25x25 centimeters.These cards draw marker dots or circles.Take a card and draw on it two points, on the other two points, three points in the third.Thus, you can change the cards in any order and these cards can be any number.The child will try to count the number of cards and the number of dots, and you will help him in this.

Subtract child can be taught in the same way.Put two cards in front of him, ask how much there and then remove one.Let him say that there was one card.If your child is difficult, help him, and in any case, do not scold if he forgets something, or it will not turn out.The main thing - it is the desire and interest.If you are interested in the baby, he was the first to suggest to you how many cards left.

main thing - patience

Over time, your child will learn more complex calculations, but the important thing to teach a child to count.If he understands the principle, all he will succeed.Encourage your baby good food, which he loves.Then the child will be interesting to study mathematics.