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December 29, 2016 00:08

head sarcoma

head sarcoma - a malignant tumor, which is very often the cause of death.Most often, the head affects synovial sarcoma, ie solitary tumor that falsely encapsulated.Neoplasm localized in the upper third of the head, on the side and under the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

Oncologists are 4 types of synovial sarcoma, which can affect the head:

  • cell round, with cavities containing mucoid mass.
  • tumor consisting of cells, similar to the epithelium, but forming the alveolar structure.
  • sarcoma of spindle-shaped cells.
  • polymorphonuclear cell type.

Kaposi Sarcoma

skull skull - a malignant tumor disease, which causes compression of the brain and the appearance of neurological symptoms.Most often diagnosed hondosarkomy and osteosarcoma.Treatment of this type of tumors is ineffective as sarcoma will recur and metastasize.For diagnostics using methods of computer and magnetic resonance tomography.In some cases, the method resorting to craniography.

Treatment of sarcoma of the skull is aimed at the normal

ization of intracranial pressure, prevention of recurrence and metastasis.If the sarcoma is caused by a progressive decrease in vision, then used surgery, optic nerve decompression, lyumboporitonealnoe bypass.

Kaposi Sarcoma eyes

eye is most common among pre-school children.The tumor develops from episclera or periosteum tissue, affecting one side.In the first stage, the disease resembles chalazion as striking the upper sections of the eye socket.The first symptom of cancer - swelling, redness and swelling of the eye socket century.Through time it begins to develop prolapse.If available for palpation of the sarcoma, to the touch, it may be solid or elastic, depending on the source of growth.Neoplasm able to grow through the skin, creating adhesions.

sarcoma eye reaches large sizes for a short period of time.Because of the rapid growth of the tumor, the patient feels pain arching orbit and the orbit of the eye.Very often a shift of the eyeball and the restriction of its mobility.The main symptom of progressive sarcoma eye - sided exophthalmos.If sarcoma affects the orbit of the eye, it can germinate, ie, metastasize to the nasal cavity, the cranial cavity or paranasal sinuses.

Due to the proliferation of sarcoma and chronic pain, patients come early visual disturbances that lead to such changes as: stagnation and atrophy of the optic nerve, retinal hemorrhages and degenerative changes, one-sided blindness, ulcers and erosions.Diagnose sarcoma eyes with radioisotope studies, cytology, the overall clinical picture, rentgenotomografii and other methods.

cancer treatment is surgical removal of part sarcomas and healthy tissue (in some cases, completely purified orbit).In the postoperative period, the patient carried beam radiation therapy, regular blood transfusions and chemotherapy.

Sarcoma nose

nose sarcoma - a malignant tumor that affects the internal nasal cavity.The development of sarcoma depends on the tissue from which it originated.Thus, the nose mostly affect:

  • Fibrosarcoma - develops from connective soft tissues of the nose, it is highly malignant.Rapidly progressing, it can metastasize through the bloodstream.
  • Osteosarcoma - develops from bone tissue grows rapidly and metastasizes to the lungs.
  • lymphosarcoma - growing of lymphoid cells, let metastasis through the lymphatic vessels.As a rule, affects nasal concha and the nasal septum, can recur.
  • chondrosarcoma - develops from the cartilage of the nasal passages.It is malignant, metastasizing with blood.

Symptoms of nasal sarcoma depends on the type of tumor, its localization and stage of development.Symptoms corresponds to pathological stages: latent period, the growth in the nasal passages, metastasis to adjacent organs, lymph nodes and distant organs and systems.

nose sarcoma is diagnosed using histological examination and a series of combined techniques.With regard to treatment, the oncologists use radiotherapy and chemotherapy.A radical method is considered to be the surgical removal of the tumor.

Kaposi sarcoma face

persons - an extremely rare and malignant disease.Feature tumor - its slow growth, and in some cases, and metastasis.The most common sarcoma affects the upper lip, nostrils, eyelids and nasolabial furrow.In the early stages, a sarcoma appears as a small seal.Soon the skin over the nodule becomes ulcerated and covered with a crust that even after removal, growing again.There are several types of malignant skin lesions.By nature of the disease and, Kaposi's face may be compared with squamous cell carcinoma of the skin or bazilomoy.

face sarcoma can affect certain parts of the face and eventually metastasize into neighboring.Thus, the most common sarcoma of the nose, lips, eyes and skin.Diagnosis of a sarcoma presents certain difficulties.Since even in the last stages of development, sarcoma can be mistaken for a benign tumor.In order to accurately detect the disease, biopsy (tissue sampling for histology or cytology).

For the treatment of skin sarcoma resort to methods of radiotherapy, surgery and combined procedures.metastasis occurs via treatment of chemotherapy and radiation, that kill the malignant cells.

Sarcoma throat

throat sarcoma - a malignant process that develops due to chronic inflammation.Typically, sarcoma occurs in areas of the epithelium metaplasia and dysplasia.There are two types of sarcomas that affect the throat connective and epithelial.The first group includes spindle cell sarcoma, lymphosarcoma, fibrosarcoma and reticulosarcoma.The second group - adenocarcinoma, undifferentiated tumors and squamous cell carcinoma.

Symptoms of throat sarcoma depends on the tumor location and the direction of its growth.If the tumor is located in the upper part of the throat, it violates the breathing and cause bleeding.Sarcomas can metastasize and grow into the skull bone, disrupting the function of the cranial nerves.The tumor is able to grow and through the side wall, causing pain in the ear and hearing loss.In some cases, sarcoma metastasized to the cervical lymph nodes.

sarcoma is diagnosed with the help of X-ray and instrumental studies.To clarify the diagnosis is carried out magnetic resonance and computed tomography.In the case of morphological examination, Kaposi's throat diagnosed by biopsy.Due to the anatomical features of the structure of the throat, treatment is carried out by methods of radiation exposure and chemotherapy.Forecast throat sarcoma unfavorable, and the effectiveness of treatment depends on the rationality of the use of radiation therapy.

head sarcoma is characterized by rapid growth and progression.In the initial stages, the patient does not feel the painful symptoms, but as soon as the tumor starts to grow and metastasize into neighboring tissue, appear severe pain.Sarcoma relapses in 65% of cases and 25% of regional metastases appeared, and in the 40% - remote.Treatment of sarcomas of the head and an integrated combo.Oncologists use surgical treatment and radiation.