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December 29, 2016 00:06

spinal cord Sarcoma |The symptoms and treatment of spinal cord of sarcoma

spinal sarcoma is quite rare, but the actual disease to date.The spinal cord - a body which is a kind of extension of the brain and is related to the central nervous system.The spinal cord is located in the spinal canal, formed by the vertebral arch.The body fills the spinal canal, lasts up to 3 vertebra and enters the spinal string.

The spinal cord carries introducer and reflex function, that is, provides the body movement and muscle contraction.The body regulates the heart, stomach and other internal organs.It has a large value and the location of the tumor which it compresses the brain segments in Kaposi spinal cord.Sarcomas can be primary and appear as a result of metastasis of other tumor foci.

most often affect patients with intradural, ie extramedullary tumors of the spinal cord.As a rule, it neurofibromas and meningiomas.Intramedullary malignant lesions occur in the spinal cord substance, they account for about 5% of the spinal cord tumors.The remaining 95% are glioma tumors, ie from glial

tissue - astrocytomas and ependymomas.

Causes of spinal cord sarcomas

Causes of spinal cord sarcomas are not installed, but there are several factors that are predisposing to the emergence of malignant tumors.On the disease it affects the radiation emission, while it does not matter, with the purpose of treatment is used or it was coincidence.Work related to radiomagnitym radiation, certain gases and substances also affect the appearance of sarcoma of the spinal cord.Hereditary syndromes and diseases, increased risk of cancer.

Symptoms of spinal cord sarcomas

Symptoms of spinal cord sarcomas are so diverse, as are the functions of the body that manages the spinal cord.The main symptoms manifested due to mechanical compression sarcoma nerve endings and blood vessels of the spinal cord.The patient feels a pulling and raking in the spine pain, which intensified in the supine position and reduced to a standing position.

Further symptoms depends on the location of the tumor.The patient may experience severe pain, movement disorders, sensitivity to the collarbone, neck, upper and lower extremities.Due to the rapid growth of the tumor, there are disturbances defecation and urination.Visual symptoms of sarcoma of the spinal cord - changes in the shape of vertebral arches of roots and increase the distance between them, which can be traced clearly during the X-ray.

Treatment of spinal cord sarcomas

Treatment of spinal cord sarcomas are several ways, but the most effective is surgical.Conservative treatment is carried out by administering analgesic medications and bracing.This reduces pain.But the effect of such treatment a short, ie, incomplete remission.

If spinal cord sarcoma is growing rapidly, then to delay its growth using radiotherapy.The success enjoyed cyber knife - radiation treatment of tumors.The advantage of this therapy is that it is carried out non-invasive method and allows you to achieve a full recovery.