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December 27, 2016 00:07

Keratosis pilaris Morrow Brook : causes, symptoms , diagnosis, treatment

follicular keratosis - a disorder in which dead skin flakes lead to clogging of the mouths of hair follicles.

first Cazenave (1856) described the keratosis pilaris Morrow Brook called "acnae sebacee sornu".Then N. A. Brook and P. A Morrow, examining the clinical course of the disease, offered the term "keratosis pilaris".

What causes keratosis pilaris?

keratosis pilaris - a common disease, the cause of which is unknown, but most often is innate.Previously believed that keratosis pilaris is a contagious disease.But this was not confirmed.Many authors attribute it to genodermatosis.

symptoms of keratosis pilaris

keratosis pilaris disease begins in childhood.Follicular keratosis manifests itself with the appearance of dry skin of the palms and soles, passing on the skin of the trunk, scalp.Then, against this background there are disseminated, symmetrically arranged, usually follicular, dense rounded nodules Dry grayish color, on top of which can be seen here and there horny spines or hair fragments.

all the skin can be affected;pronounced diffuse keratoderma (palms and soles) with deep folds and fissures.Thickened nail plate, curved, with longitudinal grooves.

Multiple small follicular papules appear mainly on the lateral surface of the arms, thighs and buttocks, and may defeat a person, especially in children.Condition worsens hearths in winter and improves in the summer.Perhaps the redness of the skin, and the problem is more cosmetic in nature, but may cause itching.


marked hyperkeratosis in the epidermis of the mouths of hair follicles in the form of concentric tubes horny stud type.It is believed that in the formation of spikes participate interfollicular epidermis and the ducts of the sweat glands.The thriving epidermis pushes them up in the form of nodules.

diagnosis of follicular keratosis

follicular keratosis differentiate syndromes in which notes keratosis and keratoderma, Darier's disease.

Treatment of keratosis pilaris

Generally keratosis pilaris treatment is not required and is often unsatisfactory.Water soluble petrolatum and water (in equal parts), and cold cream Petrolatum 3% salicylic acid leads to the equalization of the skin.Lotions or creams with lactic acid buffer, 6% gel of salicylic acid or a cream containing 0.1% of tretinoin may also be effective.Creams with acid content should not be given to small children, since it is possible burning sensation.Recently, for the treatment of skin redness successfully used laser.

Apply high and medium doses of vitamin A (200000-100000 units.) Aevitum, if severe - retinoids, topically - gave 1-2% salicylic ointment, salt baths and corticosteroids.