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December 27, 2016 00:06

Hair after chemotherapy |Loss and hair restoration after chemotherapy

hair after chemotherapy - what the consequences for them is fraught with serious medical intervention mechanisms in the body functioning as holding a course of therapy with the use of strong chemicals, and how to keep them healthy natural look?This question is relevant to a large number of women, who in connection with certain cancer chemotherapy indicated.

Hair loss is one of the inevitable consequences of such treatment, however, after the end of the function of the hair follicles gradually return to normal hair growth resumes.

Typically, the recovery process is already beginning to be activated after a few weeks after completion of chemotherapy.Thus the hair can vary in its structure changes.So, if they previously were straight, it can now be curly or wavy.Hair recovered after chemotherapy for six months, during this time period there is a restoration of their natural texture.

Very important is also a positive mental attitude of women.Many hair loss to take for granted make a short cut or shave

their heads completely shaved before the start of chemotherapy.

When a chemotherapy hair fall out?

According to the medical experts in the field of oncology, is not all used in chemotherapy drugs have on the hair is a detrimental effect, which leads to hair loss.To understand what causes hair loss, look at what chemotherapy hair fall out?

drugs aimed at active resistance to progress a tumor can cause or total or partial loss of the hair.

drug cyclophosphamide Cytoxan or used during the course of chemotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer causes thinning hair and alopecia arises.

Effects of the use of the drug Adriamycin (doxorubicin), indicated for the treatment of breast cancer, and many internal organs, during the first 3 weeks of the course are shown in thinning hair, and later - in complete hair loss.

a consequence of chemotherapy using pakletakseola, also known as drug Taxol, hair may fall out suddenly and all at once.That is, it is possible to wake up one morning and find yourself completely bald.

However, the current level of development of medicinal chemicals assumes that the drug has strictly focused on the impact on the cells affected by disease processes.Use of chemotherapy is almost completely eliminates the problem of hair loss from the list accompanying such treatment side effects.

order to understand at what chemotherapy hair fall out, we must first understand the mechanisms of action of chemotherapy.Among these are mainly active substances with cytostatic properties, which means that their ability to slow or stop cell division processes.

Their action is aimed at cells in a state of active division and multiplication.Since such properties and hair follicle cells, they are also exposed to chemicals they produce the effect of stopping cell division.As a result, there is alopecia.

To assess the degree of probability of hair loss during chemotherapy are relevant criteria such as the age of the patient, the dosage and the specific characteristics of the drugs used, the number of designated therapeutic courses, and which is the type of the patient's hair.

Hair loss during chemotherapy

Hair loss during chemotherapy due to the use of such treatment chemicals, most of which belong to the group of cytotoxic drugs and their effect is manifested in the fact that they cause to stop the processes of cell division.In the first stage of their action aimed at the most actively dividing cells.Since hair follicles from which the hair growth stalks, characterized by high activity of cell division, so one of the first exposed to harmful chemotherapeutic agents, as a result, and there is a side effect such as hair loss.

hair starts to fall out after 2-3 weeks after the start of the treatment course.Based on the individual characteristics of the organism, these terms may be earlier or, alternatively, later.

Usually, hair loss during chemotherapy does not pose a direct threat to health.The negative point of this phenomenon is mainly only in the appearance of female psychological anxiety factor on the state of their hair.As is known, a woman's hair is an important part of women's beauty and attractiveness.In some cases, the degree of anxiety can be so high that a similar risk to remain without hairstyles causes patients to abandon this chemotherapy.

Hair loss after chemotherapy

Hair loss after chemotherapy is one of the most common and widespread consequences of the use of chemicals.Oncologists often inform patients about the high probability of occurrence of this side effect as a result of such treatment.

hair falls immediately after the first course, an intensive hair loss begins to occur predominantly during the second chemotherapy course.Hair structure while significantly thinner, has also been increasing their loss processes occur throughout the body, they involved the head and face, arms, legs, underarms, and groin.

It leads to hair loss, along with the defeat of the centers of malignant tumors and healthy tissue also, among which and get the hair follicles.There inhibition of growth and deteriorating nutrition hair.

Hair loss after chemotherapy is different from the same side effect, which is caused by an X-ray treatment of the fact that in the latter case, subject to the adverse effects are only the area directly under the falling radiation.In therapeutic treatment of the effects of chemicals occur throughout the body.

When hair falls out after chemotherapy?

Many of those who demonstrated treatment with medical chemicals, wondering when the hair fall out after chemotherapy?

One can not with certainty claim on that day from the beginning of the course of the treatment will begin to fall out hair.The processes occurring in the body, including that affect the functioning of the hair follicle depends on the action of specific drugs used in chemotherapy.A significant factor is also the individual characteristics of the organism.

In some patients alopecia appears from the very beginning of the first chemotherapy treatments.And other hair loss can progress with less severity and confined to a partial loss of hair, and wearing only a focal character.There are cases where patients could partly preserve the hair.

Nevertheless, to completely avoid such side effects as hair fall out after chemotherapy is not possible.According to statistics, total hair loss, one way or another, takes place on the 3rd or 4th week treatment course.

Not least in importance is also the mental attitude of the patient factor in connection with the problem of hair loss.In order to maintain a healthy and optimistic mood following full that this phenomenon is temporary and after some time the hair growth process normalizes.When

grow hair after chemotherapy?

This question is relevant especially for women, because the spectacular lush curls - is an integral part of the beauty and appeal of each of the fair sex.

process of normalization of the hair growth primarily occurring in the period from 3 months to six months after the last treatment.During this time the hair is restored adequately to the consequences of such a side effect no longer be too obvious.

In order to accelerate the recovery of functions of healthy hair growth, you can use the appropriate drugs or traditional medicine.To some extent, reduce the amount of hair loss and stimulate the growth of new active can help the use of specialized mineral and vitamin complexes.Here it is necessary to pay attention to such nuance as the fact that they can be included in a list of contra-indications in oncology.Therefore, the feasibility and effectiveness of the application of which is necessary to consult with your doctor.

hasten the time when they grow hair after chemotherapy treatments able to enhance blood flow to the scalp.This effect is burning substances, for example, contained in red pepper and tincture kapsitsin.

Hair Restoration after chemotherapy

Hair Restoration after chemotherapy is largely dependent on the quality of the blood supply to the scalp.Blood flow to the hair follicles, which in turn stimulates hair growth active, warming occurs due to the action of masks, which is present in the composition burning pepper together with appropriate medicinal herbs.

achieve a warming effect is also possible with the use of the mask of fresh onion.Prepared it to the following recipe.Mix juice 1st bulbs, olive oil (as an alternative - or Kastornoye burdock) in an amount of 1-2 tablespoons of vitamin D3 with a bubble in a solution in oil, 1 tablespoon minutes shampoo.The resulting composition is applied to hair and covered with plastic wrap.After 3-4 hours and rinsed to wash off with water with juice of lemon-1.

good warming effect produces massage, starting from the frontal and temporal lobes and the temporal to the occipital region.Here, however, it should be noted that the appropriateness of the massage is justified only when a complete loss of hair.In cases

Alopecia areata is a massage effect on the scalp can cause hair loss as the hair, which survived after chemotherapy.

Hair Restoration after chemotherapy occurs because of the creation of a better environment rich in vitamins and minerals.Intensive vitamin saturation scalp provide all kinds of vegetable oils, such as grape, nettle, olive, burdock.For greater efficiency it is recommended their use in combination with essential oils of jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose.Attention is drawn to the fact that essential oils can cause allergic reactions, so before using them to test for allergies completely superfluous.

Strengthening hair after chemotherapy

Proper hair care is important during chemotherapy and beyond recovery.

conduct any whatsoever procedures, to strengthen the hair after chemotherapy makes sense not before the completion of all treatments.Since the ongoing adverse effects of chemotherapy on hair follicles will negate all starting in their recovery processes.The most expedient and appropriate measure before the end of the chemotherapeutic treatment is the careful treatment of the scalp, the use of moisturizing creams and hair protection from exposure to direct sunlight and other environmental factors with the help of cotton scarves.

While in the room should always be wearing a tightly tied ribbon or a rubber swimming cap.

In that time period, in which the hair restoration is necessary to protect them as much as possible from any actions which could lead to a weakening or cause damage.Do not dry the hair dryer, as well as make a hot hair styling.For shampooing should only be used warm water and shampoo to choose the highest possible mild.

Hair Strengthening after chemotherapy is due to the adoption of decoctions flaxseed, oats, wild rose, barley, etc. beneficial effects makes use of mouthwash based on herbal components, and in addition to this -.. Masks of nettle, chamomile, horsetail, celandine, and maskof propolis tincture.

Hair masks after chemotherapy

Hair masks after chemotherapy are used as a tonic and as a way to stimulate and accelerate the growth of hair.There are a great many kinds of recipes oriented care, stimulation of growth and maintenance of healthy hair.Consider some of them.

So in the case of a significant loss of hair it is advisable to use a mask with the following components.

One spoonful (hereinafter - the tea room or, respectively, depending on how thick hair), onion juice in combination with the same amount of castor oil, tinctures of calendula and fiery peppers mixed with one egg yolk.The resulting composition is added a spoonful of honey and brandy.

important notes to this recipe is that in the preparation must be used exclusively onion juice, and it pounded the flesh, in order to avoid appearance of hair characteristic odor.

mask is applied to the head and worn hat.Procedure duration is one hour.

revitalization process of healthy hair growth can help to mask with tea brewing.This recipe provides power to the hair follicles and stimulates blood flow to the scalp.In addition, there is the optimization of the skin fat and acid-base balance.

To use this mask for hair after chemotherapy 250 g tea leaves of black tea is poured half a bottle of vodka in the quantity and infuse for 2 hours.After straining used welding ejected, and the mixture was rubbed into the skin of the head and wrapped cellophane film for one hour.After this time, all you need to rinse with water and shampoo.

How to grow hair after chemotherapy?

When the last chemotherapy treatment comes to an end is becoming increasingly important question of how to grow hair after chemotherapy?

During the recovery period is recommended to use special moisturizers.Rub into the scalp, they may reduce the discomfort and eliminates the unpleasant feeling of itching.

One such tool for rubbing is a water solution of minoxidil.As a result of its application is more active hair growth and cause hair loss processes, reduce its intensity.

to prevent hair loss is known practice ice cooling the skin of the head or by means of special cooling gels.As a result of lowering the temperature of the hair follicles are reduced in size during chemotherapy in some way to prevent the ingress of substances might have a negative effect.

positive aspect due to the fact how to grow hair after chemotherapy is to minimize, until their complete elimination, of all possible adverse effects.It is advisable for some time to give up hair dye and chemical waving them.Do not use styling hairstyles thermal devices.Wash your hair should only when they are contaminated with shampoo has a mild effect.

Hair coloring after

chemotherapy is very important for women undergoing treatment with chemicals, accompanied by side effects such as hair loss problem seems to restore them.One of the factors of female beauty and attractiveness is the hair color and the possibility of staining.