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November 06, 2016 00:02

Vitamins for Men : What You Need to Know to every man ?

Is there a difference between vitamin standards for women and men?How often should I drink vitamins for men, and what is it?This is our information.

same vitamins

Doctors say that vitamins for men and women the same.The thing only in the proportions and dosage.Men need more vitamins than the fair sex for quite understandable reasons - physiological.As in the male body more muscle, burn more calories, respectively.This is especially true for men who lead an active physical life, a lot of moving.If men will not replenish our resources useful substances: vitamins, proteins, minerals, they will be sluggish, undeveloped muscle corset.

most nature is indicated by the difference between the male and female body, however, despite the fact that men are considered to be representatives of a strong half of humanity, statistics show that the male body is more vulnerable and less adapted to the constant changes of the world, than the body, seemingly weak woman.It is no secret that the modern world is not pe

rfect - the environmental problems, poor nutrition, chronic stress, an endless stream of information, all of these factors have a negative impact on men's health.Man by nature seeks to specifics and poorly adapted to rapid changes.As "men do not cry" - the traditional dogma boys absorb from childhood, all the experiences of men prefer to hoard and hide inside.List psychosomatic, especially diseases of the male is so great that it deserves a separate discussion.But incipient in the last few decades, a trend towards an increase in the genito-urinary diseases is alarming.It is believed that the first male urogenital system takes a hit from chronic stress, fatigue and poor lifestyle.Chronic prostatitis is much "younger", are also increasingly common in young men the disease of the cardiovascular system.Strokes and heart attacks are no longer diseases of the elderly, suffering and nervous system.It would seem that there is no escape, but the medical evidence shows that regular observance of simple rules in the diet, constant routine replenishment of the lost power with the help of vitamin complexes are capable of gradually normalize and strengthen men's health.

Best complex vitamins for men

Of course, the best complex of vitamins for men - a good rest and positive environment at work and in family life.One way or another, require more and more realistic and mundane components such as:

  • Protein foods, which helps strengthen the immune system, in addition proteins participate directly in the functioning of the male reproductive system (spermatogenesis).
  • Carbohydrates that the male body is filled with energy and participate in biochemical processes.
  • fats, which are also needed for normal biochemical processes in the body.
  • Mineral components that are involved in the enzymatic functions and accelerate the biochemical processes.
  • vitamins, which are known, fixed costs, so they must be taken regularly.

What vitamins for men better?

Virtually all vitamins which exist needed male body, as well as trace elements.It should be noted that it is the dose and dosing frequency play an important role, for example, iron men need far less than the ladies, every month to lose it during the menstrual cycle, the level above normal can be dangerous.And this trace element, boron, on the contrary, it is extremely useful because it reduces the risk of prostate cancer diseases by almost 65%.Moreover, thanks to boron can improve memory and concentration.Zinc helps regulate the work of the prostate, so the best vitamins for men, which constantly reviews can be found in the forums, be sure to have a part of this useful trace element.There is a list of basic and essential vitamins, without which men can not be resistant to various infections and diseases in general.

Good vitamins for men - it's all the B vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, as well as lipoic acid or Vitamin N, biotin or vitamin H.

Vitamins for Men Group B

In this group of vitamins- the salvation of men.B vitamins control the process of assimilation of protein foods and its distribution to all systems of the body.

most B vitamins in the diet containing proteins - the meat, fish, buckwheat, potatoes, beans, nuts and mushrooms.

Vitamin B6 is found in abundance in vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, sprouts, and berries - strawberries and cherries.These are good sources of vitamins, when not treated.When heat treatment they inevitably lose their useful properties.

Remember when cooking vegetables it takes more than a quarter of nutrients.Therefore the broth pour, drink it or cook it in soup.

Vitamins B12 and B2 found in meat, liver, so vegetarians need to seriously think about what substances in the body they do not have when they refuse to meat products.If the principles of choice of food vegetarian men is still strong, it is necessary to consult a doctor to choose adequate replacement food substances vitamins in tablet form.

Overdose of B vitamins for

men is important not to exceed the rate of acceptance of B vitamins, because it can cause negative health effects.For example, at higher doses of vitamin B2 can be lost or significantly impair vision, as well as disrupt the work of the kidneys.

overdose of vitamin B6 can lead to allergies and rashes on the skin.And vitamin B12 in excess of its provisions could provoke blockage of vessels, heart failure cause up to pulmonary edema.Its surplus in the body can promote the development of allergic reactions, rashes on the skin in the form of manifestations of urticaria.That is why the best vitamins for men include a well defined rate of thiamine, pyridoxine, biotin, riboflavin, tsianokobolamina and other B vitamins, and the combination of them is verified in the utmost precision.

Vitamin A for men.What vitamins to take better men?

This is a very important vitamin for the body of men.If it is missing, then the man, as well, and in women who can develop so-called "night blindness".These vitamins for men enhance and strengthen the immune system activity, respectively, protect the body from infections and colds.Men should pay close attention to this matter, because if you ask the urologist or sexologist, what vitamins are good for men in terms of improving the potency, they'll tell you - fat-soluble vitamins E and A. These vitamins are involved in the construction of tissues, cells and stimulate the production of a purely malehormone called testosterone.Also, vitamin A is opposed to the development of cancerous tumors.

Where to get vitamin A?

him enough in fish, liver, milk, sour cream, tomatoes, apricots and melon.Especially a lot of vitamin A in carrots.Just a small amount of carrots, 150 grams, it is 4 times more vitamin A than is recommended for men, given the daily norm.This suggests that vitamin A, as well as any other vitamin, requires strict dosage, the excess rate of vitamin A can cause worsening of liver function (vitamin accumulates in it).Vitamin A is fat-soluble, so raw carrots will not add to the body the beneficial agent, but shabby carrots, seasoned with fat sour cream or vegetable oil - a storehouse of vitamins, which are easily absorbed by the male body.

Good vitamins for men, it is also those, which is composed of ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C

for men is a powerful and necessary supplement to maintain the vitality and energy of the men.The life of man is subject to daily stress, so it is necessary to confront them head-on, and helps to strengthen the resources of vitamin C, especially when you consider the age-old male attraction to smoking and alcohol consumption periodically.In addition, statistics show that a certain dose of vitamin C is able to normalize high blood pressure.This is especially true for men who are over forty years, when the body becomes more vulnerable, not only because of the stress, but also quite understandable physiological age reasons.

Unfortunately, the facts show that one of the first places on the causes of death in men occupy cardiovascular disease.With regular intake of vitamin C may prevent or at least mitigate for cardiovascular diseases.Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, that is, substances that provoke heart disease, respiratory system and disrupt vascular conductance.Besides.Vitamin C can slow the aging process, prevent atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol and neutralize harmful effects of nicotine (smoking).

Vitamin C - excellent protection from stress, it can quickly heal wounds, various tissue damage.If the question "what vitamins to take better men," of course, is the vitamin complex, which contains the right amount of vitamin C.

Where to get vitamin C?

His many vegetables, to be exact - in pepper, green onion, kiwi, cabbage, in all citrus fruits, black currants, sea buckthorn.Feature of vitamin C is that it is able to quickly disintegrate in the air or heat treatment.That is why nutritionists recommend fruits and vegetables - sources of vitamins, do not boil thoroughly and bake, or even eaten raw.

Overdose of vitamin C is unacceptable, because it can provoke an allergic reaction - hives, difficulty breathing.Especially dangerous overdose of synthesized vitamin C, that is, pharmaceutical products.Any

best complex vitamins for men is unthinkable without tocopherol - vitamin E, biotin and lipoic acid.A year ago, the rating of the most effective vitamin complexes, containing a variety of active ingredients, which included vitamins, vitamins C, E, A, N and H. Such a multivitamin preparations Optimen Optimum Nutrition or Animal Pak Universal Nutrition 44 became bestsellers among vitaminmen engaged in active sports and VITASTACK AllMax Nutrition contains almost a hundred of unique components, divided into nine special capsules, which should be drunk in a specific sequence.For example tocopherol for men requires a minimum of 10 IU per day, but this vitamin must be received in combination with vitamin A, and after him, as well it is better absorbed and increases the overall antioxidant effect.Here is a more detailed description of vitamin E. Vitamin E

for men This is a substance that helps men to be more energetic, fight aging, in addition, vitamin E (tocopherol) reduces cholesterol, protects blood vessels from breaking, strengthens their walls,activates circulation, increases the protective properties of the immune system.Vitamin E is considered to be vitamin fertility, ie contributes to better work gonads, if vitamin E is not enough, the male body produces less hormones.

How to take vitamin E?

Vitamin E is present in sufficient doses in all kinds of vegetable oils, refined apart.This can be any oil Shrovetide plants - corn, sunflower, olive.Vitamin E is also a lot of grain in the nuts.

Overdose tocopherol as dangerous as an overabundance of any other vitamin.Too much vitamin E can induce hypertension, diarrhea, allergy.In order not to risk, vitamin E to better align with the doctor or take the best vitamins for men, which reviews inspire confidence.

Vitamin N

for men Very often men work the liver breaks down due to excessive consumption of tasty, but extremely harmful products, such as beer, chips, plenty of fried meat.To help the liver can recover vitamin N. It promotes the normalization of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as struggling with intoxication and even alcohol poisoning.Because vitamin N thyroid gland produces more actively the necessary hormones, and lipoic acid significantly improves vision, restore hearing, the male protects the body from exposure to radioactive substances and X-rays.

Where to get vitamin N?

Lipoic acid in excess is found in milk, dairy products, cereals, green salads - spinach, as well as unpolished rice, cabbage of all kinds, in the heart, liver, mushrooms and brewer's yeast.

Men, like women, too, want to look young, so the best vitamins for men - these are substances that retain most, not only internal reserves, but also appearance.One such vitamins - is biotin.

Vitamin H for

men Biotin must be in the diet of every man, if only because he is struggling with a common problem, as alopecia.Vitamin H also helps to strengthen the nails, the hair, improves the appearance of the skin, due to the fact that the acts in alliance with sulfur, which monitors the condition of hair, skin and nails.

Because vitamin H, a man not recovering in terms of weight gain, especially in the abdominal area.This vitamin controls fat and carbohydrate metabolism (carbohydrates provide energy to the male body), and normalizes the general metabolism.

Where to take vitamin H?

Vitamin H much in mutton, beef in soy, yeast, fungi.Quite a lot of biotin in fruits, cabbage, sea buckthorn, as well as dairy products and milk.

What vitamins for men better?

necessarily have to be all the necessary vitamins for men in the men's diet, and not reduced and not excessive in the rules.Therefore, medical consultation should be desirable, if not mandatory, if a man seeks to strengthen or regain their health.In addition, there is already selected in a perfect combination of vitamin complexes, this is probably the best choice for those who do not want to visit a doctor for such seemingly insignificant occasion.Pharmaceutical drugs - these are the best vitamins for women, reviews of them almost 100% positive.Among the most popular are the following:

  1. alphabet, which exists in several versions, but for men there is a special, called the Alphabet for men.This set includes all the necessary man vitamins, minerals, besides - carotenoids, carnitine, taurine, and the extract of Siberian ginseng.The product is divided into three tablets of different colors, which must be taken in sequence, since it is in this mode, vitamins for men are better absorbed.
  2. Duovit also effective for men that contains the necessary, carefully calibrated daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Vitiron Suskaps, which is composed of 11 vitamins, 10 minerals and other trace elements, including methionine, molybdenum, manganese and zinc.Vitamins are produced in a special form - tinted soluble capsules in an oily liquid - slurry.It is in this way have an absolute bioavailability of vitamins and completely absorbed in the male body.
  4. Orange Triad Controlled Labs - a set that contains all the essential vitamins for men, as well as the minerals and nutrients that will support not only the immune system, but also digestion and joints.The product is suitable for those who are involved in sports.
  5. Oligovit, the drug containing pellets in a vitamin A, vitamin D, E, B vitamins, and nicotinamide, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and other useful and necessary components.The complex is able to provide the daily requirement for vitamins by receiving one or two pills.

best vitamins for men - this, of course, physical activity, adherence to a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet full and strong nerves.If for some reason, health deteriorated, to the rescue.come-tested vitamin complexes.

What vitamins are good for men?