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November 06, 2016 00:02

What threatens the lack of vitamins in the body ?

Lack of vitamins can not be considered a serious disease.But its consequences are so serious that you need to take on themselves and start to control the dose of vitamins entering the body.Reasons lack of vitamins and consequences - in our material.

risk groups with vitamin deficiency

vitamin deficiency is important to be able to recognize.To do this, you need to know the symptoms of beriberi.But before talking about them, it's worth noting that the risk groups who suffer from lack of vitamins, includes a fairly wide range of people.This is wrong - to think that vitamin deficiency can only occur in expectant mothers, or in very sick people undergoing surgery or those who are engaged in a lot physically.But it is not so.Vitamin deficiency can occur in anyone.

lack of vitamins or their poor assimilation contributes to smoking, alcohol, stress, poor in proteins, fats and carbohydrates menu.

vitamin deficiency: causes

Unlike the overabundance of vitamins - vitamin deficiencies - vitamin defici

ency - a lack of vitamins.This is what we already know.What are the reasons for this state of bad?

  • diseases of internal organs and systems (chronic and hidden)
  • most vitamin deficiency provokes diseases of the digestive system organs
  • Taking medicines for a long time
  • Not suitable for human climate
  • Stressful working conditions with stress or high physical activity
  • The overabundance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins
  • large amount of food, treated thermally, with poor diet of raw fruits, vegetables
  • Improper storage of food (too hot or too cold), violation of the shelf life

what causes vitamin deficiency?

By weakening the body, bad mood and well-being, a person can even get into the hospital.

What are deficiency diseases?

They are divided depending on whether what vitamins are lacking in the body.This is the type of vitamin deficiency and give you a diagnosis.For example, vitamin deficiency type A, B, C, E, etc.

Avitaminosis Type A

This vitamin deficiency worse a person begins to see the eyes tire quickly, colors can be mixed, the skin becomes rough, rough, hair may fall out.

Vitamin A is responsible for the health of the eyes, skin and hair, so the lack of it can cause a violation of their status

Avitaminosis Type B

As a whole group of B vitamins, and deficiency diseases that also are divided into groups.This type of vitamin deficiency on the B1, B6, B12 - main types of vitamin deficiency group B.

Avitaminosis for type B1 can lead to an increased risk of neuroses, feet become less sensitive, can greatly hurt the calf muscles,appear swelling, breathing is difficult, the heart may begin to beat irregularly, heavily, with discord in the rhythm.

Avitaminosis by type B6 is characterized by a change in the language of color.It turns red, even a little bit brilliant, can swell up, it even left the prints of teeth with a mild pressing.The skin starts to peel off, get sick by touching the eyes, too, fed - of them can leak tears, worried man conjunctivitis.

Avitaminosis by type 12 - a disturbed blood flow, elevated cholesterol levels, while at the same time reduced the level of hemoglobin (a person can diagnose anemia).The concentration of red blood cells - blood cells - is extremely low, which leads to poor blood clotting.Even when a deficiency of vitamin B12 can feel extreme weakness, fatigue, blurred vision.Hands and feet become less sensitive, can hurt the stomach.

Avitaminosis by type C

This type of beriberi is not so long ago was considered a plague of the 20th century.Name it - scurvy.In this disease may fall teeth, nails exfoliate, blood vessels are fragile and susceptible to fracture, muscles and joints ache.The gums bleed.

Avitaminosis by type K

This type of beriberi characterized by increased fragility of blood vessels and destructible.

gums bleed, any bad wound healing, blood very badly rolled - it is better if you do not ranitsya general.How to check whether you have the body lack of vitamin K?

Pinch yourself and stretch the skin in the (back of her hand) Hold the brush area as the skin, count up to 50-60 and, if you have at this point immediately bruising or redness is not passed, then you have a lack of vitamin C.

Avitaminosis by type D

Lack of vitamin D in the body, doctors called rickets.This disease is characterized by such symptoms.

  • Bones quickly break down, they are irregularly shaped, bad fuse for fractures
  • If it is a child, his body of irregular shape, hands and feet can be deformed
  • teeth in children with a deficiency of vitamin D are growing and erupt very slowly and unevenly
  • may be slowed growth and physical development in general

Avitaminosis by type PP

Its symptoms - swollen hands and feet, hands are inflamed and sore.The skin is also not at its best - it is shelled, sore to the touch in the form of scales, skin color becomes darker, as if she poured chocolate

Language becomes a thick, bright in color, shiny, swollen.Doctors call this condition pellagra.It may be accompanied by diarrhea, poor concentration, not a very good memory, excessive bouts of aggression that can occur at any time.

If you have a vitamin deficiency, immediately consult a doctor for examination and treatment.The lack of a specific type of vitamins you can define on the grounds listed above.