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November 06, 2016 00:02

Vitamins and their properties

Vitamins - are substances that are biologically active, so activate many of the processes of the human body.Thanks to the vitamins we become more energetic, get vital energy and strength.For more information about the properties of vitamins.

Why do we need vitamins?

Vitamins have different chemical composition, but the effect they have one - they help to absorb nutrients from foods and supplements.Vitamins also help to regenerate cells in the body and multiply.

All vitamins tend to increase immunity, reduce bad cholesterol, stimulate and enrich the blood.Vitamins are also actively fighting against aging, maintain the state of the human body is normal, enhance tissue regeneration.

What is known of the history of vitamins

Vitamins were discovered not so long ago - at the end of the 19th century.Since it was opened nearly three dozen vitamins.Almost all of them are necessary for the body to fight against various diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, liver diseases, vitamins

are very necessary for people weakened by constipation, colitis, diarrhea.Pregnant women need vitamins as anyone.They need them more and more every day of pregnancy.

When a person is sick cold or flu, it has greatly increased the need for ascorbic acid, ie vitamin C. And the more complex the process goes, the harder it is to the human condition affects lack of vitamin C.

The dangerous lack of vitamins

If the body lacks vitamins, metabolism slows down, man weakness, severe fatigue, headaches, may be impaired function of internal organs.The nervous system is also affected, and with it weakens the immune system.

If vitamin deficiency in the body the D, children can suffer for rickets because it is not delayed enough lime in the bones, they can not grow strong and curved.The outlines of the body from that change shape, too, the child may be too thin and skinny arms and legs, they are weak, can not perform its functions.

But if an excess of vitamin D, it also has a negative impact on the body.Then calcium, which is part of the bone, it turns out to other organs and takes nutrients from the heart, kidneys, intestines and liver.From this violated the function of internal organs, they do not work well, and the person is very unwell.

combination of vitamins

When a person consumes in natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables, their disadvantage is that they may be lacking.The natural product is difficult to calculate the number and combinations of vitamins that are used.But in pharmaceutical doses of the complexes and vitamins ratio calculated and even written on the label.

But the advantage of natural vitamins is that they are perfectly assimilated, much better than pharmaceutical drugs.Unnatural vitamins the body can be perceived as alien ingredients, and respond to allergies or simply poorly absorbed.Therefore overdose pharmaceutical drugs can be dangerous, and an overdose of conventional products almost does not have negative consequences for the organism.

comparison, on ascorbic acid in capsule body can react allergic, but on the wild rose in the infusion - improvement of all functions.Although it is the source and the other contains ascorbic acid.

Properties vitamins

Vitamin C - ascorbic acid - takes active part in the formation of proteins - the building material for our cells.Without askorbinki brain function deteriorates.Without ascorbic acid will not form the collagen fibers that give elasticity and flexibility of the muscles, ligaments and tendons.Collagen is part of the 40% of all body protein compounds.

Vitamins B12 and niacin are essential to strengthen the nervous system.If they are lacking, a person begins to search for nicotinic acid in cigarettes and can not quit.Vitamin B12 also promotes the synthesis of blood cells in the bone marrow.This vitamin is stored in the liver due to another substance - vitamin B2.

When a person has violated the liver, gall bladder, it is very necessary for the health of these bodies of vitamins K, A, B6, C (folic acid), B12.With a lack of vitamin A is changing its structure and deformed bodies mucous membranes, in particular, the gall bladder.From this increases the risk of stone formation in the liver, kidney and gall bladder.

Refer to endocrinologist for analysis of your condition and the purpose of correct doses of vitamins and relations.The best thing of pharmaceutical products helps not individual vitamins and their complexes.