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November 05, 2016 00:02


Another name for this vitamin, all familiar, - riboflavin.Also called latoflavinom and vitamin B2.What are the properties of riboflavin and why you need one?


B2 This vitamin refers to a large group of flavins.It is painted in a yellow color due to the yellow pigment, which is a part of vitamin B2.This vitamin is destroyed when it is shining a bright light of day, while vitamin B2 is almost gone.But with cooking, he does not lose its beneficial properties, almost destroyed.

Vitamin B2 - is one of the few vitamins are synthesized by the human body, in particular its small intestine.Its daily dose - 1.5 to 2.5 mg.

demand for vitamin B2 is increased when a person works hard physically, or when the mother is breastfeeding, as well as in chronic stress.

How best to take vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 perfectly assimilated from green vegetables, but they need to cook for riboflavin acquired easily digestible form.

Vitamin B2 digested much better when people ate.On a full stomach vitamin B2

or preparations digested with him 2-3 times better than on an empty stomach.Therefore, it is best to take vitamin B2 after a meal or during it.

Effect of vitamin B2 organism

Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, controls the formation of red blood cells - blood cells, and synthesis of certain hormones, and thyroid hormones.Because vitamin B2 in humans can greatly improve eyesight, because this micronutrient protects the retina from bright sunlight and artificial ultraviolet.

Because vitamin B2 people can clearly see in the twilight, this vitamin helps the eyes adjust the deterioration lighting.Riboflavin in correct dose can improve visual acuity, and to improve the perception of colors and shades.

Because vitamin B2 body are important processes of protein metabolism, as well as the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.That is all the food we eat.

Riboflavin has composed more than ten biologically active enzymes.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is used for people who have suffered serious injuries and stress - this element strengthens the nervous system, helps regenerate bone and muscle tissue, influences their growth.

Thanks riboflavin (vitamin B2), the skin becomes more smooth and healthy nails do not exfoliate, hair grow better.The nervous system also needs vitamin B2.

For pregnant women, this micronutrient necessary: ​​it provides a normal gestation, helps the child grow inside the mother, affects all the vital processes of the body of a pregnant woman.

Compatibility vitamin B2

This vitamin helps to ensure good vision in combination with vitamin A, promotes more pronounced effects on the body of vitamins B6, PP, as well as folic acid.With the active participation of vitamin B2, these elements are more powerful influence on the development of the organism.

Symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B2

  • skin peels are not only hands, but also on the lips, in the nasolabial folds, nose and even ears
  • are formed micro cracks near the mouth and herpes lip corners (the so-called perleches,as they say)
  • Dry pupils, sensation of sand poured into the eyes
  • Intense itching around the eyes, eyelids, whites of the eyes become red, eyes may involuntarily rolling tears
  • Language becomes swollen, red in color, rough
  • Wounds heal more slowly than normal, the skin does not want to grow together, festers
  • The man appears photophobia
  • character changes, there is excessive phlegm or, conversely, irritability, depression, low self-esteem

If vitamin B2 is not enough for a long time,it can tell the upper lip, which is reduced in size.In combination with skin peeling face (especially in the area around the mouth), this feature clearly indicates a lack of vitamin B2 in the diet.

When vitamin B2 in the body is not enough, the stomach and bowel function may be broken, the food is poorly absorbed and digested.Especially poorly digested protein foods.

If a person suffered a flu, cold or other infectious diseases, we need the increased requirement of vitamin B2, because its consumption in the body is significantly increased.

Vitamin B2 should be a lot more, if a person diagnosed with thyroid disease, cancers, and if the patient is suffering from a fever.

Storage Vitamin B2

It is poorly preserved under heat and heat treatment.Destroyed by cooking for about 40%.When cooking in boiling water and processing of high temperatures vitamin B2 can be destroyed very quickly, but very poorly preserved in bright light and in contact with alkali.

Natural sources of vitamin B2

  • most vitamin B2 in pine nuts - 88.05 mg
  • Almond is also good as a source of vitamin B2 - of his almonds 0.65 mg
  • Champignon slightly behind almonds for vitamin B2 -0.45 mg
  • Mackerel - a good source of B2 - it this vitamin contains 0.36 mg
  • in the liver more than 2.2 mg of vitamin B2
  • The goose meat 0.23 mg vitamin B2
  • spinach 0.25mg vitamin B2
  • in chicken eggs - 0, 44 mg of vitamin B2.

If you eat foods rich in vitamin B2, the human nervous system is normal and the sight and the condition of hair, nails and skin will remain long on top.