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November 04, 2016 00:02

Vitamin B15

opening history of vitamin B15 (pangamic acid) is extremely interesting.It was first discovered in the bovine liver in 1950, scientists Tompyamoy and later synthesized from apricot pits American Krebs;hence its name (from the Greek pan -. everywhere, gami - seed

Neither vitamin deficiency or B15 hypervitaminosis in humans have not been described, although the drugs are used in medicine for some diseases involving violations of the exchange process (in particular, transmethylation reactions).pangamic acid formulations give a good therapeutic effect on fatty liver and some forms of oxygen starvation

General information about vitamin B15

pangamic acid -.. scientific name of vitamin B15 This vitamin is not considered to be vitamin-like substances, as it is not soneeded for the body, but it is ideally used in place of medications.

From a chemical point of view is represented pangamic acid ester of gluconic acid, and dimethylglycine.

pangamic acid has a molecular weight of 281. pangamic acid sa

lts crystallize well.

In medicalpractice used salt pangamic acid.Known complex compound pangamic acid arginine, is used in medical practice.There is currently no clear function pangamic acid, there is no information about what the needs of the organism of humans and animals in this matter.There are no data on the same manifestations of deficiency of this vitamin in the body.It is possible that the demand is covered by any diet, as it involves the need for her human body of 2 mg per day.Vitamin pangamic acid properties need to be confirmed, there is no data as of the coenzyme functions.

calcium pangamat used in cardiovascular diseases, suggesting that it will be effective thanks to its anti-hypoxic effect and lipotropic effect.Good results were obtained in atherosclerosis.The drug causes a positive biochemical changes that indicate a decline in tissue hypoxia.Noting the improvement of health of patients, reduction in the frequency of complaints of pain in the heart and other manifestations of cardiovascular disease.pangamat calcium has a positive effect on lipid metabolism in patients with atherosclerosis: lowers cholesterol and P-lipoproteins, albumin and lecithin content increases.Vitamin B15 reduces or completely eliminates the cardiovascular failure, has a stimulating effect on the breath of the heart muscle, which was confirmed by direct measurements during heart surgery.
Pangamavaya acid with sufficiently pronounced positive results used in geriatric purposes.However, the effect was associated mainly with the influence on the course of atherosclerosis.Along with the favorable cardiac changes were observed increased efficiency, normalization of sleep.Other researchers have noted increased production of steroid hormones, as judged by an increase in the number of allocated urine 17-keto steroids and glucocorticoids 17.On the level of hormones in the blood calcium pangamat has a normalizing effect.At higher content there was a decrease, while reduced - increasing up to standards.At the same time improve the condition of the subjects.

Very favorable results were obtained when using calcium pangamat in the treatment of obliterating endarteritis.Reduce or disappear pain, increased skin temperature in the distal extremities, indicating an improvement of blood circulation in the affected limb.

Vitamin B15 is a donor of methyl groups, so it is used in the treatment of liver disease - cirrhosis and hepatitis.Under the influence of calcium pangamat normalized pigment metabolism, decreased bilirubin in the blood, decreased jaundice.An increased antitoxic function of the liver and a number of other improvements.It has proven effective in hepatitis moderate and ineffective with cirrhosis of the liver.It noted improvement in the excretory function of the liver, protein synthesis.Improved pigment metabolism observed quite regularly, while the normalization of liver enzymes is not always achieved.Abstinence syndrome was stopped quickly when incorporated into the complex of the vitamin.Positive results were observed in the evaluation of how the dynamics of hematological symptoms and general condition of patients.

Thus, calcium pangamate finds quite wide application in clinical practice.However, not all aspects of its use have been studied in sufficient detail.The greatest material accumulated against cardiovascular disease and liver, which is consistent with experimental data for deciphering the mechanism of action of vitamin B15.

How much vitamin B15 per day?

The day should consume 25-150 grams of vitamin B15.

beneficial effects of vitamin B15 in the body

Vitamin B15 has special lipotropic properties.Thanks to them in the liver does not accumulate fat, and methyl groups help to process nucleic acids, creatine, phospholipids, and other important biological substances.

Vitamin B15 is able to reduce the level of fat and cholesterol in the body, it stimulates the production of hormones from the adrenal glands, has beneficial effects on tissue respiration, as it is a strong antioxidant, promotes oxidation processes in the body.

pangamic acid is able to remove toxins from the body, reduce cravings for alcohol, prevent cirrhosis of the liver and remove fatigue.It stimulates the production of antibodies that lines the blood vessels in atherosclerosis, has beneficial effects on the heart and through cytoprotective properties, prevents degenerative liver disease.

Vitamin B15 activates bioenergicheskie processes in the body.When alcohol, medication or chemical poisoning pangamic acid helps neutralize toxic substances and remove them from the body.Thanks to the synthesis of proteins, increased number kreatinofosfata muscle and liver glycogen.Vitamin B15 is considered to be anti-inflammatory and antigialuronidaznym means.

The interaction of vitamin B15 with the elements of the body

This vitamin works well with vitamins A and E.

Symptoms of vitamin B15

If there is a deficiency pangamic acid in the body, it can disrupt oxygen supply of cells, can occur with the heart man problemIt can be very tiring.Signs of vitamin B15 deficiency also include premature aging, the emergence of diseases of the endocrine system and nervous disorders.

Signs of excess of vitamin B15 in the body

in old age with an excess of vitamin B15 can cause heart disorders, insomnia, headache, and tachycardia adinamii progression.

Foods containing vitamin B15

To restore the level of vitamin B15 in your body eat watermelon or pumpkin, liver, bones apricot, wild rice and almonds, wheat, barley and buckwheat groats.All of these products contain vitamin B15.