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December 26, 2016 00:01

Treatment of thyroid cancer

Treatment of thyroid cancer is appointed by the attending physician.

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Conducted it can according to several basic principles.The first option involves the use of fine-needle aspiration biopsy.Calibration is done under ultrasound guidance and allows you to diagnose cancer.All the nodes that will be determined in the course of this procedure must be punctured.But this applies only to those nodes with a diameter greater than 1 cm. Further good planning the patient's treatment can not be Without needle biopsy.

The second principle is the complete removal of the thyroid gland.Identify biopsy of thyroid cancer necessitates surgery.After all, this way you can achieve not only efficiency, but also eliminate the recurrence in the future.

third principle involves the use of combination therapy.But it also includes further operation with the use of radioactive iodine as a treatment.The aim of this method is the destruction of tumor tissue and normal residual thyroid tissue in a patient.Comb

ination therapy allows several times to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

The fourth principle is the careful observation of the patient.And it made for a long time.All of these techniques can effectively eliminate thyroid cancer.

treatment of papillary thyroid cancer

treatment of papillary thyroid cancer, which accounts out of every ten cancer diagnoses thyroid eight accounts, as well as the treatment of follicular cancer is carried out in two stages.

first carried out an operation to remove the thyroid gland.And, in the world of endocrine surgical oncology is recognized as the most effective method of thyroidectomy (direct or endoscopic), in which both share a fully excised glands, as well as the isthmus that connects them.

Experts note that all other surgical procedures - removal of one lobe of the prostate (hemithyroidectomy), subtotal resection (not removed portion of the second fraction of the prostate), husking (enucleation) of the pathological education - is in this case an error.Such operations as the treatment of thyroid cancer using ionizing radiation or chemotherapy is not justified.

Moreover, in most cases, to reduce the likelihood of cancer recurrence and metastasis development - that is, to extend the positive impact of treatment - oncologists and resorted to the removal of lymph nodes (lymph node dissection) with the surrounding tissues.For example, if hypertrophied cervical lymph nodes, localized in the zone of the neurovascular bundle, produce resection of the tissues of the neck to the side where the tumor was.And this combined operation is called simultaneous removal of the primary tumor and zones of regional metastasis.

After removal of the prostate and lymph node treatment of papillary thyroid cancer enters its second phase, when applied radioiodine therapy.The patient ingests a gelatin capsule with the radioactive isotope Iodine-131, which penetrates only in the thyroid gland and causes their death cells perceive active halogen (ablative effect) by selectively targeted β-radiation.

Thus, treatment of thyroid cancer with radioactive iodine reduces the number of relapses and increases the chances of survival of cancer patients with metastases.Other cells is not affected, although the long-term monitoring of patients after this treatment show the possibility of complications such as leukemia, cancer of the salivary glands, bladder or breast.

After treatment with radioactive iodine carried out a full scan of the patients (WBS) - to detect the presence of residues of thyroid tissue not removed during the operation, as well as the location of the malignant cells of the thyroid gland in the body.In both cases, the assigned second course of radioiodine therapy with increasing doses of radioactive iodine isotope.

addition of radioiodine therapy, and other treatments are used for papillary and follicular cancer, in particular, external beam radiotherapy.When the tumor invades into the trachea and larynx muscles hurt innervating recurrent nerve, it is considered inoperable, and it was irradiated.However, oncologists say, the effectiveness of the traditional forms of radiotherapy for differentiated thyroid cancer in half following treatment with radioactive iodine.

By the way, in all clinics in Germany, in accordance with the guidelines of the German Cancer Society (German Cancer Society), the treatment of thyroid cancer (papillary and follicular) is carried out using a standard operating procedure (SOP) - the introduction of a radioactive isotope of iodine patients.But from the application of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in cancer pathology of the long abandoned in Germany.

Treatment of thyroid medullary cancer

Today operable in all cases, the treatment of medullary thyroid cancer includes total thyroidectomy with dissection of almost all the nearby lymph nodes and surrounding tissue.

Such radical surgery due to the fact that medullary cancer (often having a genetically determined etiology) is developing rapidly and metastasizes throughout the body: in the structure of the lymphatic system, muscles and bones, the lungs and visceral tissueauthorities.

should be borne in mind that the method is not applicable radioiodine in medullary carcinoma, since the variety of tumor cells are resistant to radioactive iodine.Although this method can be used to atrophied remaining after surgery thyroid cells.

chemotherapy in the treatment of medullary thyroid cancer is used in unresectable stage IV disease, with the rapid increase of the tumor, as well as in the case of distant metastases.Most often, chemotherapy is performed by intravenous or intramuscular administration of drugs such as antibiotics, anti-Doxorubicin (adriblastin, Keliks, Sindroksotsin) or Bleomycin (Blanoksan) and containing platinum cytostatics (cisplatin, etc..).

Medical methods for treatment of thyroid cancer, particularly medullary cancer include Targeted (targeted) drugs that affect cancer cell growth process.These medicines relates Vandetanib (Kaprelsa) and Votrient (Pazopanib) that bind to receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) and inhibit epidermal growth factor (EGFR) cancer cells.As a result, in the metabolism of these cells is stopped, and they lose the ability to proliferate.One tablet of the drug is taken once a day.The minimum daily dose is 400 mg, the maximum - 800 mg.Among the by-products of these actions marked abdominal pain, nausea, decreased appetite, diarrhea, skin rash, increased blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, headache and fatigue.

Suppressive thyroid

cancer therapy Suppressive therapy of thyroid cancer is one of the main ways of therapy after radical thyroidectomy.It is used to reduce the concentration of serum TSH, for this introduction is prescribed thyroid hormone.

Malignant cells that are derived from follicular epithelium gland have receptors TTG, therefore, in response to stimulation of adenylate cyclase activity is increased.When papillary and follicular carcinoma recurrence rate decreases due to the suppressive therapy.

Side effects of high doses of thyroid hormone can cause osteoporosis, myocardial contractility disorders, rapid heart rate, atrial fibrillation.Therefore, application of this technique is a very effective way to get rid of the problem.Thyroid cancer is perfectly amenable to such therapy.It is important to start treatment on time and under the supervision of the attending physician.In this case, efficiency is improved significantly.

Preparations for the suppressive therapy of thyroid

Preparations for the suppressive therapy of cancer of thyroid cancer are selected solely by the attending physician.Basically, the choice falls on the use of the drug L¬tiroksin.

optimal suppressive dose calculation is 2.3-2.5 mg / kg.Before you start the application, it is recommended to produce highly sensitive methods of analysis TTG, allow the detection of its presence in the serum concentrations of the order of 0.01 mU / l.

widely used and Somatulin.It allows you to deal with malignant tumors.For information about its dosage should provide the attending physician.Everything is done on an individual basis.

Bleomycin Sulfate is used for the removal of various types of cancer.In the appointment of the drug is taken into account a number of key factors, including the stage of the disease, and especially within the body.Information regarding the dosage is provided solely by the attending physician.

Preparations for the suppressive therapy are common hormones that must be taken with extreme caution.In this case, thyroid cancer retreat.

Radioiodine thyroid cancer

Radioiodine therapy of thyroid cancer is widely used today.Especially effective is it with papillary and follicular cancer.

This therapy is based on the selective concentration and prolonged retention of iodine tumor tissue.Due to such a large impact of the dose delivered radioiodine malignant cells, with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

In medullary cancer and anaplsticheskom technique is not used, because the cancer cells in this case can not be treated with radioactive iodine.

Radioactive iodine should be taken in capsules or as a liquid formulation.In some cases an intravenous medicament.The substance penetrates through the main blood flow in the blood and spreads throughout the body.Naturally, it is stored only in the cells of the thyroid gland.

Conducting such therapy should include a mandatory human being in a hospital.Radioactive iodine is excreted from the body within 3 weeks.To protect the bladder from the adverse effects of iodine taken plenty of fluids.This therapy will remove thyroid cancer.

Radiation for thyroid cancer therapy

thyroid cancer Radiation therapy can be administered in all forms of the disease.Especially for tumors that can not be eliminated by means of treatment with radioactive iodine.

widely used and secondary tumor, or metastasis.The combined use is not excluded in combination with surgery, hormone therapy or chemotherapy.

mainly directed radiation to the neck or other affected areas.The procedure for compulsory outpatient or inpatient 5 days a week.The course of treatment is several weeks.

It is worth noting the fact that radiation therapy can cause side effects, which depend on the dose of radiation and the radiation space.

skin in the treatment area becomes inflamed and dry.There is a constant feeling of fatigue, especially in the last weeks of a full course of treatment.Side effects often disappear soon after the course.This therapy is very effective and perfectly removes thyroid cancer.

Chemotherapy for cancer of the thyroid gland

Chemotherapy for cancer of the thyroid gland is often used in the anaplastic form of the disease.In some cases, the method used to treat the symptoms reduce medullary cancer or palliative treatment of advanced neoplastic process in the later stages.

All designated drugs are administered intravenously.Once in the bloodstream, they have an effect on cancer cells throughout the body.Treatment, therefore, should be performed as an outpatient or inpatient.In this case, much depends on the stage of the disease.

As a result of undergoing chemotherapy may experience side effects.They mainly depend on the received dosage and the drug that was used.It may be nausea, vomiting, mouth sores, loss of weight and hair.At the end of the course, all the side effects go away.Thus, you can effectively overcome thyroid cancer, and forget about the fact that this problem has ever bothered.

drugs for chemotherapy for cancer of the thyroid gland

drugs for chemotherapy in cancer of the thyroid prescribed by the doctor, depending on the stage of the disease and its course.The most effective and common are Bleomycin drugs aclarubicin, etoposide and carboplatin.

Bleomycin is struggling with malignant tumors at a high level.Saying something about the dosage is difficult, this issue is fully engaged in physician.

aclarubicin taken with the expectation of 25-30 mg / m2.The exact dosage is appointed by the doctor.The drug effectively treats with cancer.

etoposide.The solution was administered intravenously over 30-60 minutes.Assign to 100 mg / m².m / day 1 to day 5, with the repetition cycles every 3-4 weeks.Perhaps the introduction of at 100-125 mg / sq.m 1, 3, 5 days, courses repeated after 3 weeks.In general, the drug is an individual and is adjusted for each individual case.

Carboplatin is administered in a dose of 400 mg / m2 of body surface area, as an intravenous infusion.The duration of administration can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour.The next course of therapy administered no earlier than 4 weeks.

Full details about these drugs is a doctor.remove thyroid cancer simply by using these medicines.

Treatment of thyroid cancer in Germany

Treatment of thyroid cancer in Germany is based on standard procedures.Nothing special about the ongoing processes there.It may also be a common therapy or surgical removal of part of the thyroid gland or the body in general.

Naturally, German clinics have extensive experience with this type of malignancy.Highly qualified specialists are doing their job perfectly and know how to act in case of serious complications.Furthermore, there is provided a patient being in a hospital during the period of rehabilitation.

On admission to treatment is carried out first of all a complete diagnosis.It is necessary to determine the stage of disease and the characteristics of its flow.Then, based on the data draw conclusions regarding the further treatment.If necessary the surgical removal of the thyroid gland.This is not a complicated procedure, but it carries a high efficiency.Thyroid cancer in this case will not recur.

People's treatment of thyroid cancer

apply national treatment of thyroid cancer risk, as with any other cancer.Therapeutic effect of medicinal plants may be too long to expect that the cancer is very dangerous.

Unconventional treatment of thyroid cancer should be monitored by your doctor.Usually 2-3 months of effective influence is a general relief.But it is worth noting the fact that the course of treatment should last at least a year.

To cleanse the thyroid is recommended charges herbs or infusion of flaxseed.The fees may include such plants as the motherwort, chamomile, tarragon, dandelion roots and everlasting.A tablespoon of this mixture is poured a glass of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes.Then sip a means taken between meals.

Perfect dandelion root, echinacea, woodwax, cocklebur or seaweed.The course of treatment should be carried out at least six weeks, every 2 weeks of rest.

to improve fit nettle, knotweed, licorice, valerian, mint and licorice.They are able to significantly reduce the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, as well as to remove high blood pressure and tachycardia.