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December 26, 2016 00:01

Types of thyroid cancer

There are certain types of thyroid cancer.This papillary, follicular, medullary and anaplastic.Each of them has its own characteristics.

  • Papillary cancer.Such a tumor on its surface has a plurality of protrusions.In some cases, it looks like a fern leaf.This is the most common form of cancer and is found in 80% of them.Women suffer from this disease more often than men.People who have passed the course of therapy in 99% live longer than 25 years.
  • follicular cancer.The tumor in this case takes the form of bubbles.Often there is a neoplasm in the elderly, especially women.Cancer is not limited to the vessels, and lymph nodes.Forecast favorable in most cases.
  • Medullary cancer.This form of cancer rare.They occur in 5-8% of cases.It is more dangerous than other types and can occur with certain symptoms.It occurs mainly in people older than 40-50 years.Get rid of the problem will only complete removal of the thyroid gland.
  • Anaplastic cancer.The rarest form of the disease.This state is characterized by
    the development of atypical cells.This disease occurs in 3% of all cases.Thyroid cancer, having this type is characterized by the most unfavorable prognosis.

Papillary thyroid cancer

Papillary thyroid cancer is the most common of all types.The tumor resembles a fern.This species is highly differentiated tumors.This means that normal cells are similar to, and directly determine the presence of the disease is not so simple.

This species is in 80% of cases.Basically there is everything smoothly and slowly.Especially dangerous diseases can not be held, if the start time to eliminate it.This type of cancer is not able to let metastases and perfectly treatable.

If we examine the thyroid of a healthy person, then 10% is possible to detect the presence of tiny tumors.They do not grow and does not manifest itself.But in some cases, they all reach the same large size, it is then necessary to appoint a high-quality treatment.

This problem is more common in men than in women aged 30-50 years.People just go to the hospital and passed a course of therapy, there are more than 25 years.Therefore, thyroid cancer in this case has a favorable prognosis.

Medullary thyroid cancer

Medullary thyroid cancer is a rare form of the disease.It occurs in 5-8% of all cases.Mostly it happens because parafillikulyarnyh cells that produce a hormone calcitonin.That it regulates the level of phosphorus, calcium and bone growth.

This tumor is much more dangerous than others.It is able to grow into the capsule and muscle in the trachea.This disease is accompanied by a feeling of heat, redness of the face and the intestinal disorder.Meets the disease in people aged 40-50 years.They are equally affected by both men and women.

Medullary cancer is often accompanied by other disorders of the endocrine glands, is also not excluded multiple endocrine neoplasms.This tumor cells do not absorb iodine therapy using so it does not bring positive result.

Eliminate thyroid cancer of this type can only operation.It is necessary to completely remove the prostate and cervical lymph nodes.Patients older than 50 years have an extremely poor prognosis.

follicular thyroid cancer

Follicular thyroid cancer is represented by the presence of a tumor with bubbles.Often, the disease occurs in the elderly, especially women.It occurs in 10-15% of cases and does not bear any particular risk.Quality therapy has a positive effect and the man is recovering rapidly.

In extremely rare cases, the tumor does not grow into blood vessels and surrounding tissue.Furthermore, it does not metastasize, therefore called minimally invasive.The remaining 70% of cases of follicular cancers are more aggressive and require a serious approach to the problem is resolved.Cancer is able to spread not only on the vessels but also the lymph nodes.Moreover, affected distant organs, including lung and bone.

Metastases in this case, well to treatment with radioactive iodine.Forecast favorable course of the disease, especially in patients aged less than 50 years.Older people have thyroid cancer of this type may be complicated by metastases.

Anaplastic thyroid cancer

Anaplastic thyroid cancer is the rarest form of the disease.It is characterized by the development of atypical cells in the thyroid gland.They do not have any functions and can only be shared.This type of tumor is found in 3% of cases.

mainly manifests herself in people over the age of 65 years.And women are more likely to suffer a tumor, than men.The disease is characterized by rapid growth and spread of metastases.Unfortunately, this type of cancer is difficult to treat.Eliminate the tumor is almost impossible.Therefore, of all the existing types of cancer, anaplastic has very poor prognosis.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to save the man.But, and the disease manifests itself not so often.The problem is that metastatic spread with a special rate that does not hold, and quality care.Eliminate all the consequences of this tumor is impossible due to the rapidity of the process.Thyroid cancer at this stage virtually eliminate.

Squamous cell carcinoma of the thyroid gland

Squamous cell carcinoma of the thyroid gland has a very severe course.Metastases are beginning to appear early and in large numbers.Prognosis is poor.In the primary treatment of the patient may notice a common process.The tumor is able to occupy the entire thyroid gland, and even spread to the surrounding tissues and organs.

Microscopic tumors have a typical structure of squamous cell carcinoma.They are often accompanied by the formation of horny pearls.Sites such metaplasia can occur in follicular and papillary adenocarcinomas.This can exacerbate other type of cancer.

If possible, require immediate surgery.For squamous cell carcinoma refractory to other types of therapeutic effects.The chances of improvement, but they are very small.This is the most difficult type of tumor, which is to eliminate the not so simple.Thyroid cancer is dangerous at this stage its complexity and virtually impossible to eliminate.

Hidden thyroid cancer

Hidden Thyroid cancer can manifest itself in the form of regional metastases in clinically jugular area.Primary tumors of the thyroid gland is determined exclusively by means of ultrasound.In some cases, a microscopic examination.

It is worth noting the fact that the center is able to have hidden a different histological structure.Almost 80% of the cases it is presented papillary cancer.

Clinical signs of the disease can be easily divided into 3 groups.So, the first notes the symptoms associated with tumor development in the thyroid gland.The second group is represented by symptoms that have arisen in connection with tumor invasion into surrounding breast tissue.The third group of symptoms caused by regional and distant metastasis.

The first group is characterized by the rapid growth of unit, appears more dense texture and roughness, as well as non-uniform seal.If the tumor has spread beyond the thyroid gland into the surrounding tissue, possible hoarseness, difficulty in breathing, swallowing and expansion of Vienna on the front surface of the chest.

third group of symptoms is directly linked with regional and distant metastases.The neck can be seen the defeat of deep jugular chain lymph nodes less.Diagnosing thyroid cancer at this stage can be via ultrasound.

Molecular thyroid cancer

Molecular thyroid cancer is the second name of the papillary variety.It is the most common of all.If you look closely to the tumor itself, by its external data, it is very similar to the fern.

This type of cancers is among the low-grade tumors.This suggests that the cells are very similar to normal, and it is difficult to understand that this cancerous lesions.

Malignant neoplasm of this type is found in 80% of cases.Especially dangerous diseases shall not be, if you begin the process of elimination in a timely manner.This type of cancer does not start metastases, allowing qualitatively to remove the tumor and not allow it to develop strongly.

Even a healthy person can see small tumors on the thyroid gland.They do not grow and do not bear any particular risk.If suddenly their size begins to increase rapidly, everything is cleaned by means of high-quality care.Thyroid cancer of this type is more common in men than in women.

Differentiated thyroid cancer

Differentiated thyroid cancer is characterized by relatively slow growth and late metastasis.That is why it is much easier to remove without any complications.By differentiated cancer include papillary and follicular appearance.

These types of cancer are among the most common among both men and women.Since some features simply eliminate them.The main thing that people just asked for help.

the initial stages of cancer especially not manifest itself, and only after a certain period will "interfere" to the patient.He feels some discomfort, there will be difficulties in eating, breathing and physical exertion.But the point is that these types of metastatic cancer is almost do not give.Therefore, it can be eliminated even with pronounced symptoms.Radioactive iodine is perfectly helps to get rid of all the consequences of this disease.Thyroid cancer in this case, do not carry any particular risk.

highly differentiated thyroid cancer

-differentiated thyroid cancer is represented by two species.This kind of papillary and follicular.The first variation is very common in 85% of cases.Metastases usually spread through the lymphatic pathways in the regional lymph nodes.Distant metastases can attack the lungs and bones.Weather favorable, even though a large number of metastases.

follicular cancer.It occurs in 10% of all cases.Histological examination of one of the characteristics which distinguish it from benign adenoma is the invasion of the thyroid capsule and blood vessels.Often distant metastases affect bone, liver and lungs.As to the forecast it favorable.

Much depends on how quickly the man asked for help.Timely diagnosis of the problem can lead to a positive result.Thyroid cancer is eliminated simply, but only thanks to quality treatment and a late stage of the disease.

Undifferentiated thyroid cancer

Undifferentiated thyroid cancer is a tumor that grows from carcinosarcoma cells and epidermoid cancer.Often, this form is a malignant transformation of long-term nodular goiter.

he observed in people aged 60-65 years.It is characterized by rapid, aggressive and severe clinical course.With this type of thyroid cancer is significantly increased in size, and quite quickly.This can cause disruption of the mediastinal organs.The tumor grows slowly in closely spaced tissues, organs and lymph nodes in the neck.In some cases, a false-inflammatory disease with fever, leukocytosis, and redness of the skin.

diagnosis of this type of cancer is based on an examination of the thyroid gland.Also carried ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and biochemical studies.Thyroid cancer in this case requires immediate medical intervention.

Thyroid Cancer assembly

Thyroid Cancer site is a malignant neoplasm.It occurs mainly in most iron and, depending on the stage of the disease may progress to the surrounding tissue.Then, affected lymph nodes, lungs, and even bone.

tumor resembles a nodule that is able to grow with the times and bring the man a lot of inconvenience.It appears hoarseness, difficulty breathing and swallowing food.Eventually thyroid deformation is noticeable.

the first stages of a small nodule is not noticeable, not visually or feels.Man did not bother with the time and discomfort appears at this stage the victim is poisoned in hospital.With timely diagnosis of the problem and the appointment of quality treatment issue is resolved quickly.It is important to detect it in time and begin to deal with the malignancy.Thyroid cancer is not a death sentence, but a tumor can be eliminated only in the early stages.