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October 12, 2016 23:19

Mask of potatoes for face

Potatoes - a product that is more than three centuries, is an integral part of the daily meal of the Slavic people.It is believed that it contains a lot of starch, and nothing more.In addition, the present composition potato vitamins and minerals, amino acids and proteins.With a composition of fiber, it has a positive effect on digestion.Thanks to its beneficial properties, many women use potato facials.

Benefits skin potatoes

contained in potatoes vitamins and minerals beneficial to the human skin.Interestingly, even cooked or baked, it can be applied with advantage to the skin.Grated raw potato is an excellent remedy for swelling and bruising.Also it is used to relieve edema, pre-cool in the refrigerator.Gruel made of vegetable, relieves the pain of burns, promotes rapid healing of wounds.With the addition of honey can be used to combat acne and spots on the skin.Potato Face Mask gives the skin elasticity, creaminess makes it more tender.

Mashed potatoes baked over charcoal is used to treat u

lcers and boils, external inflammation.Mashed potatoes and broth soothes and cleanses the skin.Particularly effective in the areas of the body with a rough skin by nature: the elbows and heels.

Acts as the main component of natural face masks.By adding different ingredients, savvy hostess receive face masks with a variety of properties and method of use.The most efficient and useful recipes masks for the face of a potato will be given below in the article.

Recipes masks for the face of potato

Nourishing Mask of potatoes for the face.Table spoon of mashed potatoes mixed with milk with a spoon in a ratio of one to one.Add half a tablespoon of moisturizing cream and oatmeal.Mix well, apply on the skin.Massage the face for five minutes.Hold alone for a minute, rinse with warm water.

For dry skin.Boil two medium raw tuber.Mash and add the egg yolks, 30 ml milk, a teaspoon of mayonnaise.The resulting mixture was put on the face.Sustain for 10-15 minutes.After a rinse with warm water.There is another version of the mask with the same amount of ingredients, but instead added mayonnaise cream.

In continuation of the theme the following recipe.Mix a tablespoon of mashed potato with oat flour.Add a spoonful of olive oil, egg yolk, warm milk.Beat until thick consistency.Apply the mask, cover with a thick cloth or towel for twenty minutes.Thoroughly rinse with warm water, wet cloth.

For fast wetting, one pounded potatoes add a teaspoon of glycerin and 50 g of milk.The mask should be warm.Apply on the face and neck for 10 minutes.After a wash with boiled water.After each use a mask to apply moisturizer.

a mixture of potato starch with the egg white for oily skin.Whipped mass applied to the skin, pay special attention to problem areas.Wait until completely dry and rinse with cool water.Well it tightens pores and eliminates shine.

To combat acne, vegetable grate on a fine grater, squeeze the juice and wipe your face twice a day.

easiest to prepare recipes - brushed tuber is cut into circles.

Place on the face for a while.Then wash with cool water.This procedure softens and whitens the skin, can help relieve swelling.

Reviews of masks for the face of potato

«What could be easier?Boil one potato, mixed with other additives and wu-la.But not all so simple, girls.Observe proportions.He adds a lot of milk, and get a thick mixture did not happen.Somehow I imposed, but the mask is constantly spreading.In general, the skin became better, but spent more nerve cells.So be careful! »

« The daughter adolescence.It is time to spots, so to speak.Tried DRYING cream, but just stop using it, start again acne.I remember the old grandmother's method.Squeeze potato juice and forced the daughter to wipe the face.She strongly resisted, say, 21 in the yard, and she was in the 60s.But the result did not wait.So the little girl now she rubs, presses, cleans.True girlfriend does not say what exactly is struggling with acne, "- Love, 39 years old.

«chic way, and most importantly does not require too much time and effort.I cook a potato, specially put on a couple of pieces more.Milk in the house always, eggs, too.Mashed family and parallel to itself masochku.Especially nice warm put on face, feels like skin absorbs nutrients.After application the skin is soft, gentle and pleasant to the touch, "- Svetlana, 43 years old.

«Of all the recipes for masks potato face, I use one over the years.Raw potato slices, and less often in the eye.I'll five minutes.Very well removes puffiness from the eyes and dark circles under them "- Galina '51.