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October 12, 2016 23:19

Face mask with activated charcoal

Face mask with activated carbon - the most popular and affordable means of cleansing the face.The absorbent properties of natural coal have been known since ancient times.Suffice widespread use of charcoal, determines its extreme usefulness and versatility of application.Many peoples, such as the British and the Greeks, used sorbent properties of charcoal to filter the water and wine.In ancient medicine practiced by the use of carbon's ability to absorb toxins in various diseases.

Advanced modern analogue of the natural charcoal - activated carbon, due to its quality of universal sorbent used in many spheres of human activity.The ability to absorb toxic compounds, including various alkaloids exotoxins explains its versatility in cosmetology.Let us consider the use of activated carbon in cosmetics, namely, as an ingredient of cosmetic masks, the impact of it on the skin.

The use of activated charcoal for the skin

activated carbon Benefits for the skin, of course, due to its absorbent capacity.

Natural sorbent - activated carbon, in spite of its cheapness and availability, long enjoyed universal acceptance.A unique feature of purification activated carbon, often successfully used in cosmetology for solving problems with acne.In the production of cosmetic products, sometimes in amounts due to washing or cleaning of the skin, one of the ingredients found activated charcoal.The availability of different masks and scrubs using this miraculous drug in combination with the use of regular, usually have a positive effect on the skin and have a rejuvenating effect.Namely, systematic skin care means containing activated carbon, helping to reduce the fat content of the skin, removal of blackheads - acne, mild skin smoothing effect stable terrain.

It is advisable to note the importance of the total body cleansing with activated carbon.Because facial skin is the mirror of the gastrointestinal tract, which reflects the general state of the human digestive system.All sorts of changes in the diet, whether it's excesses or deficiencies, necessarily reflected in the form of acne, pimples, irritations and other cosmetic defects.Pledge of healthy and beautiful skin of course, depends on the timely bowel cleansing.But there is one important feature of activated carbon - along with all the toxic substances from the body are derived and useful trace elements, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Thus, the use of "purification" techniques should be practiced very carefully.And sometimes will not redundant qualified advice from a specialist, in view of the fact that the initiative using activated carbon increases the risk of diseases of the intestine and stomach.Most of applicability of such a treatment scheme with a view to preventing acne - one course of 10 days, a daily three times a day, take two pills a half or two hours before or one and a half or two hours after a meal.A set of masks and mask films for different skin types, with proper and regular use of them, can achieve sustainable positive results.

specific contraindications for the use of face masks with activated carbon does not and is suitable for all skin types and applicability to the whole world.Adverse reactions are eliminated, due to the naturalness of activated carbon.Face mask with activated charcoal, enough quality helps solve the problem of clogging of pores with dirt, acne is a problem.Useful properties of a face mask with activated carbon for different skin types, which, when used regularly, has a good effect.How is made face mask with activated charcoal at home?For more detail in the next section.

Recipes masks activated carbon for skin

Recipes masks activated carbon for the skin are presented in a wide variety.What ingredients included in the cosmetic cleansing agents, in addition to the activated carbon?What distinguishes them?First of all, they differ in composition and consistency - masks, scrubs and mask-film.For single use only requires approximately one and a half tablets conventional activated carbon.The second, no less important, ingredient in the recipe of masks may be gelatin.It needs very little - half a teaspoon.Due to the specific properties - gelation, you can make your own mask-film.

So first get down to the preparation of cosmetic facial masks with charcoal and clay.One tablet grind activated carbon using tablespoons to a fine powder.The activated carbon powder add a tablespoon of cosmetic clay, black or blue - does not matter.All this is thoroughly mixed and add a little warm milk.It is necessary to obtain a mixture the consistency of thick cream.Perhaps, instead of milk used a decoction of chamomile or celandine, green tea.Face Mask with activated carbon applied to the cleaned, slightly moistened the skin and leave for 20 minutes, then wash off with tepid water.Then wipe the face with ice from the broth of herbs and make a gentle patting facial massage.To care for the skin inclined to fat content, the use of this mask is recommended 1 time per week to care for normal skin - just 2 times a month.For dry skin, this mask is not recommended for people with active carbon.

This recipe can be used to prepare the mask film.Namely, the mixture of activated carbon powder and clay mix with heated milk or herb broth and dissolved teaspoon gelatin.The mixture is thoroughly mixed to uniform consistency.This mask-film is more expedient to use on the face warmed over a steam bath or after taking bath procedures, in order to achieve maximum disclosure long face.Apply the mask-film three to four layers of stiff brush, reaching a maximum effect of the penetration of the composition into the pores of the face and the formation of a solid film.Leave to dry each layer masks.As the drying all layers of the mask are transformed into the film can be easily removed.This mask film 1 is recommended for use once a week.Antiseptic effect of this mask allows you to use it to care for all skin types.

effective recipe for the next film mask, you must powder of one tablet of activated charcoal, mixed with a tablespoon of mineral water and a tablespoon of gelatin, for 5 minutes to warm up on a steam bath.A little cool, put on clean face and leave for about 20 minutes.After drying, the film mask wash off with warm water.Mask promotes efficient narrow pores of the face and skin cleansing.The maximum effect of the use of this mask is achieved after 4-5 treatments.But this mask film has a contraindication rosacea on his face.

For skin care prone to fat recommended the use of ice cubes made with the use of activated carbon.To this end, ten tablespoons of mineral water or broth chamomile, celandine or other herbs dissolve one tablet of activated charcoal.Rubbing ice thus significantly narrows the skin pores and improves the appearance of facial skin.

achieve good results in the care of skin prone to fat content, can be applied in the preparation of a mixture of brown algae mask that nourishes the skin with minerals and trace elements.So, a tablespoon of shredded kelp mixed with one teaspoon of chamomile decoction and leave for 30 minutes, then the mixture is warm up for 20 seconds in the microwave and add a teaspoon of black clay.The resulting mixture was thoroughly mixed.Apply to clean face and neck, leave for 25 minutes.Then wash off with warm water and wipe face with a piece of ice.

There are a few simple rules that use masks with activated charcoal to help achieve maximum cosmetic effect and avoid mistakes.Choosing the right face mask with activated carbon - is a mask corresponding to your skin type and the desired effect on the application - lifting, moisturizing, skin lightening.For oily and porous skin is used face mask with charcoal and brown algae that effectively cleanses the skin, tightens pores.Keep in mind that various additives in the basic structure of the mask modify appointment masks and the effect of its use.Thus, the black clay has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect, helps normalize the sebaceous glands, improves blood circulation and nutrition, as part of these masks contain magnesium, calcium, silica.Using any mask must necessarily be preceded by a skin allergy tests - face mask with activated carbon is applied to dry skin, such as the elbow.A little hold the mask on the skin, can be washed off with water.Lack of stimulation in this place allows unrestricted further use of the mask on the face.Compliance with these simple but effective rules guarantee the achievement of the desired result.The systematic application of cosmetic procedures triple the expected effect and contributes to the consolidation effect.

reviews masks activated carbon for skin

reviews masks activated carbon for the skin mostly agree on simplicity and accessibility for all.Indeed, to buy ingredients for making masks at any pharmacy, their cost is not high, even in comparison to ready-made cosmetics.Mask Preparation does not take much time, which is very convenient in terms of employment.The use of masks is not burdensome, because it is necessary to apply, as a rule, no more than once a week.In order to achieve maximum results you must comply with the dosage of ingredients.Efficiency means is obvious - many positive reviews about masks activated carbon for the skin, the proof of this fact.Because naturalness and natural origin of ingredients - Review masks activated charcoal for the skin does not contain information on contraindications or restrictions.Simply select the recipe corresponding to your skin type and the expected result.Face mask with activated carbon using inexpensive and readily available ingredients, guaranteed to help look great, without any cash outlay.