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October 11, 2016 23:17

Face mask of kiwi

facial mask of kiwi has a lot of positive qualities.This mask moisturizes and soothes the skin, nourishes, tones and improves the complexion.

Currently, the kiwi has long ceased to be exotic, it is freely sold in stores.The content in kiwi fruit vitamin C is much higher than citrus, and this vitamin is commonly known antioxidant that fights free radicals of beauty, youth and health.

Regular use of masks from kiwi, will provide the necessary amount of skin and vitamin C will help her maintain youthfulness, elasticity and freshness.In addition to vitamin C, kiwi contained tocopherol (vitamin E), which has no use for at our skin.Tocopherol, as well as vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that gives skin its elasticity.Thanks tocopherol can not be afraid of the appearance of facial wrinkles, even the strong activity of the facial muscles will not lead to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, due to the fact that the skin of the person acquires the ability to quickly catch up.In other words, with

a sufficient amount of vitamin E in the skin, you can afford to laugh as much as you want, without worrying about the appearance of fine lines around the eyes or lips.In addition, the kiwi is rich in beta-carotene content, also an antioxidant, which is particularly important in summer when the sun is harmful to our skin.Beta-carotene protects the skin from moisture loss, sunburn, and actively promotes the skin's natural pigmentation.The necessary amount of beta-carotene allows the skin to have a smooth beautiful tan and remain young and beautiful.

Also the composition of vitamins in kiwi has various minerals, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, which are very useful for our body as a whole.All of these substances also have beneficial effects on our skin.The only thing that can be attributed to the shortcomings of kiwi mask is the risk of allergic reactions.Therefore, before you make a mask of kiwi fruit, it is necessary to test by putting a bit of kiwi on the elbow bend, if after a while there was a rash or redness of the skin - hence, a mask of kiwi you is contraindicated.

Benefits for kiwi skin

Mask facial kiwi has a stunning effect, after this mask there is a feeling of freshness, lightness, skin lightened a bit, improves its color.All these wonderful qualities mask of kiwi gained by its unique composition.

The composition of Kiwi include B vitamins, which are the foundation of a healthy and beautiful skin: thiamine has healing and anti-inflammatory effects (help to cope with acne, fine cracks, irritation, inflammation), riboflavin promotes cell renewal and helps in oxygen assimilation (goodanti-aging effect), niacin helps to improve blood circulation and complexion, folacin has tightening effect, helps to make the skin much more elastic, tightened, pyridoxine helps to normalize metabolic processes in cells.

Vitamin C, which is found in large quantities in the kiwi, is a powerful natural antioxidant, and a mask of kiwi facial will help in the production of collagen, which is known to prolong youth and beauty.

Vitamin E closes the pores, so the skin after the mask is less polluted and becomes tighter.

Included in the kiwis phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, calcium, potassium well nourish the skin, because of these minerals, the facial skin becomes health, improves its color, normalize metabolic processes in cells.

Indications for the use of the mask of kiwi wide variety, it is suitable for all skin types, for any age.His attention is paid to the mask with the content of kiwifruit to those who began to notice in my reflection small signs of aging who have a problem or oily skin, acne and all those who simply care about their health and appearance, this mask is also well suited to owners of dryor sensitive skin.

Contraindications to the use of a mask of kiwi fruit is allergic to, open wounds on the face, severe skin disease.

Recipes masks from kiwi facial

mash one kiwi and mix with sour cream (can be replaced by clean yogurt).On 15 minutes, apply the mask on your face and then rinse with cool water.After such a mask complexion becomes more healthy, the skin lightly bleached.To increase the nutrient effect is recommended to include in the mask banana or honey.

Mix well soft Kiwi, a teaspoon of olive oil, one egg, 1 tbsp.spoonful of green clay (added last and gently intervenes in the mixture).Gently apply on a 15-minute prepared mask on your face, rinse with warm waters.After the mask, you can use a moisturizer.

Mask - Scrub kiwi

Peeled kiwi fruit is good grind, turned to mush, add a tablespoon of poppy spoonful of sour cream and fat.Apply scrub for one - two minutes of gentle circular motion, then leave the mask for 5 minutes.Rinse with cool little water, a wetting agent can be applied after the mask.

cope with oily skin, helps mask of kiwi for a person who is prepared as follows:

Grind curds kiwi add about one tablespoon (can be replaced with natural yogurt without additives).Prepared mask for 20 minutes, apply on face, rinse with cool water.

in the same amount to take crushed kiwi, lemon and grated horseradish and mix well.Apply the mask obtained in this way on the face and wash after 5 or 10 minutes (depending on the sensations).

following masks can be used at any age and for any type of skin:

Grind well kiwi, add to it pure yogurt, almond oil and freshly squeezed orange juice a tablespoon, a little carrots, grated on a fine grater.Even layer to distribute the mixture on the face and leave to dry completely, then wash with cool water.

Mix well one chopped kiwi, a few strawberries, half medium cucumber (you can use a blender to obtain a homogeneous structure).If the mixture has turned watery, thickening is recommended to add a little oatmeal.Apply the prepared mixture on the face, with your fingers gently massaging the skin, leave for ten minutes, then rinse with warm waters.After the mask on the skin will be a sense of cleanliness and freshness.

good cleansing effect has this mask:

Gruel kiwi gently spread on the face, a characteristic feature of this mask is a feeling of tightness in the skin, it does not frighten.After 15 minutes, you need to wash and lubricate the face moisturizing or nourishing cream.

well moisturize dry skin following the mask: the olive oil and fresh kiwi juice - 1 tbsp.spoon, one egg yolk.All components of the mask mix well and spread on the face using a moistened sponge.Mask stimulates blood flow, has a smoothing, soothing, nourishing effect.

Rejuvenating mask of kiwi facial

Mix until smooth equal amount of ground to the state of mashed kiwi, pear, persimmon, apple.Apply the mask on for 20 minutes, then gently remove residues with a damp cloth.

reviews masks from kiwi facial mask

kiwi face can be used for all skin types - and for very dry, and for a problem, and to mature.Most women after use of masks based on kiwi note instant positive effect - significantly improves the complexion, the skin becomes silky, becomes elastic, smooth fine lines, and the result is stored for a long time.Mask based on kiwi fruit is very good to deal with acne, which usually appears during adolescence, as well as help more mature women keep youth and beauty of the skin.Before using the mask, the skin needs a little steam out, then the nutrients better penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and result from the use of masks will be much better.

Feedback from female, mask based on kiwi, have amazing anti-aging and firming effect.Applying the mask a couple of times a week significantly improves the skin condition disappears shine, dryness, acne.In addition, such masks perfectly clean the skin, as in composition scrubs, and as masks.After using the mask of kiwi, many women notice that removes the need for additional skin moisturizing (cream, lotion, serum, etc.), But all the masks, which include kiwis, contain fruit acids, so if after applying the mask you go out tostreet, it is best to use a cream with sunscreen effect.

mask of kiwi face has a stunning effect, and it becomes evident immediately.Immediately after use, you will feel fresh, clean skin and smartness.Included in the kiwis vitamins and minerals, perfectly moisturize the face and saturate it with nutrients, remove dead skin particles, various contaminants, etc.The mask of kiwi, no doubt, must take its place of honor in the care of the person and then the youth and beauty of your reflection will delight you for many - many years.