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October 11, 2016 23:17

Mud Facial Mask

Mud Mask is known for its healing properties since ancient times, when the sources of healing mud strictly classify, we had access to them only a few.People appreciated the healing properties of mud and enjoyed by only a select few.Were very popular resorts on the shores of gryazeistochnikov, which were built by the ancient Romans.Nowadays dirt sources known to almost everyone and go mud therapy course can now almost everyone.In cosmetology and medicine, the dirt is now the most common means in the fight for health and beauty.

Among the variety of face masks, occupies a special place mud facial mask.To prepare the masks used only special dirt that has nothing to do with ordinary dirt like in appearance and composition.Therapeutic mud has a shiny, oily consistency, is black or grayish tint, this mud is a product of many years of life of a number of microorganisms.The basis of the smallest particles of dirt include sand and clay, the viscosity and plasticity depend on the colloidal structure.

Using special curative mud is not necessarily performed in specialized stores, such a procedure can be carried out easily and at home.Mud mask fits well to the skin and is easily washed off.As therapeutic mud contained in small doses various gases (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane), various organic substances which have antimicrobial and bactericidal properties.This rich composition of mud masks makes them simply irreplaceable assistants in caring for the person.

Special mud masks improves blood circulation, metabolism, promote cell renewal, remove inflammation and irritation, slow down the aging process.After using mud masks the skin becomes healthier, purified and protected.The components of the mud penetrate deeply into the skin, so there is purification, as well as the dissolution of sebaceous plugs.The systematic application of mud masks will help tighten the skin, smooth out fine wrinkles from the point, increase firmness and elasticity.

Mud masks are used not only for the face, they are also effective in the fight against excess weight.Application mud masks on problem areas (stomach, buttocks, thighs) will help to improve blood circulation, oxygenate cells, activate metabolism.Besides mud packs have a high heat capacity, whereby the dirt has warming effect, which leads to the breakdown of fat.The use of dirt as a means of anti-cellulite massage when you can show good, and most importantly long-term result.

most common in cosmetics mud, which are suitable for home use, taken from several gryazeistochnikov: silt mud of Saki Lake, Anapa sulfide silt mud, Dead Sea mud and dirt Tambukansky lake.

highest concentration of beneficial trace elements observed in the mud of the Dead Sea, to all the mud has the smallest value of all the grain, whereby the structure of fine-grained dirt, greasy, well-applied and penetrates deep into the pores, providing medical and health benefits.

It is important to test for allergic reactions before applying the mask of mud.To do this, you need to apply a little dirt on the bend of the elbow or behind the ear, where the skin is most sensitive.If after a certain time (usually after 5 - 7 minutes) do not appear symptoms of allergy (redness, itching, irritation), you can safely use a mud mask.

benefits of therapeutic mud for skin

Mud Mask is an excellent cosmetic remedy.It is widely used for problem skin of the face, acne and so on. After the use of such masks skin becomes soft, silky, cleared noticeably smoother.

Mud masks are complex natural formations, it is believed that they are based on a mud solution (liquid), clay and colloidal organic mineral complex.The mud contains a rich composition of vitamins, minerals, inorganic and organic substances, enzymes, and some species even contain hormones and antibiotics.The use of mud masks are cleaned and narrow pores slows aging, wrinkles, in general, the facial skin becomes more healthy, toned and beautiful.In use, the dirt surface of the skin heats up, which improves blood flow, metabolism, there is a deeper penetration of the microelements in the cells.In case of skin microorganisms contained in the mud, it is purified active.

Currently many prestigious beauty salons offer beauty treatments using mud masks.Also, in conjunction with the mud can be applied algae, clay and salt.In order to achieve good results, combined with the massage mask.

First of all, mud masks are good because they are natural and have a multifaceted vitamin and mineral composition, which is very useful to humans.

unique mineral complex of mud masks stop the aging process, reduces wrinkles, reduces inflammation, helps to relieve stress, improve metabolism and circulation.Deep penetrating into the pores, dirt begins to actively dissolve the grease tube, resulting in completely disappears acne and pimples.In addition, mud facial mask attached matte skin, tightens pores, reduces sebum, oxygenates and disinfects the skin.Regular use of the mud helps to improve the skin's elasticity and keep her youth and beauty.

Types mud for masks

quality mud mask depends on the particle size, which are included in its composition.The lower large coarse particles, the greater the degree of penetration into the skin, resulting in a higher efficiency by using a mask.

addition salts and minerals in the mud masks include nucleic acids, bioactive substances gammolipolenovaya acid, nucleic acid, volatile phenols, hydrocarbons, saturated monokarbonatnye acids, fulvic acids, vitamins, humic substances, enzymes, cellulose, lignin, plant hormones, analogsantibiotics.Also, there are various gases, methane, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, carbon dioxide.The composition of mud masks is so unique and rich, that is almost completely used by the cells of our skin.

Depending on the origin of the mud, the following types:

  • Peat - are a form of fat in the marshes, mud still contains most organic substances, plus everything they have maximum heat resistance.
  • Sapropelic - deposits that form on the bottom of freshwater bodies.Such dirt also have high thermal properties, their structure has a large amount of organic substances (bitumen, hemicellulose, etc.), vitamins, hormones, enzymes.
  • sulfide sludge - are formed on the bottom of saline waters in the composition contains much less compared to other salts and organic substances, in addition, they have smaller thermal properties.But such dirt have high biological activity, they contain hydrogen sulphide, in conjunction with iron which forms gidrotroillit, mineral bio-organic complex being an integer and having good therapeutic properties.
  • mound - formed near oil and gas fields.The origin of mud originates from broken rock that are ejected from the tectonic faults.As part of the present large amounts of boron and iodine.This type of mud is used very rarely.
  • Hydrothermal - volcanic clay, a characteristic feature of which is acidic reaction, there is a part of a small amount of minerals.Typically, such sludge deposit located in hard to reach places, therefore, their properties are not fully known.

cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, cosmeceutical - in these areas is widely and successfully used the mud.Dirt is a completely natural product of natural origin, so they are considered safe and the most effective.On the basis of the various muds produced a huge number of cosmetic products.The mud used in bath preparations mixtures, shampoos, soaps, facial masks, even in some toothpastes.

The most common procedures are applied where the dirt are:

  • thalassotherapy - widely used sea mud.Apart from the mud in the process play a significant role maritime climate effects on the human body.
  • peloidotherapy - mud therapy, which uses a decision-mud baths, as well as local or general mud overlay.
  • mud wraps - as a rule, such procedures are combined with other species, such as massage.Wraps successfully struggling with excess weight, cellulite, improve the general state of the skin, heal small injuries to the skin, etc.Regular mud wraps well boosts immunity.

Recipes mud facial masks

effectiveness of any type of mask can be supplemented with a variety of ingredients, and you can just use mud masks for the face in its pure form.In each case, you choose the option that suits you, depending on the skin problem and the desired results after use.Mud face mask is applied to clean skin for 15 - 20 minutes, then wash off with cool water.After use, you can wipe the face tonic or apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream,

For classical mud mask, which is well suited for any skin and at any age, it is necessary to dissolve the powder usual with warm water, to get a creamy consistency.

mud mask, which will help get rid of acne, acne, uneven skin contains sea buckthorn and dried chamomile flowers.To prepare the masks were mixed in equal numbers all the ingredients (1 teaspoon), diluted with warm water.

Another recipe from acne and pimples: diluted with water to mud softened propolis powder is added (to take the size of a pea) and mix thoroughly be stirred.

well to moisturize dry skin, mud powder is mixed with warm milk (about 40 degrees).a large number of minerals and vitamins and a deep penetration into the cells in combination with mud will increase the efficiency of cosmetic procedures is included in the composition of milk.You can also use the cream, which is good moisturize and soothe the skin.

also a good moisturizing effect has a mud facial mask with olive oil.To prepare mask diluted with water to a thick cream mud powder is added a teaspoon of olive oil.

get rid of wrinkles, tighten skin and restore its tone, mud powder is added to the infusion of mint leaves and chamomile flowers.To prepare take a tablespoon of dried herbs, crushed into powder, pour boiling water and allow to infuse for 20 minutes.

good rejuvenating effect has a mud mask with infusion of herbs, yogurt and honey.Lemon juice is well tighten the skin, extracts of herbs cleanse the pores, dirt, improve blood circulation, saturate with minerals, good yogurt will soften and honey will have anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.For the infusion of herbs you need to take chamomile, calendula, peppermint (a spoonful), pour a glass of boiling water, let stand for 20 minutes.Mud powder diluted infusion, add honey and yogurt, the consistency should be like thick cream.

dry, removes shine mud mask for the face with chamomile tea.To make such a mask of mud powder (about two tablespoons) diluted warm tea of ​​chamomile flowers to a thick creamy state.

also a good effect on oily skin has a mud mask with lemon.To prepare the masks need to dilute the mud powder with lemon juice (you can dilute the juice with plain water).

If the facial skin looks tired, then take advantage of a well-mud mask with essential oils.The diluted with water mud powder (requires consistency of thick cream) to drip a few drops of any essential oil with a calming effect (geranium, chamomile, orange, jasmine, almond).

Mud Mask with yogurt and yeast activates the regenerative processes in the cells, micro cracks heals, soothes, moisturizes and tightens the skin.To prepare the masks need a teaspoon of yeast, a tablespoon of mud powder.The dry ingredients and mix well to dilute the yogurt to a thick cream.

eat well and moisturize the skin properties has mud mask with egg yolk.To prepare the masks need a good mix of mud powder with the yolk of one egg, if you get too thick consistency, can be diluted with a small amount of warm milk.

Honey is well known for its softening and wound healing properties.In combination with the dirt to penetrate the skin more nutrients that affects its excellent appearance.For the preparation of such a nutrient mask to mix honey and mud powder may be diluted with a little warm water or milk.

large amounts of vitamins, it has a bleaching and toning effect on the skin is contained in cabbage.To prepare the masks need to pour boiling milk cabbage leaf, wait a bit, the sheet was soft and cook porridge out of it, add honey, a raw egg yolk and mud powder to make a thick, creamy composition.You can also use fresh cabbage juice, which is diluted mud powder.Mask with cabbage juice is well removes shine, restores elasticity and firmness.

As you know different oils make the skin soft.You can cook nutritious, moisturizing, regenerating mask with vegetable oil, cabbage juice, mashed potatoes and dirt.To do this, mix the cabbage juice and a little vegetable oil, then dilute the resulting mixture mud powder, and then all mixed with a small amount of mashed potatoes (about one teaspoon).

To cleanse oily skin are also well suited mud mask with the addition of oatmeal and juice of cabbage.To prepare this mask you need to dissolve the crushed flakes cabbage juice, infuse for about 15 minutes, then add the mud powder and mayonnaise (sour cream), mix well.

Seaweed combined with dirt will help saturate the skin with necessary minerals.For masks require fresh leaves of seaweed.First, on the cleansed face superimposed cabbage leaves on top of which is smeared diluted in water, mud powder.

Vegetable juices are an excellent source of nutrition for the skin.Vitamin mask of carrot, cabbage juice and mud powder well saturate the skin with vitamins, minerals, give it a well-groomed, smart, healthy appearance.

To achieve a tonic effect, can dilute the mud powder tea.For the preparation of tea you need to mix dry black tea and lemon peel, pour boiling water.Infuse for about ten minutes.The finished mixture can drip a few drops of lemon juice.The tea leaves of black tea can also add dried flowers of chamomile and calendula.

Cucumber is well known for its tonic properties, tea tree oil is well softens the skin.To prepare toning mask will need to mix the juice of fresh cucumber and thick cream, add a few drops of tea oil and mud powder.

also has a good tonic effect mask their strong tea, corn flour, a few drops of lemon juice and, of course, the mud powder.

reviews masks of mud facial

After using mud masks, most of the women noted a positive effect: the skin becomes more elastic, visibly smoothed wrinkles, fading shine, blackheads, pimples, skin is more moisturized and beautiful in appearance.

mud mask well with the problems of oily skin, they effectively clean the pores, reduce the greasiness of the glands.