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October 11, 2016 23:17

Masks for dry skin

If you are "happy" owner of a very dry skin, you know firsthand how difficult it is to moisturize and care for her.Chapping and peeling in the cold in the winter time of the year, over-drying in the hot summer days, harmful ultraviolet radiation, exhaust fumes, dust and dirt.All this is a very negative impact on the condition of the skin.What to do in these situations?How to save a youth demanding skin?In this article we will talk about how to care for this skin type and give an example of universal recipes masks for dry skin.

Recipes masks for dry skin

All skin types need moisturizing, and even more dry type.Therefore, you should regularly make masks at home.They are not only well will nourish the skin, and smooth out fine facial wrinkles, and give vitaminize even tone your skin.

To get a good mask for dry skin you need to follow the rules of its production aimed at maximum efficiency.Basically a mask for power and moistened skin should consist of:

  • bases that serve as moisture;
  • active component, performing the role of saturation useful substances;
  • binding component (if required);
  • specialized component (if required).

main moisturizing ingredients in masks for dry skin

Nourishing daily cream.It is better to use bold well absorbed cream that you use every day.Based on healing be manufactured sanitary mask fortified masks, masks and anti-aging so on.

Fatty cream.To make the most effective masks for dry skin cream is perfect to use at least 30%.With cream perfectly combine herbal natural ingredients.Through a combination of natural fats and fruits can maximize the absorption of vitamins in the epidermis.

olive oil.It contains vitamin E and perfectly retains moisture in the epidermis, thus contributes to instantaneous wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.Olive oil is hypoallergenic, accessible and easy to use.For use as an integral part of masks for dry skin need to use extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed, as it is contains the most nutrients for skin care.

Grape seed oil.This oil is great to nourish sensitive, delicate, prone to inflammation of the skin.It has bactericidal properties and also starts the active regeneration of the epidermis.It can be applied to the skin has lost its youth in anti-aging therapy.

oil aloe vera.This oil is perfect as the main component of the mask for dry skin before, during and after tanning, as well as sunburn.Oil Aloe Vera has a delicate texture that does not burden the skin, but nourishes and restores all layers of the epidermis.Also it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, so there is a comprehensive facelift.

Jojoba oil.This oil has a more dense texture, similar to fat.It was used since ancient times women in Africa to protect their skin from the scorching and merciless UV rays.Jojoba oil is effective even in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema.

cocoa butter.This oil is perfect as a base masks for dry skin in winter.It creates an invisible film that protects the epidermis from aggressive environmental factors.Cocoa butter deeply nourishes and restores damaged skin, as well as has the ability to smooth out fine wrinkles.This oil is ideal not only for women but also for young children as it is completely hypoallergenic.

Almond oil.This oil is ideal as a base for the mask at bedtime.Almond oil is almost does not dry out, so its properties will not be limited only by the time the direct effect on the skin.It perfectly moisturizes and tones the skin, making the morning face will look well-groomed and rested.

main active ingredients used in the preparation of masks for dry skin

Sandalwood essential oil.Has a strong calming effect, it increases blood flow to the epidermis, which has a beneficial effect on its power.It enhances the skin's ability to absorb nutrients, but also has antiseptic properties.Sandalwood essential oil is very well suited for skin prone to acne.

Pachulevoe essential oil.Has a strong astringent effect, so it is ideal for skin with large open pores.It aligns the contours of the face and increase skin elasticity.Just pachulevoe oil under constant application is known for its property tightening old scars.

Jasmine essential oil.It has a strong anti-aging effect, so used for aging, dry skin.It has soothing properties.Jasmine essential oil is well used in skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and eczema.

Rose essential oil.The most expensive and the most rich in mineral oil substances.It has a strong anti-aging effect, anti-allergic effect, and also has antibacterial properties.Widely used in masks for dry skin as the active ingredient for the skin has lost its youth wrinkles.

myrrh essential oil.It has a protective effect against the aggressive action of external environmental factors.It provides excellent hydrating, recovery and prevents skin aging earlier.

decoction of chamomile.Perfectly cleanses and soothes sensitive skin.It has antiseptic, soothing, healing properties.

Honey.Its useful properties can hardly be overestimated.He most vitaminizes, regenerates the skin.It has antiseptic, healing and astringent property.When applying, be careful, as some honey can be an allergen.

Puree strawberries.Vitaminizing, restores and refreshes the skin.It gives it a smooth tone.It is used as an elegant anti-aging agent.

Puree cucumber.It has excellent astringent property.It gives the skin elasticity and tone.As part of the mask has the ability to level tone and whiten even small freckles.

binding components of masks for dry skin

If the mask out much of the liquid, then it is possible to add binding ingredients that will give her a mushy feel.

Cosmetic clay.Perfectly cleanse pores, soothe the skin, even out skin tone.It is best to approach a neutral blue clay.

Milled oat flakes.Very good help to deep clean pores.Have lifting property, smoothing out small facial wrinkles.

Dry mustard.Strong tones the skin thanks to the property of the blood surge to the epidermis.Mask with mustard to be used for a short time (no more than 3-5 minutes).But even during this time it is ideally contribute to the absorption of nutrients from the active ingredients.

Specialized components of masks for dry skin

These components can serve as vitamin E. It can be found in pharmacies (in the form of gelatin capsules), you need to squeeze in the main components of the mask and used as an antioxidant agent.

reviews masks for dry skin

Masks for dry skin cooked at home, simply can not be compared with any, even the most high-tech inventions cosmetology.They are completely natural, safe and incredibly useful.In order to derive maximum benefit from cosmetic procedures need to remember a few rules, namely:

  • apply the mask to the evening on clean of makeup, dust and dirt skin;
  • wash desirable only in the evening, as the risk to wash away all the protective layer at a dry skin of the face you in the morning;
  • ideal water temperature for washing should be 20-22 degrees, it is desirable to use no flow, and-settled or filtered water;
  • not use products containing alcohol in the composition, it is even more dry skin;
  • apply the mask in a circular massaging movements, so you will increase the blood flow to the epidermis and the skin gets more nutrients;
  • to enhance moisturizing effect can be covered with the skin of special plastic film and do a warm compress on your face;
  • if you use essential oils as active ingredients, remember that they need to add only 3-5 drops per teaspoon of the main component, so you can avoid allergic reactions or irritation of sensitive skin.