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September 21, 2016 23:06

Amino acids : arginine , lysine , ornithine

Arginine and ornithine - essential amino acids and lysine - an essential, which must come from food.

main functions

  • increases muscle mass.
  • Reduce the amount of fat tissue.
  • increases the secretion of growth hormone.

Theoretically, it can be concluded that oral intake of a single amino acid or a combination thereof to increase the circulation of growth hormone (GH) and insulin.The advantage of the increased performance levels of GH and insulin due to their anabolic properties.It is suggested that elevated levels of GH and insulin helps to increase muscle mass and reduce the amount of adipose tissue.

GH concentration was increased in the 30th, 60th and 90th minutes of exercise, but the differences between groups were observed.At the basal level of acute GH secretion increased after administration of amino acids.

research results

Fogelholm et al.consumption studied 2 g of arginine, lysine and ornithine taken 2 times a day.Eleven weightlifters given amino acid or a placebo, and GH levels and i

nsulin were measured every 24 hours. The peaks in the level of GH in the placebo group and amino group are not different additives and insulin levels after consumption of additives is not increased.The researchers concluded that the ergogenic value of low doses of amino acids is questionable.

Since GH levels decreases with age, Corpas et al.We investigated the effects of oral intake of arginine for lysine, and GH in older men (age 69 ± 5).Two groups of eight healthy male subjects took 3g of arginine and lysine, 2 times a day for 14 days.GH levels were measured in blood samples that were collected every 20 min to 2 h to 8 h night morning.Results showed that both GH and serum insulin levels were not significantly changed, therefore, oral administration of arginine and lysine is not a means of enhancing GH secretion in older men.

Suminski et al.We studied the effect of amino acid intake and exercise with resistance to overcome the concentration of GH in the plasma of young men.16 subjects four series of studies was conducted: in the first test and the exercises taking a placebo, the second and the exercises taking amino acid taken in the third amino acid only, and finally a fourth placebo only.


Studies have shown that supplements of arginine, lysine and ornithine, did not affect the levels of GH, or body composition.The combination of additives with the load does not increase GH levels higher than this only occurs when the load.

rapid spread of supplements containing free amino acids are allowed to consume large amounts of individual amino acids.Such a situation is impossible in respect of the protein or protein food supplements, as they contain a different amino acid.The problems associated with the consumption of individual amino acids, there is no evidence except for eosinophilia syndrome - myalgia (caused by contaminated tryptophan).However, large doses of certain amino acids can disrupt the absorption, cause gastro-intestinal disorders and lead to an imbalance of metabolism, it is reasonable to avoid large doses of certain amino acids, while their safety is proven.