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December 25, 2016 00:09

Symptoms of cervical erosion

Symptoms of cervical erosion in most cases completely absent.Most often, the presence of this disease she learns from a gynecologist, in the course of their gynecological examination.

Sometimes, however, still showing some signs of erosion, manifested in the form of pain during sex, and appearance after bleeding.With the development of the disease can also be a muco-purulent discharge, resulting from inflammation provoked by this pathology.In any case, this disease should be treated immediately, as in the advanced stage it contributes to the development of complications and even precancerous lesions.

Cervical erosion is a common disease of women, which is accompanied by an inflammatory process and the emergence of the so-called on the cervix of the uterus."Erosion" (small sores).The causes of this disease very different.It is too early start of sexual life, and frequent change of partners;various genital infections, and inflammation in the pelvic organs;traumatic exposure (birth, abortion, surgical

interventions);immune failure and hormonal disorders, and others.

What are the symptoms of cervical erosion?

Symptoms of cervical erosion can occur in different ways, depending on the course and varieties of this pathological process.In medicine, there are three main forms of the disease.So there:

  • innate,
  • true,
  • pseudo.

first type is shown due to the displacement of the boundaries between flat and multi-layered cylindrical epithelium.The reason for this physiological characteristics is an incomplete process of differentiation (structural and functional changes) of epithelial tissues during fetal and early postnatal development.In this form of the disease symptoms of inflammation are virtually absent.

True cervical erosion is manifested as the presence of wound surface, often has a bright red color and bleeding when touched.The main cause of muco-purulent discharge in this form of the disease is an inflammatory process - the so-called."Cervicitis".

pseudo Development is the result of modifications of the real erosion.This form is a gradual phase of wound healing as a result of the replacement of a flat cylindrical epithelium of the cervix.The process is fraught with consequences in the form of a cervical hypertrophy and the appearance of large cysts.In addition, the pseudo becomes a hotbed of chronic inflammation.

Despite the fact that the development of erosion often occurs without symptoms, the presence of something which signs are still present.Usually this:

  • pus, mucus or spotting;
  • unpleasant pain during sexual intercourse;
  • violation and disruption of the menstrual cycle.

Unfortunately, cervical erosion may not manifest itself for a long time, but at the same time to cause the development of chronic inflammation of female genital mutilation, as well as more dangerous conditions, such as malignancies.That's why for the timely detection and treatment of this serious disease should be systematically visit a gynecologist, because accurate diagnosis can be made only as a result of full gynecological examination and confirm the presence of such a dangerous disease.

Allocation of cervical erosion

Symptoms of cervical erosion relate to changes in color and consistency of vaginal discharge.It should be noted that the rate of discharge in healthy women as such there should not be.Therefore, such a symptom indicates various diseases and possible infection of the female genital organs.

Allocation at "whites" of cervical erosion are called differently and are a thick white liquid without pungent smell, which often leaves traces on the underwear.Such isolation is typically indicate the presence of inflammation or latent infection often accompany this disease.With the development of cervical erosion (in its running form) discharge may also be bloody, - mostly this symptom occurs after sexual intercourse.This is due to the fact that the eroded surface of the protective layer loses cells therefore easily susceptible to damage.In this release are observed in small amounts, they can leave the laundry or pinkish brown trail.In the presence of erosion in the blood of pregnant women can be released in large quantities due to the reduction of its clotting and increase the vulnerability of the mucous membranes.

Discharge - one of the main symptoms of cervical erosion in women.Less common symptoms such as slight tenderness in the lower abdomen and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

running Symptoms of cervical erosion

Symptoms of cervical erosion often occur immediately, but only when the disease has advanced.Guess about the development of erosion is virtually impossible, the disease is most often asymptomatic.Only a thorough pelvic examination with special speculum and a colposcope (a special microscope) can detect the disease.

running Symptoms of cervical erosion is often manifested in the form of heavy cables - thick mucous secretions, and in some cases - bleeding.Also, a woman can be confusing pain in the abdomen.The more dangerous advanced forms of cervical erosion?First of all, the fact that if left untreated it can develop into a leukoplakia - a seal in the form of white spots or erythroplakia - red bleeding spot.This provokes proliferation of different kinds of bacteria entering into the infection, the occurrence of an inflammatory focus.Pathology of the uterus makes unprotected against external infections, because it is the cervix is ​​a kind of "protective barrier".The risk of inflammation and infection is increased by several times during the running of erosion.

If inflammation resulting from an advanced stage, left untreated, increases the rate of division of skin cells that leads to dysplasia - a change in the properties of the epithelium.The most serious complication of this process is escalating dysplasia in malignant tumor (cancer).To prevent such an outcome, pathology should be treated as early as possible.

consequence of neglected diseases is often a female infertility.Erosion can also cause miscarriage or premature birth, since it contributes to the premature opening of the uterus during pregnancy.

Thus, in order to avoid serious complications in the presence of erosion in women, increases the need for regular visits to a gynecologist for early detection and treatment of disease.

Symptoms of inflammation in cervical erosion

Symptoms of cervical erosion occur infrequently, ie,usually this disease does not cause any marked signs, but in the presence of the disease is most often observed cervicitis (endocervite) - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervix, which can be identified through a pelvic exam.

Symptoms of inflammation in cervical erosion are reduced to the appearance of secretions (cables), as well as itching and pain in the abdomen.Because there is swelling inflammation that triggers hyper secretions and causes hyperemia of the mucous membrane of the cervix.Cervicitis is a pathological process that depends on the state of the immune system of the female body and the degree of neglect disease.Usually it is indicating the presence of inflammation and thickening of the cervical seal.

Sometimes inflammation of the cervix due to the erosion of a woman having frequent and painful urination.Selections are usually white and thick, but may be different texture and color, especially if the infection occurs at the wound surface erosion.

must take into account the fact that the majority of infections in the presence of cervical erosion are sexually transmitted.The primary prevention of inflammatory diseases of the cervix is ​​the use of condoms.The presence of women multiple sexual partners has a negative impact on the health and increases the risk of inflammatory diseases, since it increases the load on the immune system of a woman.Prolonged inflammation cervical change properties of cells and increasing their rate of division, which causes the formation of tumor - benign first, and then - malignant.

Upon detection of gynecological inflammation is not necessary to self-medicate, this question is very important to entrust an experienced gynecologist.No gynecological use candles or use tampons with sea buckthorn oil or honey will not give effective results.

With regard to treatment, often with cervical erosion is not used medical and operable method.The most convenient is today considered a surgical laser, allows to eliminate the defect, without damaging the tissue and leaving no scars.

Symptoms of cervical erosion must be immediately alerted a woman - this is the reason bezotlozhnogo visit to the gynecologist, because it was he during the inspection will be able to accurately diagnose the disease.The presence of inflammation in the cervix leads to disruption of epithelial integrity, that provokes the development of dysplasia.This in turn leads to infertility, adnexitis, endometritis and malignancies appearance.