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December 25, 2016 00:09

Causes of cervical erosion

reasons for cervical erosion, unfortunately, is not fully understood, but is considered to be in modern medicine that the main prerequisite for the development of women's diseases are those inflammatory processes of genitals as endocervite and vaginitis.

In addition, among the causes of erosion can be noted various genital infections (such as mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis and chlamydia), mechanical injury to the mucous membrane of the cervix, as well as hormonal changes in the female body, and others.

cervical erosiontoday is one of the "top ten" most common diseases of female sexual sphere: approximately every second woman in the world is faced with this disease.

What is a diagnosis called "cervical erosion"?This kind of "defect" (wounds) of small size, which cover the mucous membrane of the cervix and can cause a variety of complications with delayed treatment (infection of the urogenital tract, infertility, abortion).

to detect cervical erosion, must be examined by a gynecologist, becau

se in most cases the disease is asymptomatic.A woman may not even be aware of its development.That is why it is important to diagnose and start treatment of cervical erosion - depends on the health of women!

causes of cervical erosion

reasons for cervical erosion can be varied.Of these, it makes sense to identify the following factors:

  • genitourinary infections, particularly viral (in most cases - the human papilloma virus, and ureaplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia);
  • frequent douching, leading to disruption of the vaginal flora;
  • hormonal disorders caused by estrogen deficiency;
  • inflammation of the neck of the chronic nature of the uterus;
  • unsuccessful implantation of contraceptive spiral;
  • vaginal dysbiosis resulting from frequent change of sexual partners;
  • mechanical injury of the vaginal walls and cervical mucus as a result of medical intervention during childbirth or abortion;
  • sophisticated sex with "toys" that can damage the cervix.

cervical erosion can occur not only in women who have an active sex life, but also in young girls, had known no sexual intimacy.The disease occurs in both nulliparous and pregnant women.

causes of cervical erosion can be linked to an immune imbalance in the female body, heavy and childbirth, overweight and obesity, as well as surgical intervention (eg, removal of polyps).

are several types of cervical erosion:

  • Congenital - there is still in the process of fetal development resulting from improper differentiation of uterine epithelium.As a rule, this kind of erosion is not a threat to women's health and disappear on their own.
  • true - the most common form of erosion, which becomes a cause of gynecological diseases.The reasons for its occurrence are associated with infectious agents that cause inflammation in the female organs (cervicitis or endocervite, adnexitis, coleitis, vulva), as well as infections, sexually transmitted diseases (herpes, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, etc.).
  • pseudo - a condition in which the normal stratified epithelium is replaced by a cylindrical.

cervical erosion often occur in diseases of the thyroid gland, the ovaries, adrenal glands, immunodeficiencies of different genesis (chronic persistent exacerbations, influenza, HIV infection).During pregnancy there is a violation of hormone process that may also provoke the formation of erosions.

Cervical erosion - the cause of infertility

Causes of cervical erosion (infection, cervical injury, hormonal disturbances and disruptions in a woman) often can trigger an infectious-inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system due to intensive breeding of pathogens.

Many women are concerned about the issue of whether erosion can cause infertility.Itself - no, but if it is due to a factor that negatively affects fertility in women (for example, sexually transmitted infections), it is precisely this factor can trigger the development of female infertility.Therefore, erosion of the cervix can be treated only as a possible symptom of a pathological condition that can lead to difficulties in conceiving a child.

Therefore, the assertion that the erosion of the cervix - the cause of infertility is not quite correct.This pathological condition creates an ideal environment for active development of pathogenic organisms and, as a consequence - an inflammatory process in the small pelvis.Thus, the affected mucosa of the cervix can breed bacteria, which can cause unpleasant diseases, in particular inflammation of the ovaries and appendages.Because of these diseases often occurs infertility.Erosion - a kind of open "gates" for penetration into the body of Candida, Chlamydia, Trichomonas and many other pathogens.They contribute to the development of chronic inflammation, due to which a woman can not get pregnant.

In addition, the damaged tissue of cervical erosion become a kind of "barrier" on the way to natural fertilization.During pregnancy, cervical erosion can also cause miscarriage.

Causes of congenital cervical erosion

Causes of congenital type of cervical erosion, explains the anatomical structure of the female reproductive system.Usually girls at birth glandular (internal) cervical epithelium is on the outside and eventually moved inside.In the event that this does not happen, developing congenital cervical erosion.In fact, such a process does not lead to any consequences in the future does not interfere to pregnancy and childbearing.

Causes of congenital cervical erosion usually involve heredity, hormonal disorders or malformations.In fact, the inherent erosion is not considered a pathology, as develops naturally.However, there are cases when after the delivery as a result of infection or tissue damage inherent erosion becomes more complex pathology.At the same time there may be inflammation caused by papillomavirus, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia or other pathogens.In such cases, the erosion should be treated.

For the treatment of congenital cervical erosion, complicated by an inflammatory process, the following methods are most commonly used:

  • Drug therapy (receiving antibacterial agents, antiseptic agents and wound-healing means).
  • Electrocoagulation (moxibustion).It recommended only parous women, because this method of treatment of erosion can cause scarring.At the same time the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčlosing elasticity, which leads to problems of its disclosure in childbirth.
  • Chemical removal of erosion.Used only when the surface tissue lesions or warts.
  • Cryotherapy (use of liquid nitrogen).Modern painless method that does not injure the cervix and is suitable for the treatment of surface of the affected tissues.
  • Laser - the most gentle method of treatment of erosion, almost no contraindications.
  • Radiowave surgery - an innovative method of treatment of erosions.

Psychological causes cervical erosion

reasons for cervical erosion can have a psychological (emotional, subconscious, deep) background.These violations involved special medical industry - psychosomatic medicine that studies the development of the disease states as a result of the impact of various psycho-emotional factors.

to diseases of female genital sphere, arising on a background of a psychosomatic nature, include:

  • infertility,
  • menstrual irregularities,
  • ovarian cysts,
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • fibroids and uterine fibroids,
  • sexual dysfunction (frigidity, anorgasmia, etc.),
  • cervical erosion,
  • trouble conceiving.

Psychological causes of cervical erosion is often associated with the state of the failure the woman herself - her appearance, any nuances in behavior.In such cases the woman herself (consciously or subconsciously) suppresses a feminine, she does not want to or for some reason can not truly feel loved, beautiful and desirable.Various disorders of female genital organs, including the erosion of the cervix, are the result of poor relations of women with men, no doubt for its appeal.Cervical erosion as if it symbolizes a wounded woman's self-esteem, inability to realize themselves in the role of lover, girlfriend, mother.Often the appearance of problems with women's health provokes a subconscious aggression in men.This can be suppressed resentment, deep disappointment, hatred and anger, complaints, contempt.

The work of Dr. Vladimir Sinelnikov, A. Torsunova, S. Konovalov, the questions about the assumptions of psycho-emotional development of women's diseases.Researchers believe that the condition of the uterus (the "female creative temple") reflects the thoughts of women self-realization.To the health of the women returned to normal, it is necessary to forget the years of accumulated grievances and humiliation inflicted by men.In addition, it is necessary to get rid of their own remorse and reconsider its attitude towards people and the world around them.

For the treatment of cervical erosion need to remove traumatic psycho-emotional factor that contributed to the development of the disease.For example, the attitude to the opposite sex, past grievances, the question of frequent change of partners, etc.In addition, to enhance women's health recommended to reduce stress levels, review the lifestyle, diet, give up bad habits, work on positive emotional mood.It is also important to think about improving the blood supply to the pelvic organs.To this end, women should increasingly pay attention to the physical condition and keep in shape with the help of running, squats, pelvic massage.

woman is very important to change their attitudes to cervical erosion.This is not a single disease, but a symptom, alarming "bell", which need time to recognize and hear.One little medical treatment, the woman must help themselves in the elimination of the psychological factors of the disease.

Reasons re cervical erosion

Causes of cervical erosion in recurrent manifestations almost similar to that in the primary occurrence of pathology:

  • infectious-inflammatory processes,
  • sexual relationships,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • immune disorders.

Nowadays cervical erosion is one of the most common pathological processes in gynecology.After carrying out the necessary treatment in the vast majority of cases the disease is receding, but there are times when it is observed re-development.

Reasons re cervical erosion can be linked to the original incorrect determination of the true nature of the disease, and treatment failure or incomplete course of therapy.Quite often there is a recurrence of the disease in its infectious nature - the development of gonorrhea, ureaplasma, chlamydia, or trichomoniasis.Treatment of these infections is mandatory should be carried out immediately in both sexual partners, though under strict supervision of a physician bacteriologist.Unfortunately, in real life the simultaneous treatment of partners is extremely rare, so the risk of re-infection of a genital infection increases.

reasons for cervical erosion can often be associated with human papilloma virus HPV, t. To. It is this agent causes irritation and inflammation of the cervical mucous.Erosion by itself is not terrible, it is dangerous because it can be a predisposing factor to the development of cervical cancer (of course, if there are additional prerequisites).