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December 25, 2016 00:09

Effects of cervical erosion |Symptoms and treatment of the effects of cervical erosion

erosive damage to the epithelial layer is called cervical erosion.The causes of such damage can be certain infectious diseases, inflammation, upset microflora vaginal environment, premature entry into sexual life.Effects of cervical erosion in the vast majority of cases are not so harmless.

The dominant purpose of the cervix - is a reproduction, and a mucous discharge from the columnar epithelium of the cervical canal and the surface layer of the cervix should ensure free penetration of sperm into the uterus.In addition, healthy tissue of the cervix is ​​a potential barrier from falling into the uterine cavity of various infectious agents.

effects Symptoms of cervical erosion

Among the most common adverse effects of untreated or improperly the treated pathology can be identified are:

  1. Slimy layer damaged erosive process - it is an unobstructed path for getting a wide variety of infections.The risk to get an infection of internal genital organs increased significantly.Due to the damaged cervical
    mucus may be diseases such as:
  • endometritis (an inflammatory reaction of the endometrium);
  • idiometritis (inflammation in the muscle layer of the uterus);
  • endomyometritis (endometrial inflammation and muscle layer of the uterus);
  • salpingitis (inflammation of one or two of the fallopian tubes);
  • oophoritis (inflammatory reactions in one or two ovaries);
  • salpingo aka adnexitis (inflammation sochetannyj ovary and fallopian tubes, on one or both sides);
  • pelvioperitonit (inflammatory reaction of the peritoneum of the pelvis).
  1. Untreated erosion can become a causal factor in the cervix early disclosure of a pregnant woman, which is a threat of preterm delivery or spontaneous abortion.

What could be the consequences of the symptoms of cervical erosion, the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the internal sexual organs?

  • soreness in the lower abdomen in the pelvic area.
  • When festering process - high fever, rapid heartbeat, fever.
  • Bleeding or discharge of blood from the vaginal cavity, which has no connection with the menstrual bleeding (possibly after sexual intercourse).
  • Other abnormal discharge (ichor, pus and so on. N.).
  • painful sexual intercourse, discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  • problems with urination.
  • rarely - discomfort in the stomach, indigestion.

erosion Sometimes complications may occur with a minimal number of symptoms, or completely hidden.Therefore, a woman can not guess about the disease.Pathology in the future may adversely affect the ability to conceive, as well as the flow of the pregnancy itself.

fallout from a big erosion of the cervix

At high cervical erosion formed the ideal conditions for the life of pathogens that can lead to the emergence of various inflammatory and infectious diseases.Most often it occurs with chlamydia defeat fungal infection, trichomonas, and other microorganisms, which, due to erosion, fall freely into the uterus and appendages.All these factors can lead to the inability of women to conceive as erosive surface plus foreign pathogenic flora and inflammatory processes are the biggest obstacle to the normal fertilization.

Moreover, erosion on the surface of uterine cervix is ​​able to be reborn from a benign to a malignant process oncology, ie trigger the development of cancer of the cervix tumors.

Cervical cancer - a dangerous and, unfortunately, very common among women of childbearing age with diagnosed undertreated or untreated altogether erosion.

In order to avoid such dangerous complications, all without exception, women advised to visit a specialist gynecology every six months and take all the necessary examinations.The doctor will select the desired treatment regimen immediately after the detection of cervical disease.

consequences of running cervical

erosion cervical erosion is considered a benign process, but to assert the harmlessness of this disease is not necessary.Of course, sometimes the disease is self-limiting, without any medical intervention, but in most cases running erosive process is a major factor in the emergence of tumor complications.

addition, launched erosion can cause:

  • chlamydia or herpes infection;
  • human papilloma virus (which, in turn, could trigger the appearance of warts, and the development of precancerous lesions);
  • transition erosion in the bleeding stage, which most experts estimate as a state predonkologii uterine cervix.

On examination, the gynecologist Dr. launched erosive process typically removes an element of epithelial tissue from the surface erosion.This procedure is called a biopsy.In some cases, a smear on cytology may be taken instead of a biopsy.And he and the other diagnostic method focused primarily on the detection of potential cancer.

When cervical erosion is important to remember that the delay in the gynecological examinations and delays in treatment can lead to very unpleasant and even tragic consequences.

consequences of the removal of cervical erosion

Removal of cervical erosion is possible in different ways.Each concrete case the doctor is considering separately and individually decide on the choice of treatment methods, taking into account the characteristics of the disease in each patient.Taken into account the factors of the disease, course of disease, as well as the size and depth of erosion.

Removal of erosion can be carried out by the following methods:

  • laser removal;
  • radio wave removal;
  • cauterization of erosion by liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery).

Despite all the positive aspects of these methods, there are certain undesirable consequences of the removal of cervical erosion.Consider the consequences of each of the most popular methods of treatment of erosion.

  1. Diathermocoagulation using an electric current is considered to be an affordable and effective way to remove the erosive process.Implications cauterisation cervical erosion by electric current may be different.For example, there is a large percentage of the probability of the formation of scar tissue at the site of the former erosive surface.In the future, it may be difficult to cervical dilatation during labor.For this reason, this method is trying to use only in women who do not plan to have children in the future.
  2. consequences of freezing with liquid nitrogen cervical erosion lies in the fact that is not always a specialist can remain confident in the fact that cryoablation procedure were exposed to all the layers of damaged tissues.Due to this freedom from disease may be partial, with the possible development of the disease recurrence in the future.In addition, liquid nitrogen treatment often becomes impossible due to the great depth of the lesion.And if not the form of erosion may damage healthy tissue completely, because it is difficult to carry out the manipulation of liquid nitrogen standard sized tip.To avoid the effects of cryoablation of cervical erosion, this method is advised to apply only at small scale erosion.
  3. Consequences cauterization of cervical erosion by laser is much less pronounced.Laser therapy - this is the most preferred technique that can be used to patients of all ages, including those who are planning a pregnancy in the future.The percentage of recurrent disease after laser cauterization of cervical erosion is very low, but it still exists.In some cases, laser cauterization may contribute to the development of secondary infection of internal genital organs, and even the formation of endometriosis.

All these consequences of removing cervical erosion may not apply to you if therapeutic procedures will be carried out by qualified and competent expert.For this reason, for therapeutic and diagnostic procedures should be handled in the known time-tested practices and clinics and medical centers, where there is appropriate necessary equipment and trained professionals.

Treatment effects of cervical erosion

Unfortunately, an ideal therapeutic methods do not exist.However, to be treated all the same need, and not independently, but turned to good and experienced.much easier and faster to recover from the disease, if the procedures are initiated in a timely manner.the effects of cervical erosion treatment will be much more difficult, long, and the result may be less favorable.

Ignore disease is unacceptable, as the lack of proper treatment threatens the process of transition to a malignant course, any other no less dangerous complications, which we have already mentioned.

Today, doctors have a wide choice of treatments than it was a few years ago.When selecting a therapeutic procedure, the doctor based on the results of analyzes on the age and general health condition of the patient, the severity of erosive process and the wishes of the woman.Listen carefully to the advice and do all the doctor's prescription - only this can guarantee the full preservation of genital function of the female body, as well as serve as a prevention of oncological pathology of the sexual sphere.

Unfortunately, the consequences of cervical erosion - is frequent in gynecology.However, the prevention of these effects is possible in most cases, and it primarily depends on the patient.Early diagnosis, regular visits to the doctor (especially if in the past were were treated with erosion), personal hygiene, attention to sexual intercourse, and partners - all these basic principles to prevent the occurrence of cervical erosion and its undesirable consequences.