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December 25, 2016 00:09

Increased appetite before menstruation : Causes and Control

presence or lack of appetite - this is a natural phenomenon for human physiology.But many of the fair sex know the feeling of constant hunger, which nastegaet them about once a month.And do not look at the calendar to see what approach the "critical days".The rate of this or not, why there is an increased appetite before menstruation?These and other questions will try to parse and highlight below.

Causes of increased appetite before menstruation

To understand the source of such manifestations, it would seem unusual symptoms, you should understand the physiology of this process.And as doctors have found out the reasons for the increased appetite before menstruation lie in the cyclical rise and fall hormonal woman who each woman individually covers 28+ to 32 days.These changes provoked a woman in a certain phase of the cycle changes in health.

To make this more clear, a little stop on the features of the female physiology.According to this criterion the menstrual cycle of women doctors are divided in

to two almost equal in half the time.Its first half is characterized by the fact that in the hormonal background changes occur, resulting in a considerable rise in rates of hormones-estrogen, which include estrone, estriol, estradiol.Against this background, there oocyte maturation is normal to the middle of the cycle ready for fertilization.Painting a positive state: a woman feels great, full of energy and optimism, it has a high capacity for work.Any complaints in this period the woman is practically absent.

In the middle of the cycle, with a maximum amount of estrogen, the process of ovulation, which is that the mature egg leaves the ovary, leaving the fallopian tubes, where "waiting" for their fertilized.

Once this point comes the need for such a quantity of estrogen disappears and its concentration starts to drop gradually.While the hormone progesterone on the contrary starts intensively produced.This hormone is responsible for the preparation of the woman's body for a possible pregnancy.And after the birth occurred, he should ensure that the embryo without violations took his place in the uterus.Specifically, failures in the level of progesterone can trigger the development of ectopic pregnancy in women.

This increase in progesterone concentration in the body is very often causes some deviations, which are expressed in the deterioration of health of women, and to somehow compensate appeared uncomfortable, your body "wants" to get positive emotions, which are often expressed in the need always something to chew on.

worth to elaborate on the mechanism of the relationship of growth and increased levels of progesterone appetite.Versions that explain this phenomenon a few, and each of them has a reason to exist.

Some women explain the increase in appetite during the premenstrual period, the fact that estrogen is not yet known to science way affect the process of development of "happiness hormone" - serotonin.Therefore, in the first half of the menstrual cycle, a woman feels great.And as the estrogen level begins to decrease, decreasing the production of serotonin, that is no longer enough body of this "happiness".This is the impetus for the fact that women are trying to find it in anything - else, for example, a chocolate bar or a delicious hen crispy ...

But this explanation is too exaggerated, because hormones - is not the only source, which stimulates the synthesis of serotonin.In addition, increased appetite before menstruation is not just the woman's need for greater use of sweet, expressed the desire to eat is to increase the number of consumer products, whether baked goods, meat or fish dishes, pastry products, and so on.Appetite spread literally everything.And all this to explain the lack of a serotonin is impossible.

There is another version of what is happening.Some scientists believe that the explanation for this phenomenon lies in the change in the intensity of metabolic processes, which supposedly are activated immediately before the onset of menses.Increased flow and metabolism requires additional energy costs.And where to take the body more energy not from food.It builds the logical chain: the great need for energy release - more demand at its source, ie in the diet - a woman's appetite increases, requiring him to provide this source.

Thus, as already indicated above, the metabolism occurs more actively in the first half of the cycle on the background of increasing and achieving peak performance estrogens.Upon the occurrence of fracture, gradually decreases the amount of estrogen, whereas progesterone concentration increases.This change in pattern of physiological causes, on the contrary, to the braking of the metabolic processes.

Another most incredible statement, akin to the "old wives' tale" that the female body, before "clean" - a monthly - is trying to pre-stock nutrients, vitamins and minerals that so it will be necessary at thereplenishing lost blood volume and tore the resumption of the endometrium.

But these statements do not have a sound biophysical bases.So what, after all, the reasons for the increase in appetite?

It turns out the whole thing is that a woman's body after reaching the egg to fertilize the state of readiness of each menstrual cycle prepares for the possibility of conception and execution of the woman of his duty entrusted to it by nature.

During this period, under the influence of a certain combination of hormones needed observed activation of certain areas of the brain and systems: hypothalamus, reticular formation, limbic system.There is irritation of nerve receptors and the center of hunger, which sends a pulse (command) in the stomach increased production of secretory enzyme.There are other, less obvious, but no less significant changes that a person is not fully studied and understood.

In summary we can conclude that at present doctors can not specify the reasons that cause a woman to feel hunger pangs during the premenstrual period.That is the objective sources that cause hunger, no.Part of this factor can explain complex complex changes that occur in the female body.Those are not fully understood and vzaimosoprikosnoveniyami tansformativnymi processes affecting various hormones that by acting on certain brain centers, make changes in the central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and other systems and organs of our body.

Here you can add and emotional factor.The woman in the second half of the menstrual cycle becomes less emotionally stable.Irritability and deterioration of her state of health can also cause provoking a woman to please yourself at least what - something tasty.

why such a significant impact on this factor will not work.But do not worry, a slight increase in body weight during this period - this is the norm, which is just as easy to go over the next few days after the onset of menstruation.

It should also be noted that the increase in appetite does not affect all women of reproductive age.Some of them do not feel any - any change, whereas there are those that, on the contrary, at this time lose interest in food.Therefore, increase in appetite - it is a specific feature of the female body.

How to cope with the increased appetite before menstruation?

Those women who face considered in this article the problem, especially if they watch their forms, are interested in the question of how to cope with the increased appetite before menstruation?How not to harm her figure.

It has been observed that nevertheless predominantly women drawn to the carbohydrate food, in fact it is more conducive to the production of serotonin, the enzyme that provides a good mood.But if the body is required, therefore, it is necessary.It is only to clarify some of the rules that must be followed in order not to gain extra kilos and do not spoil the shape.


  • With increased appetite before menstruation can be incorporated into your diet grain cereal.They are energy-intensive, but not "put off" on the sides of the woman.
  • Bakery products, it is desirable to consume from durum wheat (brown bread).
  • permissible increase in the volume of fruit and raw vegetables.
  • can afford pasta from hard wheat varieties.
  • allowed to eat rice, it is desirable not polished.But do not be upset if such a purchase did not work, it is possible to do so, which lies on the shelves of any store.
  • admissible small amount of potatoes, preferably baked or boiled.
  • have a positive impact and a variety of herbal teas.Proper selection commission contributes to the effective reduction of hunger attacks.It should be noted especially decoctions of their hips or dandelion flowers.

worth limit:

  • not get involved in confectionery and bakery products, especially fresh, if there is no desire to become a pyshechki.
  • Avoid carbonated, especially sugary drinks.
  • Limit salt intake.
  • Minimize greasy foods.
  • proved that the negative impact on a woman's body in the period has interested us caffeine.On this basis, during the premenstrual period is necessary to reduce the consumption of products other than their high content of: strong black tea and coffee.
  • Do not get carried away large consumption of protein foods.Limit the amount of input in the diet of meat and fish, and eggs.
  • increases appetite and spirits, the more they are referred to high-calorie foods.

Performing these simple recommendations will not go hungry, and to protect the figure of gain excess kilograms.

There is also the psychological aspect of cupping hunger.A woman should learn to switch their attention to other areas of life.For example, it is necessary to do a favorite, interesting occupation, then about hunger can be easy to forget.It is believed that the main reason for the increased appetite before menstruation is a lack of positive emotions, which the woman is able to compensate in different ways.That is, you should increase the amount of positive emotions and hunger will pass by itself.This simple recommendation is perhaps the most effective method of relief to this problem.

Recent results of the monitoring of hormonal contraceptives suggest the effective elimination of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and it refers to bouts of hunger which often starts to feel a woman the day before menstruation.Supplementation of this pharmacological group make it possible to stabilize the balance of several hormones, which consistently inhibits pathological symptoms, bringing discomfort woman.As a result - the woman feels a lot better.

But generally it is seen that the number of grams that the body gets us interested in the period of time in a healthy body, do not result in an actual increase in a woman's body weight, as after the onset of menstruation, excess weight very quickly disappears itself.It suffices to several days.

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But do not get carried away, reassuring himself that everything goes and you can eat what you want.If the desire to eat close to the signs of bulimia, it is possible to prirovnyat pathology.This is the nature of mental disorder associated with the consumption of food products, characterized by a spontaneous increase in appetite, which begins as paroxysmal spasms of excruciating hunger.This state - a disease that without the help of a specialist, not solve it.

Female body is unique, and perhaps even physiologically more complex than man's body.After all, nature has created a perfect, giving him the ability to conceive, carry and produce a new life.But it is the present and future mothers have to "pay" some moments that cause discomfort and a number of inconveniences.And sometimes they are envious of men who do not have to worry about the effects of hormonal bursts.But the feeling of the birth of a new life or a sense of belonging to the female community compensates for everything.Even increased appetite before menstruation.After all, this problem is solved, we need only a little effort and listen to recommendations, which have been given in the above article.