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November 03, 2016 00:02

Diet minus 7 kg per week

Week - a short term weight loss.Yet throughout his people try to lose as much as possible the number of kilograms, but often do irreparable harm to the body.To avoid this, we offer a gentle, but effective diet - minus 7 kg per week.

diet essence of minus 7 kg per week

This is a fairly strict diet, during which feed only useful vegetables and yogurt.

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method of cooking - boiling orbaking.

diet diet composed in such a way that the feeling of hunger is no longer disturb the already during the 2nd day of a diet.It can be repeated every month if there are no contraindications.

The basis of the diet - low-fat yogurt (1%) with the addition of some other healthy and properly cooked food every day.

Features -7 kg diet for a week

Besides vegetables, dried fruits can be eaten throughout the day.And every day diet can be interchanged - it will not harm the body.

diet Benefits minus 7 kg per week

Kefir - very useful fermented milk product.It is because the base of the diet for weight loss, that is able to normalize the intestinal microflora and promote better digestion.

Curd - also very useful fermented milk product.It saturates the body with calcium, and increases bone strength and improves the condition of nails, hair and skin.

Potatoes - very necessary for the body to foods rich in potassium.It is high in calories, but it is administered in the diet in the first few days to ensure that the person was mentally comfortable to lose weight, so as not tormented hunger at unusual truncated menu.

fruit give the body the opportunity to get enough useful vitamins and microelements.They - a magnificent source of fiber, complex carbohydrate that activates the gastrointestinal tract.But thanks to the tissue is saturated with people quickly, so do not tend to overeat.

Take note: lack of fiber in the body gradually provokes obesity

Cooked chicken - a rich source of protein.Chicken breast in the diet, like any protein, activates the metabolism in the body and helps to break down fats more quickly.Therefore, we quenches appetite and losing weight at the same time.

mineral water.Thanks to her, the body is cleansed of toxins.In addition, when a person drinks, the hunger is muted.

diet duration - 7 kg in 7 days - 7 days

Result - Weight from 7 kg to 20 kg

menu for the diet minus 7 kg h and 7 days

Day 1 diet

Boiled potatoes - 400 g

Kefir - 500 g

Day 2 diet

Baked potato - 400 g

Kefir - 500 g

Day 3 diet

fruit (excluding grapes andbananas because of their calorie content) - 400 g

Kefir - 500 g

Day 4 diet

chicken breast boiled - 400g

Kefir - 500 g

Day 5 diet

fruit (excluding grapes andbananas because of their calorie content) - 400 g

Kefir - 500 g

day 6 diet

Mineral water without gas - 1, 5 liters - and nothing else all day

day 7 diet

fruits (except grapes and bananas because of their calorie content) - 400 g

Kefir - 500 g

Prerequisites for diet minus 7 kg per week

  • you must follow her all 7 days without breaking the diet.Otherwise, all your efforts to lose weight will be reduced to nothing.When you leave from the diet, stay a day or two on the chicken cooked Cape, fresh vegetables and soup - do not need to give the body a strong load.
  • Meals should be 6 at intervals of at least 2 hours between them.The first breakfast you at 08.00 and dinner - no later than 21.00.such a regime is important, so that the body gets the food in small portions, but constantly, and do not accumulate fat.
  • consider features posledietnogo period: after you go to the usual diet, over the next week you can recover 0.5 kg -1.It's not scary.With a reasonable diet, you will type again your ideal weight.

According to reviews of the diet minus 7 kg for 7 days, the weight you gain as a result of weight loss will be a long stay.Lose weight quickly and stay healthy!