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December 20, 2016 00:06

Treatment of diaper rash : methods and means of treatment

To date, the treatment of diaper rash is a whole section of medical practice with its recommendations for each case.

diaper rash called cutaneous inflammation or damage parts of the dermis microorganisms (mainly folds region) as a result of external stimuli (eg, friction) and then with prolonged waterlogging / sebum.

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According to the degree of severity distinguish the following stages:

  • first - is characterized by mild hyperemia;
  • second - different severe redness and minor erosions;
  • third - affected epidermis occupies a large area, which revealed fractures and extensive erosion.

From the appearance of this disease no one is safe.Infants, obese individuals, patients with allergic manifestations, persons suffering from incontinence, hemorrhoids, or sweating - all are faced with the same problem.Skin Secret seriously ill is particularly aggressive environment, as it involves a lot of negative impact on the skin of

metabolic products.

for diaper rash characteristic of rapid development, sometimes for several hours slight redness turns to brown spot, striated with small cracks, with an unpleasant odor, itching, pain and burning.

remedy for diaper rash

What should rely when choosing a remedy for diaper rash?Firstly, the degree of severity of inflammation.Secondly, the place of localization of the lesion, including the area of ​​distribution.Third, on the patient's age and body characteristics.

If the diaper rash only appeared, then you can deal with it elementary hygienic manipulation - washing with soap and boiled water and air baths.Disinfect, soften, moisturize, and help speed up the healing process advice of traditional medicine (herbal baths or compresses) and baby creams with the desired effect.Cure minor pockets of redness can be special powders and creams.

advanced forms of the disease require a consultation with a specialist, laboratory studies, and targeted treatment (eg, to the suppression of fungal microflora).In this case, the self is a very undesirable and can lead to complications.Selection specialized ointments, creams, tablets, etc.It is best left to a professional.From the patient it is necessary to observe the duration of the treatment, since the disappearance of the painful symptoms and signs of improvement, patients sometimes stop treatment.

Each even the most harmless drug has its contraindications, especially in the treatment of babies, which should be considered in cases of self-use.

universal means - is prevention, which consists in the regular care of skin in any age, taking into account all the needs of the largest human organ.

treatment of diaper rash diaper rash

Treatment should be carried out with extreme caution.This is due to the fact that the affected area is quite painful.Lots of skin gently blotted (not allowed to rub and squeeze) or washed in running water, boiled / antiseptic.

foci Standard treatment includes:

  • washing soap folds boiled water or antiseptic solution (furatsilin, potassium permanganate), then to the inflamed areas carefully applied cotton, soft cloth to absorb excess moisture (you can use a cool stream of air from a hair dryer);
  • use powders, talcum powder, ointment with zinc and other funds dries;
  • laying in the skin folds of the absorbent fabric, for example, a conventional bandage;
  • bring noticeable relief applications with potato starch;
  • lubrication sites of inflammation baby cream - desitin, Bubchen;
  • use infusions of sage, chamomile, succession, Marigold.

With strong reddening of the order of treatment following:

  • bandaging soaked in 0.1% solution of copper sulfate, 0.4% zinc, 1% resorcinol;
  • pockets on the dried applied ointment lokakortena-vioform, Lorinden C;
  • further processing solution clotrimazole 1% ointment dekaminovaya;
  • subsequent therapy - a tar ointments / pastes (2-5%);
  • prescribed for the purpose of healing sea buckthorn oil, panthenol, levasil, solkoseril etc .;
  • treatment of diaper rash finishes wiping the healed dermis salicylic acid (2% alcohol solution), a dusting of talcum powder on the basis of copper sulphate.

cream to treat diaper rash

At the first sign of the disease come to the aid of regular bottled water and baby cream with healing, a drying and anti-inflammatory action.Compliance with the basic rules of personal hygiene is the key to getting rid of the inflammation soon.

advanced stage with the appearance of weeping eczema or penetration of pathogens through wound surface may require the use of special tools.Cream for the treatment of diaper rash depantol provides skin regeneration, suppresses pathogenic microflora, normalizes cell metabolism and relieves irritation.In the treatment of fungal epidermal lesions, including diaper rash yeast used terbinafine.Ketodin drug quickly relieves itching and flaking of the skin, is active against a broad spectrum of fungal flora.

treatment of diaper rash creams gives good results in properly selected therapeutic scheme, preparation of which is possible after the external examination by a dermatologist and a number of laboratory tests.Each substance has a pharmacological indications and side effects, it should be remembered that, since self.


Sanosan - preventive barrier means a diaper.It prevents the appearance of redness on the buttocks and in the groin area, astringent, anti-inflammatory and drying effect.It is used not only for treatment of sensitive skin of babies diaper dermatitis and diaper rash in the treatment of the first stage in adult patients.The product contains an extract of avocado and dexpanthenol, provide wound healing and calming effect, which is especially valuable if there is a baby skin cracks.The active compounds are zinc oxide, olive oil, talc and panthenol.It does not contain dyes, petrolatum and paraffin oil, it can be used from birth.Sanosan is very popular, especially among kids moms.Treatment of diaper rash this tool provides a quick recovery, and the cream itself has a pleasant aroma and cost savings.Doctors often recommend a cream as a preventive measure, which is applied under the skin in the diaper and folds.

Baby cream

Cream is used for the prevention and for the treatment of dermatological inflammation at the initial stage in both children and adults.High-quality cream helps to overcome unpleasant symptoms - itching, irritation, pain, redness and swelling.Special means to soothe, soften and heal the affected zone microcracks.

Children «Weleda» cream companies has a unique formula and completely natural composition, allowing to dry skin while warning the water balance of the loss.Hypoallergenic means fits babies from birth, does not cause clogging of pores, it has anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates tissue regeneration and regulates the moisture.

Bepanten The drug is recommended for treatment and prevention, effective during stimulation, scraped, rubbed, inflammation of various etiologies.Approved for use in newborns, as a major component of the cream acts as pro-vitamin B5, after application turning into pantothenic acid.Treatment of diaper rash running form with weeping eczema is performed by the substance, has a healing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Bepanten consists of provitamin B5 (dexpanthenol 5%), the substrate is converted into pantothenic acid.The product has three forms of release - a cream, ointment and Bepanten plus, designed specifically for the delicate epidermis of babies.

the purpose of prophylaxis and therapy using Bepanten ointment, peeling and diaper dermatitis.Ointment moisturizes, soothes and heals the problem areas.Almond oil and lanolin to cope with irritation, abrasions, skin cracks and excessive dryness.These properties allow the use under Bepanten microcracks on the nipples of nursing mothers.

Cream Bepanten - means providing daily care.It is applied at the first signs of irritation or redness.It eliminates peeling, dryness, including the skin on the elbows, is an ideal prophylactic drug.

treatment of diaper rash bepantenom plus, containing chlorhexidine, due to the disinfecting effect.The substance accelerates the regeneration, relieves pain effect.It is also used for the treatment of insect bites, scratches, abrasions, and other external stimuli.

Bepanten is an indispensable tool in the treatment of burns, chronic ulcerative processes, normalization of the skin after the photo, radio and ultraviolet radiation.The drug is prescribed for cervical erosion, pressure ulcers, anal fissures, etc.The only contraindication is the idiosyncrasy of one of Bepanten components.

Sudocrem Sudocrem is made up of:

  • zinc oxide - provides anti-inflammatory, dries, antiseptic, astringent and absorbent effect;
  • lanolin - softens and soothes inflamed epidermis;
  • benzyl benzoate - contributes to the growth of the epithelium, improving the regenerative properties;
  • benzyl alcohol - a local anesthetic agent;
  • benzyl cinnamate - has antibacterial and antifungal activity.

Sudocrem is applied as needed or when changing diapers.The drug effectively treats bedsores, burns, cuts, eczema and mild frostbite.Sudocrem is used for the treatment of diaper dermatitis in infants, it is a preventive measure under the diaper.It creates a protective film on the surface of the epidermis, repelling any external stimuli (faeces or urine).The drug has a gentle action, but quickly eliminates pain and irritation.Small droplets sudokrema enough to handle the baby buttocks.The substance is applied to the cleansed and dry skin.If after some time of white cream left a trace on the treated surface, the next time you take a smaller amount of the drug.


Cream drapolen often recommended to babies with skin inflammation, but often drug use and adult patients.Minor burns, frostbite, scratches, excessive dryness and flaking - that is the main purpose for the therapy drapolenom.Economical use of the cream allows its thick consistency.Lovely antiseptic and moisturizing effect is noticeable already after the first application.The drug prevents infection with Gram-positive microflora, creating a cut on the skin a protective transparent film.

Drapolen applied to dry, pre-washed skin evenly, carefully treating every crease.From prevention to drapolen applied at night under the diaper.Drug treatment is allowed in nursing mothers and women during gestation baby.The only caveat would be possible allergic reactions to constituents drapolena, so patients with sensitive skin before treatment should consult a dermatologist.


Swiss purelan pharmacological agent is from natural lanolin (animal waxes - the product of digestion fleece) without impurities, intended for the treatment of dermatological problems.Cream ointment is tasteless, odorless, does not contain preservatives and other additives.Perfectly regenerates the epidermis with peeling, irritation, dryness.Natural, hypoallergenic composition allows use of the drug on the nipples of nursing women without subsequent rinsing.Purelan applied in the treatment and prevention of newborns.Suitable for removal of irritation under his nose against the background of the common cold, is very good for burns and chapping.Purelan can be called universal pharmacy product for the whole family.The only drawback ointment cream is considered excessive oiliness and viscosity that is not like all patients.

Cream Weleda

Natural Therapeutic cream Weleda has a thick consistency and a pleasant light fragrance.It is ideal for the diaper, since the pores are not blocked and does not disturb the circulation of moisture and oxygen into the skin layers.Available in CNEM zinc oxide prevents waterlogging and hood flower calendula promotes healing and relieves irritation.Almond oil and sesame seeds soften and accelerate the regeneration of damaged areas.

Children series complements the company Weleda cream diaper rash with a marshmallow for hypersensitive skin.Designed specifically for the delicate skin covers babies prone to atopic dermatitis.As a leading plant marshmallow not chosen by chance.Marshmallow root extract has a calming, soothing, healing effect.Unique plant reduces inflammation, protects delicate baby skin from external influences.Among the components of assets - zinc oxide, coconut oil, safflower and sesame seeds, beeswax, violet extract.

With the preventive purpose can apply the cream Weleda Calendula, putting it under the diaper after bathing, but the treatment of diaper rash is best done by specialized means described above.To accelerate the healing process to help milk bath with marigold and body milk with marshmallow for hypersensitive skin.

Boro plus

Indian series presented boro creams of various colors, and also soap with antibacterial effect.Cream anitiseptik boro plus a wide range of applications, due to its composition - oil-based and medicinal plant extracts.Boro Plus includes the following main components:

  • it - provides antiseptic effect;
  • ginger lily - warns dermatological diseases;
  • aloe vera - moisturizes, protects against UV damage;
  • turmeric - the perfect protection for the skin;
  • Tulasi - a powerful antiseptic, moisturizing, fights pathogens;
  • vetiver - has a cooling effect.

Recommended boro plus burns, impetigo, cuts, abrasions, insect bites.It eliminates itching, characterized by an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that prevent the formation of pus.The drug is a thin layer is applied to dry, clean skin until completely absorbed.Boro Plus is a natural remedy, so it can be used in infants and pregnant women, if you are not allergic to its components.


Mustel keeps the skin health of infants and children in the groin area.By means of a diaper it recommended Mustel stelaktiv that does not clog pores and is effective against the main manifestations of inflammation.The cream is designed for moderately severe redness and irritation intractable.Natural composition minimizes the possibility of allergic reactions, approved by the Association of pediatricians and dermatologists in France.The drug Mustel includes zinc oxide, depantenol, Caprylyl glycol, vitamin F. The active ingredients help relieve irritation, soothe inflamed skin, relieve itching and redness.

There Mustel protective cream designed as a prophylactic measure, which is applied under the diaper.In addition to zinc oxide included in its composition vitamin and shea butter.The drug is applied and well absorbed, leaves no residue.Regular use of a protective cream under the arms, in the groin area and neck area creates an invisible shield to external stimuli.