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December 20, 2016 00:05

Rosacea Treatment |Hardware and drug treatment of rosacea

rosacea treatment bears a complex character.Get rid of this problem with the use of only one medium will be difficult.In general, all depends on the neglect of the problem.For more information about existing techniques to combat rosacea, as well as other ways to get rid of it, it will be described below.

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Hardware treatment of rosacea

it possible to use hardware and treatment of rosacea?In fact, such procedures are not recommended.Because if it is, on the face of severe vascular mesh or on the body.

So, vacuum massage is prohibited.In no event should not be used warm-up procedures and masks.It is recommended to refrain from peeling to attenuate the stratum corneum procedure.

Annoying techniques are also prohibited.In this case it means iontophoresis, especially one that is made stationary electrodes.

Vibration and biostimulation also special procedures that can be performed only after consulting your doctor.Final

ly, the mask, which include honey, are also banned.Because this ingredient is a powerful stimulus, despite its pleasant consistency.

rosacea treatment should be complex and constantly coordinated by a physician.Especially when it comes to hardware.

Removing rosacea laser

Does removing rosacea laser dangerous?With the advent of technology, a lot of opportunities.But is it always appropriate to use them?Thus, the widespread popularity received laser removal of rosacea.But is it safe and effective as a whole?

on this topic can make a drunkard indefinitely, because much depends on the type of laser used by a particular clinic.Of course, to date, this technology has become more advanced and allows you to choose between themselves lasers.Thus, for the treatment of rosacea more widely used types.Basically this yellow-green lasers spectrum.Some clinics try to use infrared devices, but unfortunately, they are less effective in this regard.

afraid of rosacea laser removal is not necessary, the procedure is harmless.But to do it is often impossible.Therefore, in conjunction with this procedure, it is recommended to use special creams and vitamins.For the treatment of rosacea is not a simple process.

Phototherapy rosacea

Is the phototherapy of rosacea?Naturally, this procedure is one of the most sought after.It is a burning light.This method is considered to be among the most effective methods of getting rid of unpleasant vessels on the face and body.

Thanks to a flash of light, dilated blood vessels are damaged.This method is thus harmless.After it leaves no scars and crusts.In extreme cases, can cause redness and no more.But it is held for several hours.

This type of treatment has proven itself in eliminating vascular birthmarks.In addition, it cleans and various tumors as hemangiomas and port-wine stains.But this is not all areas of the "action" of the process.

treatment of rosacea is not a complicated process.To date, there are not enough ways to get rid of this, and in a short time.It is important to consult your doctor and choose the best option to get rid of this problem.

Darsonval rosacea

Whether often used darsonval rosacea?It should be noted that due to this can be achieved by a method completely different effects.The fact that the basis darsonvalya are two methods of application.

Quiet Mode.In this case, the electrode itself is moved around the area of ​​the skin, it is done in a circular motion.Such a contact technique can not only get rid of rosacea, but also rejuvenate the skin and also help in the fight against cellulite.

spark mode.If you increase the voltage of the electrode, it is formed at the tip of his spark.In addition, the air filled with a nearby ozone.This procedure does not require contact.The tip of the device should be kept at a distance of 1-4 mm from the skin.

rosacea When these procedures are applied very carefully.Because when pronounced vessels use a technique is prohibited.The treatment of rosacea in this way requires a doctor's advice.Because the body's reaction can be distinctive.And in general, there are nuances.

Ozone from rosacea

Ozone from rosacea is another good way to get rid of the small vessels.Only now, this procedure is carried out on his feet.We need it in order to remove small vials.The fact that not in all cases it is possible to remove them by means of sclerosing treatment.

after ozone therapy does not remain scars and crusts.Furthermore, no pigmentation remains.Therefore, ozone therapy is widely used today.And in such a way to get rid of vascular mesh may be in the short term.

It should again be noted that it is widely used only on the legs.This is a great way to remove all reasonable amount of trouble with the body.As for the person, such an option is not used to it.Because in the end may have scars.

rosacea treatment is not a complicated process.He's not dangerous, it is important to choose a good way and to follow it.It is advisable to consult a doctor before starting treatment.Because one treatment is not enough, you need to perform all the complex, even taking into account the power.

Mesotherapy rosacea

Mesotherapy rosacea best way to get rid of the problem in the short term.This cosmetic procedure allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of many skin problems without surgery.

mesotherapy procedure provides invaluable assistance.Through injections are administered under the skin all the necessary vitamins and surfactants.Furthermore, various minerals, amino acids and nucleic acids.

How does all this happen?Produced procedure is very simple and most importantly, it is safe.Therefore, the patient feels quite comfortable.At a time during each injection is administered to man about 0.02-0.2 ml of the drug.Everything is done gradually and not all at once.duration of the procedure, because at a time in small doses need to enter 3 ml of the drug.In the early stages, the procedure is carried out once a week or two.Usually the course is 10 sessions, but much depends on the specific situation.

In general, the treatment of rosacea in this method is a good method.Only here before you resort to it, it is worth trying a more sparing methods.

Cosmetics from rosacea

Which cosmetics from rosacea is widely used?It should be noted that this method of getting rid of the problem is very effective.But it is important to choose the right, the same means.

Couperose on the face can be treated with a variety of creams, peelings, soap, etc.Most of the tools easily purchased at a pharmacy.In addition, to find something for the soul and can be among the professional cosmetics.They all specialize in one issue.

Among the most effective ways possible to allocate micellar water.It perfectly cleanses the face and eliminates the vascular mesh.In particular, it should be noted cosmetics company's Vichy.It is aimed at the complete elimination of the problem, it all happens because of good composition, which includes the active substance.

All anti-rosacea necessarily have to be gentle.Because they are used everywhere and every day.Choosing one or another cosmetic product, it is important to pay attention to its composition and effectiveness.Then the treatment of rosacea is really effective.

Hyaluronic acid rosacea

Hyaluronic acid rosacea, is it possible to apply it, and is it safe?In fact hyaluronic acid is able to well distributed on the skin surface.And it thus forms a thin film that absorbs all the moisture from the air.This method makes it possible to saturate the stratum corneum water-free skin, as well as to create an effect of additional moisture.

is why hyaluronic acid is widely used in the treatment of rosacea.The fact that it is able to remove the excessive redness of the skin and contribute to calming.

But apply that acid alone is not worth it.It is advisable though to consult your doctor regarding this issue.Because rosacea treatment should be complex.Not in any method or a method of treatment can "fit" hyaluronic acid.Therefore, you need to exercise some caution.It is better to give preference to a moisturizer.After all, the solution can be properly "cook" and in this way only worsen the situation.

facial massage rosacea

facial massage rosacea is effective in its own way.The fact that it is necessary to perform in a special way.In some cases, massage is prohibited, because such a procedure on their own can only worsen the overall condition of the skin.

One of the most recommended types of such influence is Spanish modeling.It is used exclusively for the neck and face.During this procedure, there is a deep study of the central part of the muscle.Naturally, a greater effect is reduced to the tone band.Due to this and the skin is strengthening.

When rosacea are allowed to do and plastic facial massage.Only now, this procedure does not imply the use of creams or oils.A characteristic feature of this method is to perform strong, rhythmic movements and presses.

massage is applied only in the case of human skin is exhausted, and there is swelling and puffiness.In general, the treatment of rosacea in this method is effective, but requires individual approach.

oil from rosacea

Effectively oil from rosacea, and how best to apply?Handle these components need to correct, because the self can harm the skin.For example, effective in controlling rosacea is grape seed oil.

Apply it only must be in its pure form.And oil is applied, only on problem areas.You can try to cook more effective means of self.Thus, whichever one teaspoon grapeseed oil, and wheat germ as much for a better fit and impact avocado oil in the same amount.These ingredients are mixed together and applied to the problem areas.

This recipe can change a bit and add a teaspoon of vegetable oil in it, which is first necessary to insist on the flowers of calendula.This composition is perfect for the lubrication of the face for the night.When rosacea is recommended to give preference to oil from grapes "Moldovan" or "Isabella".In winter, the remedy is capable of protecting the skin from the effects of frost.rosacea treatment with oils rather effective.

Tamanu Oil from rosacea

Do you know what effect Tamanu oil from rosacea?This tool has excellent barrier properties.It is able to protect the skin from aggressive environmental influences.Whether it's cold, the sun or the wind.In addition, oil soothes the skin, removes the irritation and restores damaged capillaries.

This means you can improve microcirculation and accelerate cell metabolism.Ultimately, vascular mesh becomes less noticeable.This means in the fight against rosacea is universal.It can be suitable for any age and skin type.

Use small it is quite possible and in diluted form because it is quickly absorbed and does not leave greasy luster.It can be used without any restrictions, even for very sensitive skin.Therefore, no danger of its use is not observed.

rosacea treatment complex process that requires a holistic approach.Sometimes even a doctor's consultation is not superfluous.

Essential oils from rosacea

Essential oils from rosacea perfectly clean all the trouble on the face.So nice way rosemary.He is able to tone up, improve blood circulation and make the skin supple and elastic.Furthermore, the water balance is regulated through rosemary oil.To make a great tool you need to take 2 drops of the main ingredient and mix it with a spoon of milk thistle oil.Use this tool at night.

geranium essential oil is also able to soothe the skin, relieve irritation, hypersensitivity to remove and get rid of the damage.In addition, easy to manage symptoms of rosacea.This oil has excellent bleaching properties.

no restrictions when using essential oils.They should be fine for many people.However their use in the event that there is an allergy prohibited.rosacea treatment in this case may harm.

tablets from rosacea

tablets from rosacea have a good effect, but not all are suitable.Take whole course requires only vitamin complexes.And they must be of a certain "character".Thus, mainly the drug with the effect of strengthening the vessels.These include Ascorutinum, it can cause the skin to complete the procedure.

The positive effect of the drug is achieved due to the content of fatty acids and vitamin E. But do not think that such funds are able to remove the existing vessels.These drugs include just prophylactic and not to those which are able to eliminate the problem.Therefore it is better to resort to comprehensive treatment.

In general, it is worth noting the fact that the self is not recommended to use any tablets.All this is carried out only after an inspection of the attending physician.Because the self can only worsen the situation and make new problems.rosacea treatment should be coordinated by a specialist in this field.