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December 20, 2016 00:05

Treatment of ovarian cancer : surgery and drug treatment of ovarian cancer

The cancer - this is one of the most serious diseases, so the treatment of ovarian cancer is usually given in combination, based on the patient's diagnosis results.The main value when choosing a treatment strategy has the degree of development and dissemination of the tumor process, the general condition of the patient, her age.Modern medicine uses, as a rule, several medical procedures to get rid of cancer cells for sure.

Methods for the treatment of ovarian cancer

For the treatment of ovarian cancer using surgery, radiation and chemotherapy methods.

Surgical treatment is considered to be the main one.Most oncologists believe that all patients with ovarian tumors should be treated with surgery.This is due to the impossibility of setting perfectly accurate diagnosis of cancer: if a doctor makes a mistake with the definition of the tumor stage, the failure of the operation could lead to irreparable consequences.In cancer

remove one or both ovaries, or spend supravaginal or complete removal of the


Why is cancer in one of the ovaries is sometimes necessary to remove both the appendage?The fact that the risk of developing a malignant process in the second ovary very high.After a while, the cancer may return, and the patient will again have to undergo treatment.

Simultaneously with the operation of the treatment used chemotherapeutic drugs.The goals of such therapy following:

  • the prevention of metastasis and recurrence of the tumor;
  • impact on the likely residual elements of cancer cells;
  • inhibition of tumor growth;
  • relief of life of the patient in advanced cases.

Radiotherapy is never used as a separate form of treatment.exposure task - to provide a high percentage of the operational efficiency and medical exposure.

Protocol treatment of ovarian cancer is determined only after a thorough examination of the patient: the condition is estimated urinary system, liver, blood test.During chemotherapy, the blood is investigated several times, at least once a week.

In addition, the choice of treatment regimen depends on the following circumstances:

  • from the presence of concomitant diseases;
  • blood picture;
  • the weight of the patient;
  • on the histological type of tumor;
  • from the process.

Surgical treatment of ovarian cancer

operation - is the main link in the successful treatment of cancer.Currently, intervention is performed using a laparotomy - through the incision above the pubic area.Along with surgery, the surgeon takes the materials for further study.This can be samples of tissue or fluid accumulated in the abdominal cavity.

  • Ovariectomy - a resection of one or two appendages.
  • Pagisterektomiya - an operation that is performed in the later stages of tumor development, when it is necessary to remove also the uterus.
  • extirpation - is a complete removal of the uterus to the ovaries, cervix and omentum.

If the tumor affects only the reproductive system, the doctor removes the uterus with appendages, nearest lymph nodes, sometimes - the appendix (appendix).

If ovarian cancer was invasive, it is necessary to remove some elements of the digestive and urinary systems.

Immediately after surgery the patient is prescribed a course of medicine and, in some cases, radiotherapy.

Palliative surgery for ovarian cancer is carried out when the process is at an advanced stage, and completely cure the patient is not possible.The essence of palliative care - to facilitate the patient's condition and the maximum possible extension of life.


principle of radiation therapy - exposure to radioactive rays to malignant lesion area.Rays contribute to the destruction of cancer cells, are much less affecting healthy tissue.

The most common exposure is prescribed for cancer recurrence, as well as palliative treatment to relieve the pain, discomfort and slow down the progression of the process.

Radiation treatment is carried out in a hospital.To facilitate the patient's condition may require from one to ten sessions, the duration of which determines the oncologist.Along with the radiation therapy chemotherapy drugs can be taken in order to fully control the process of cancer.

If radiation is given after surgery, his aim is the destruction of cancer cells, which are likely, could remain in the body.

When sprouting in tumor tissue of the abdominal cavity, as well as the accumulation of fluid in the appointment of radiotherapy has no meaning, because the radioactive rays can have a negative effect on the healthy surrounding organs.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer (cytotoxic) medicines to destroy the tumor.These drugs inhibit the growth of malignant cells.They are administered into a vein or artery.

noticed that ovarian cancer is extremely sensitive to chemotherapy drugs.In many patients the pathological focus is much smaller, and even a complete cure may occur early in the process.

Chemotherapy drugs used after surgery to prevent the re-growth of the tumor.In addition, special drugs can reduce the size of tumors before surgery and to reduce the number of negative manifestations of the disease.

course of chemotherapy in ovarian cancer are carried out on an outpatient basis, for 4-5 months, with few interruptions.Total spend from 2 to 4 courses.Sometimes

drugs injected directly into the peritoneal cavity through the catheter.This method makes it possible to increase the survival rate of women with malignant tumors.However, intraperitoneal administration may have undesirable effects, such as severe pain, the development of infections, diseases of the digestive organs.

most common drugs in ovarian cancer:

  • Carboplatin - 100 mg / m² for five days;
  • Paclitaxel - 175 mg / m² during the day;
  • Topotecan - 1.5 mg / m² for 5 days;
  • Cisplatin - 15-20 mg / m² for 5 days;
  • Docetaxel - 75-100 mg / m² once every three weeks;
  • Gemcitabine - 1 mg / m² on the first, eighth and fifteenth day of every 28 days;
  • Etoposide - 50 mg / m² over 21 days;
  • vepezide - 50 mg / m² over 21 days;
  • Bevacizumab (Avastin) - 5.10 mg / kg every 2 weeks.

Cytotoxic drugs are almost never prescribed as an independent treatment, but only in combination with each other.For example, the combination of Taxol + carboplatin in ovarian cancer is called the "gold standard" treatment.This combination is less toxic than like her combination of Cyclophosphamide, Cisplatin, but just as effective.Taxol Carboplatin provide relatively rapid results and a guaranteed 6-year survival of patients.

Doxorubicin or Keliks in ovarian cancer is often used in conjunction with cyclophosphamide or taxanes.At the same time enhance the toxic effect of drugs does not occur.Keliks usually administered intravenously (2 mg / ml), and other drugs can choose another route of administration.For example, orally administered cyclophosphamide in a dosage of 1-2 mg / kg per day.

Avastin in ovarian cancer used relatively recently.This is one of the new drugs based on bevacizumab inhibits the development of cancer.Avastin is administered only by intravenous drip.Another embodiment of administration, including intravenous inkjet prohibited.

Another popular lately anticancer drugs - Refnot - is a tumor tissue necrosis factor (thymosin alpha-1).This is a rather strong cytostatic and cytotoxic agent with minimal side effects.However, Refnot in ovarian cancer are not used so often: it is usually prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer.

addition of anticancer drugs, often doctors prescribe immunomodulators - are drugs that support the immune system in the "battle" state.The use of immunomodulators is still a matter of controversy in the ranks of medical specialists.Some of them are considered drugs useful in oncology and other confident in their necessity.Thus, it is believed that the most common means Roncoleukin ovarian cancer increases the anti-tumor immunity, which significantly increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy.Roncoleukin Furthermore, such actions have such medical preparations as Timalin, Myelopid, Betaleukin and interferons.

Termoperfuziya in ovarian cancer

Termoperfuziya - this is one of their options for cancer treatment that involves thermal effect on the tissue.Heat damages the protein structure of the cancer cells without affecting the healthy parts, which allows to significantly reduce the size of tumors.Also, thermotherapy sensitizing neoplastic tissues to radiation and chemotherapy.

termoperfuzii essence consists in handling the ovaries and nearby organs that have undergone cancerous lesions, warm antitumor agent (up to 44 ° C), which greatly improves the efficiency of its action.

Besides antitumour action, this method has a number of adverse events.This edema, increased thrombus formation, bleeding, pain.Over time, these symptoms disappear on their own.Less often dyspeptic disorders can occur, as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

currently under active clinical trials thermotherapy.This is done in order to improve the efficiency of the method and eliminate possible negative impacts.

Treatment of ovarian cancer folk remedies

it possible to cure cancer with the help of popular recipes?Debatable.The vast majority of experts on traditional medicine do not welcome the use of folk remedies, especially in the form of self-treatment.Attempts to cure the tumor can independently lead to the aggravation of the process, and precious time to start timely treatment can be lost.

Nevertheless, we know a lot of recipes, the authors of which promise a speedy deliverance from ovarian cancer.We invite you to familiarize yourself with some of them.

  • known active use of mint in case of problems in the sexual sphere:. For example, in strong menstrual bleeding, painful during the menopause and so successfully used mint in ovarian cancer: accepted ingest mint tea from flea half a cup three times a day.During treatment, you can do the same douching solution.To prepare this tea should be brewed 20g mint leaves in 500 ml of boiling water and insist 2 to 3 hours.
  • Linseed oil and flax seed in ovarian cancer used very often.Dosage oil is from 1 hr. l.1 the morning and in the evening.You can take it in capsule form, which are sold in pharmacies.For this it is necessary to drink for a time from 10 to 14 capsules.Flaxseed is used in an amount of 3 Art.spoons, mixed with 200 ml of water.Such a "cocktail" must drink three times a day for a minimum of one month.
  • good reputation in the fight against cancer has hemlock - it is used to treat many malignant tumors.Hemlock with ovarian cancer (especially in combination with other methods) can lead to a positive result.Tincture of this herb should be taken with a gradual increase in dose, starting with 1 drop per 200 ml of water, 1 times a day before meals, bringing to 40 drops.Simultaneously with increasing the amount of drug and the amount of water (for every 12 Cap. + 50 mL).After reaching 40 cap.dosage decrease in the reverse direction, one drop per day.The amount of water is also reduced by 50 ml every 12 Cap.The duration of this treatment - as long as necessary for complete healing.
  • Many consider the first cure of malignant tumors ordinary oats.Infusion of oats in ovarian cancer is cooked very simply: a glass of oat grains is poured into an enamel container and poured 1,000 ml of water, bring to a boil and cook on low heat for about 20 minutes.After that is removed from the fire and insist in a warm place for at least 2 hours.The broth was filtered and divided into three portions.Drink for 30 minutes before a meal three times a day.Boil the broth in advance for a few days is not recommended, it is better to take a fresh.

Nobody does not preclude the effectiveness of national treatment.However, before using these methods of consultation with the oncologist should be mandatory.

Treatment of ovarian cancer by stage

Treatment of ovarian cancer at stage 1 is most often carried out only by means of surgical intervention.In this case the surgeon makes a hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and excision of the gland.In addition, during the operation confiscated materials for biopsy and peritoneal fluid flush.In most cases, one step requires no further treatment except surgery.

Treatment of ovarian cancer at stage 2 is analogous to the first step, but additional radiation therapy and systemic chemotherapy, which involves the use of drugs based on platinum, together with alkylating agents or paclitaxel.

Treatment of ovarian cancer stage 3 requires a combined approach, which combines surgery and chemotherapy mandatory.Frequently used version of intraperitoneal chemotherapy with cisplatin and different combinations with them.

Treatment of ovarian cancer at stage 4 is more complex and less optimistic.The main methods of influence on a tumor are:

  • cytoreductive surgery - the removal of the affected part of one main cancers that can not be removed entirely;
  • systemic chemotherapy - the use of cisplatin or carboplatin in combination as taxanes or other similar drugs;
  • consolidating or supportive care - the appointment of more than six consecutive cycles of chemotherapy, which allows to push the development or completely avoid relapse.This treatment is best suited to patients with tumor chemosensitivity.

Treatment of ovarian cancer in

Israel Treatment of cancer in Israel is carried out in a modern high-tech medical centers, which are equipped with special profile of the women oncology therapy.The treatment takes a number of professionals at the same time - it is the surgeon oncologist, gynecologist-oncologist chemotherapist oncologist and radiologist.Most of Israel's medical facilities are renowned professors, well-known all over the world.

also important the presence of the most modern diagnostic and medical equipment in hospitals.The development of medicine in this country pays a lot of attention, including priority funding from the state.Therefore, medical centers, tend to have a powerful diagnostic database, through which you can conduct sophisticated survey just a few days.

chemotherapeutic treatment in Israel is based on the use of most new medicines developed according to the latest clinical research.

For foreign patients has always provided a coordinator who has the necessary language.

When a patient must undergo mandatory testing that ovarian cancer can cost about $ 6000.The surgery costs about $ 20 000, and one course of chemotherapy - about $ 3,000.

Treatment of ovarian cancer in Germany

In Germany, there is a special program on the use of advanced technologies in the daily practice of oncology clinics.This is due to a lack of early detection of cancer.

Needless to say, that the doctors in the German health care institutions especially pedantic and highly qualified and clinics equipment includes the latest technology.l.