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September 05, 2016 23:11

The intensity of sexual activity

intensity of sexual activity - an important but not the main indicator of its only indirectly characterizes the so-called normal sexual life.

concept of norms in sexology - one of the issues is not enough developed.For a long time this provision was identified with concrete figures on the number of sexual acts in a certain period of time and duration of sexual intercourse, which leads to various errors and caused numerous iatrogenic.

  • "Norms" sexual intensity

From ancient times to the present time there have been numerous attempts to develop some kind of average rates of sexual intensity.So, Zoroaster (Persia) have ordered coitus 1 time in 9 days.Solomon and Mohammed married women established at the time the rate of 3 to 4 coitus per month, if they have a specific reason to temporarily refrain from sexual activity.The most detailed of these standards, depending on the profession specified in the Talmud.According to this sacred book, young people without a definite occupation allowed to have sexu

al intercourse every day, artisans and workers - 2 times a week, scientists - 1 time per week, conductors of caravans-1 once a month, the sailors - 2 times a year.The average rate on Moses (The Bible) - 10 coitus per month.Nearly the same rules, and we meet in the Lutheran religion.Martin Luther considered normal coitus 2 per week.

By themselves, the word "rare" and "often" are relative and depend on the interpretation of each patient.So, at one and the same question: "How often do you have sex?"- From one patient can be heard: "Very often, almost every decade!", But on the other: "Not often There are days when no more than once.".As can be seen, the intensity of sexual activity and attitudes of women it may individually vary widely.

So, in the book "Psychotherapy" D. Miiller-Hegemann says that, according to Schulz-Hencke, ability to orgasm in men coitus varies from 1 month to 3 times a day, and for women - 1 in coitus 2-3 months to 1 times per night.Data D. Miiller-Hegemann, undoubtedly greatly reduced.In both men and women, in some cases, this ability is significantly higher.Thus, G. Vasil'chenko indicates that the maximum number of orgasms in men were 0.52 ± 6.8 per day.

give maximum male excesses described in the scientific and artistic literature.

monograph Andreeva, mentioned one Moorish nobleman who used within three days to have sexual intercourse with his harem of 40 wives.

Julius Caesar had a very strong sexual excitability.He lived in parallel with many women.His mistresses were many wives of Roman senators, Queen (Egyptian queen Cleopatra and Moorish Yevno).From Cleopatra, he had a son, and his long-term mistress Servilia, Brutus' mother, brought Caesar and his daughter Julia Third.People crowd Helvius Cinna even wrote and produced a bill permissive Caesar freely have relations with all the women of Rome, ostensibly to increase the number of offspring of the great Caesar.Caesar's opponents attributed to him in addition to heterosexual promiscuity of the widespread use of passive pederasty.So, it entered the history of the expression of a Roman senator Curio the Elder, who in his speech said that Julius Caesar "Omnium virorum mulierum est et omnium mulierum vir".

Elector of Saxony and King of Poland August II was a man of 700 wives and father of 354 children.Augustus II Strong earned the nickname, as he jokingly broke a horseshoe, flatten in the hands of cups and saucers, rolling the fingers, like paper, strong Prussian thalers.According to him, for the night, he attended five mistresses.

In Greek mythology known for the thirteenth labor of Hercules, which is on the order of the Mycenaean king Evrasfeya overnight inseminated 40 virgins.According to other sources, this feat made Hercules, when he was not yet 20 years old, at the request of the king Thespia, which he captured her radiant purity and wisely.Tespo literally begged Heracles to the heirs of his 50 daughters.Hercules agreed, and after 9 months, the princess gave birth to 51 baby (one gave birth to twins).However, the Hungarian historian Lajos Meshterhazi doubt that all of this happened in one night, explaining this detail, "the cult of Hercules."

GS Vasilchenko watched a forty-two of the sculptor, who for many years had to have at least 6-7 ejaculations per day.Without it, he could not work creatively.GS Vasilchenko quotes from the "Kinsey Report", which states that a lawyer for 30 years was on average more than 30 ejaculations per week.

In our practice, repeatedly met women who had sexual intercourse up to 8-10 per day, 80-100 coitus per month.

Havelock Ellis tells about a village girl, who had consecutive coitus with 25 boys and boys without any harm to his psyche.Of course, maximum sexual excesses fall on the share of professional prostitutes.So, of Lawson writes about a woman with Mar kizovyh Islands, which has served 103 men in one night.

should be noted that some women, getting one orgasm can immediately begin receiving a second and then a third, and so on.. Among our patients were women who had the opportunity to obtain up to 10 or more orgasms in a single sexual act (orgasmic series ormultior-gastichnost, superpotentnost).Here are a number of examples ekskvizitnyh.

LY Yakobzon and IM Porudominsky considered normal coitus 1 every 3-4 days, NV Ivanov, "the relative medical norm" for people 34-35 years - 2-3 coitus per week, and C.A. Selitsky same 2-3 coitus week said "maximum rate".

significantly more stringent standards proposed V. Hammond.Daily intercourse he believed kurtosis even the most strong and healthy men.According to him, coitus 2 times a week will also be excesses and most people will lead to the premature loss of sexual ability.Obviously, such an unrealistic opinion Hammond can be regarded as an expression of Victorian morality that prevailed at that time in England.According to Hammond, the man should begin having sex, not earlier than 21 years.For ages 21-25 years, he sets the standard 1-coitus in 10-12 days, and for 25 - 40 years, 1 time per week.D. Miiller-Hegemann leads Davis is very interesting data, spent questionnaire among 1000 women with higher education: 2% of women had 1-2 anketirovannyh coitus per night, 1 time per night - 8%, 2 coitus per week - 33%.1 coitus per week - 45% and 1 coitus in the month- 12%.

Currently GS Vasilchenko rightly points out that a significant range of sexual intensity is normal, because the very intensity depends on very many factors of the biological, psychological and social nature.In connection with the denial of sexual pathology in modern functional spinal impotence, which supposedly is due to exhaustion of the nerve centers of the spinal cord, the very notion of excess and narrowed it acquired a different meaning.

The same can be said about modern views on masturbation.Without denying some adverse psychological effects of masturbation as an enclosure onanist of social contacts (autization), immersion in self-examination, especially in predisposed young people with psychasthenic personality traits, hypochondriac and anxiety should definitely say that any ill effects masturbation is notand it is usually terminated with the beginning of a regular sexual life.

In the old literature of the sexual harm caused by masturbation, was equivalent to the effects of the plague and other epidemics.As a disease directly related to masturbation, referred to epilepsy, schizophrenia, neurasthenia.The longest was held opinions about the causal link men with spinal masturbation impotence and masturbation women - with frigidity, nymphomania, diseases of the external genitalia.

Tissot thought that masturbation is more common in women than in men.Rohleder even suggested that 95 out of 100 women had ever engaged in masturbation, Delaid also believed that masturbation is equally common among women and among men.Mechnikov in their "Studien uber die Nates des Menschen" says the girl Masturbates much smaller boys, explaining that the later appearance of their sexuality.M. Mar Goulis Guttseyta quotes: "Almost every girl from 18- 20 years, not having sexual intercourse normal, engaged in masturbation."IL Botneva observed one patient who had 15 masturbatory orgasms a day.According to K. Imelinski (Poland), masturbation in girls observed in 44.8% of cases.Close to these figures the researchers reported in other countries.

most serious attention should be paid to the qualitative aspect of sexuality, a full sexual life of a woman should be determined by the following indicators:

  • women having physiological orgasm after each sexual intercourse or, in any case, after 75% of sex acts;
  • presence in the same range of mental and emotional orgasm (in any case, during the first ten years of marriage);
  • satisfaction multiorgasticheskoy needs (orgasmic series), if available.This should eliminate pathological conditions, namely, nymphomania;
  • coincidence acceptable ranges for both the couple and the lack of other types of sexual disharmony;
  • sound and adequate system of protection against pregnancy, with the possibility of periodic sperm getting into the female genital organs.

With these parameters the frequency of sexual intercourse, in our opinion, is not significant.

Some authors believe that the lack of orgasm in women when there is general satisfaction (satisfaction) does not significantly impair her sex life.

Among the factors that affect the intensity of sexual activity, we mention the early sexual activity of men, leading sometimes to a more rapid decrease in its intensity.Early onset of sexual activity for women in cases of rape or too early marriage without love (Eastern countries) can lead to a reduction or complete suppression of libido, aversion to sexual activity.

VA Kiselev G. Zubarev, examined 186 frigid women, point out that the earlier a girl begins sexual activity, the higher the percentage of frigidity.In cases giperseksualizma early sexual life leads to superpotentnosti women.Excessive fatigue, physical and mental fatigue lead to a decrease in the intensity of sexual activity.

on the intensity of sexual activity and affects trade, although no consensus on this issue no.Some authors argue that mental work supposedly reduces libido and potency.Of particular importance in reducing the potency, researchers gave mathematics.poussais even in 1836 he wrote that the math problems inhibit sexual potency, a G. de Coux and M. St.-Arge advised to do the math to distract from excessive sexual arousal.This opinion is shared and V. Hammond.G. de Coux and M. St.-Arge cite the example of a mathematician who could never finish coitus, since before the orgasm, it suddenly occurred to the solution of a geometrical problem or equation, which he was just busy that day.

NV Sletov, examining 67 cases of male impotence treatment which was ineffective, found that among them were 12 teachers of mathematics, 4 engineer, theorist, astronomer 1, 10 accountants, 16 engineers and accountants and cashiers 5.Thus, of the 67 patients unsuccessfully treated impotence 48 were related to mathematics.

PI Kovalevsky, on the contrary, believed that in healthy men who have mental activity, with good nutrition and proper operation is not only observed impotence, but even there is increased sexuality, and only excessive mental fatigue, especially for the weak and malnourished individualsIt leads to a decrease in potency.

By S. Schnabl, women engaged in mental work, have a greater frequency of coitus, a stronger libido and a better relationship with your partner.

present some data on the effect of the intensity of the sexual act on the health and even the possibility of death during and after intercourse.In tuberculosis patients usually libido and sexual response significantly increased compared with healthy persons.There are cases when the blood pressure increase during intercourse resulted in such patients to dangerous hemoptysis.

Increased blood pressure and changes in cerebral blood flow during coitus in elderly people suffering from atherosclerotic events may lead to a catastrophe with a fatal outcome from stroke or embolism.These cases of sudden death in the moment of orgasm are called "sweet death" (La mort douce, tod susse).The death of Pandu in the arms of his wife Madol is described in the ancient Indian book.Mighty King Attila the Hun died during coitus by rupture of a large vessel.In 1909 and 1912 on this subject were published in the German press two works Lipa Bey.Max Marcuse writes that cases la mort douce frequent in our days.He believed that most statistics of the sudden death of a police headquarters archives, where acts of the deaths in the brothels are stored.

German sexologists (M. Marcuse et al.) Is considered a classic example of such a description of death in the case of literature, given in the novel E. J. Hof-mann "Das Freulein von Scuderi".The case described in this novel, refers to "tod in sexuallen Affekt", but more suitable for la mort douce we believe the description of the death of Dr. Emilion Gordes in the story of contemporary Brazilian writer Jorge Amado, "Teresa Batista tired of fighting."

As noted, these common reactions to sexual intercourse is much more pronounced in men than in women.It was assumed that the cases 1a mort douce are the prerogative of men only, but we managed to find in the medical literature in case la mort douce woman.M. Fieschsoobschal one woman 51, a few times to give birth, suffering from diabetes and heart disease, which suddenly died (apparently from pulmonary embolism) in a few minutes after a rough sex.