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September 05, 2016 23:11

Petting ( nekking )

erogenous zones are widely used not only in normal sexual life, but also for petting.By petting taken to mean all sorts of lovemaking, causing sudden excitement, and sometimes shall communicate both partners or one of them to orgasm.Petting enjoyed by women to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and, in some cases, a virgin, for various reasons do not want to defloration.According to the degree

caresses range distinguish light, superficial and deep petting.By superficial petting include any flirting, flirting, hugging, kissing, irritation of the breast.To our deep petting are already contacts with the sexual organs.

By GS Vasilchenko, a petting understand deliberate evocation of orgasm by artificial stimulation of erogenous zones in a bilateral intercourse, precluding direct contact of the genitals.Surface petting only greatly excites and does not always bring to orgasm.GS Vasilchenko considers this situation not to petting and frustration (frustratio - fraud, failure), but then a deep pett

ing is not always ends with orgasm.Despite the desire of one partner to get an orgasm, it is limited and frustration, but that all manipulations do not cease to be deep petting.

Petting currently prevalent in countries where status is very much appreciated anatomical virginity of a young girl, even if corrupted.As technology petting among American youth are following forms: superficial kiss, kiss deep language, chest irritation, kissing and sucking nipples, manual stimulation of female genitals, male genitals manual stimulation, oral contact with the female genitalia, oral contact with male genitals, oral-sidedgenital contact (both cunnilingus and minette), known as the "amour croise", the French love, and "69".

last phase of petting - superficial intercourse with a virgin without defloration - GS Vasilchenko excludes from petting, relating it to the so-called "vestibular coitus."

77% of scientists in the study anketirovannyh reported that resorted to petting, of which 19% of the deep, and according to DN Zheltakova such tinning was 24.7%.