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December 12, 2016 00:03

Contact conjunctivitis .Causes.Symptoms .Diagnostics.Treatment

Krupnokapillyarnye conjunctivitis

disease is an inflammatory reaction of the conjunctiva of the upper lawsuit over a long period in contact with a foreign body.The emergence of conjunctivitis krupnokapillyarnyh subject to the following conditions: wearing contact lenses (hard and soft), the use of ocular prostheses, the presence of sutures after cataract or keratoplasty, scleral tightening seals.

Patients complain of itching and mucous discharge.In severe cases, ptosis can occur.Large papillae are grouped across the surface of the conjunctiva of the upper eyelid.

krupnokapillyarnogo Symptoms of conjunctivitis

krupnokapillyarnogo Symptoms of conjunctivitis are very similar to symptoms of conjunctival form of spring catarrh, but there are significant differences between them.First krupnokapillyarny conjunctivitis develop at any age and always in the presence of the remaining joints or wearing contact lenses.Complaints of itching and discharge at krupnokapillyarnom conjunctivitis expressed lower lim

b and the cornea is usually not involved in the process.All the symptoms of conjunctivitis krupnokapillyarnogo disappear quickly after the removal of a foreign body.In patients with conjunctivitis krupnokapillyarnym do not necessarily have a history of allergic diseases and are not marked seasonal exacerbation.

Treatment krupnokapillyarnogo conjunctivitis

In treating conjunctivitis krupnokapillyarnogo primary importance is the removal of a foreign body.Prior to the complete disappearance of symptoms buried alomid lekromin or 2 times a day.Wearing new contact lenses is possible only after the complete disappearance of inflammation.

krupnokapillyarnogo To prevent conjunctivitis requires systematic care of contact lenses and dentures.

Allergic conjunctivitis while wearing contact lenses

is believed that the majority of patients wearing contact lenses ever be sure there is an allergic reaction of the conjunctiva: eye irritation, photophobia, discomfort when inserting the lenses.On examination can detect small follicles, small or large papillae on the conjunctiva of the upper eyelids, hyperemia of the mucous membrane, edema and corneal erosion point.

treatment.It is necessary to stop wearing contact lenses.Assign instillation of eye drops nekrolina plomida or 2 times a day.In acute reaction used allergoftal spersallerg or 2 times a day.