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December 11, 2016 00:04

Leykemidy skin (skin mycoses ) |Symptoms and treatment of the skin leukemia

skin Leykemidy (synonyms: skin leukemias, gemodermiya) are symptoms of leukemia and are manifested in its terminal stage.However, sometimes the cutaneous signs of leukemia are initial symptoms when other signs (blood changes, lymph nodes and bone marrow) are not yet available.

causes and pathogenesis of skin leykemidov

Until now, the nature of leukemia is unknown.According to most scholars, it is based on the leukemia tumor process in hematopoietic tissue, controlled by a specific gene.

Symptoms leykemidov skin

Skin rashes in leukemias are divided pas specific and non-specific.Nespetsifichsskie devoid of characteristic morphological traits and may be due to the associated processes and complications (anemia, trombotsitopepiya, sepsis).In the latter case, sometimes long before the clinical signs of the hematopoietic system, there are itchy skin, pruriginous, bullous, eritemato-squamous lesions resembling pemphigus, erythema multiforme, eczema, lupus erythematosus, etc.. Skin rashes are amplified d

uring the exacerbation of the underlying disease.In end-stage leukemia often report multiple hemorrhage, septic necrosis of the skin.

Specific changes in skin leukemia varied, often occur in the form of papular, nodular and tumor formations and erythroderma

most common multiple papular, at least - maculopapular elements that are more typical for myelogenous leukemia.Nodules of different sizes (from a millet seed to a pea) have a rounded shape, hemispherical or flat shape, dense, rarely - a soft consistency, bluish-red, often with a yellowish-brown tinge.The surface is smooth papules, sometimes it can be covered by telangiectasias, scales or leaf-shaped crusts.The elements are often arranged symmetrically and can occur on any part, including the mucous membranes of the mouth.They usually appear suddenly and arranged symmetrically on different areas of the skin.Subjective feelings with papular form is usually not marked, sometimes patients complain of itchy skin.

Knotty leykimidy have a bluish-pink or reddish-brown color, smooth surface, which is sometimes determined by hemorrhagic lesions, telangiectasia, layered cake and miliumpodobnye papules resulting from blockage of extended hair follicles.They are progressing slowly.From subjective sensations have pain on pressure, itchy skin is missing.Possible spontaneous regression of individual nodosum.

In acute leukemia cells become saturated color red bubbles formed ulcers, petechial rash, affects the mucous membranes.Tumor leykemidy arise from the merger of several separate knotty, penetrate deep into the hypodermis, are large, dense texture (sometimes woody).Often there is a combination of specific lesions with nonspecific skin lesions.

can sometimes develop specific erythroderma, which is often found in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, leukemia monoblastny, at least - in other cases of leukemia.For such erythroderma is characterized by intense itching, it is difficult to distinguish clinically from other erythroderma nature.

leykemidah When the skin may occur diffuse infiltration and the primary ulcer.As a result, skin thickening, formation on the surface of the deep and superficial fissures occur diffuse infiltration, which occupy vast areas of the skin.

Primary ulcers in gemodermiyah round or oval reach considerable size (5-10 cm or more in diameter) have a brilliant juicy bottom of the deep red color.The bottom of the ulcer sites often covered with granulation, purulent necrotic plaque and bloody crusts.Ulcers are uneven, saped infiltrated region.