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December 10, 2016 00:03

Hyperopia (farsightedness ) in children

Hyperopia (farsightedness) is a physiological form of refraction, when it comes to a young child.This type of refractive error due to the short front-rear axis of the eyeball, the small diameter of the cornea and shallow anterior chamber.The thickness of the lens is not usually altered.

significance of hyperopia (farsightedness) in

children In the absence of disorders of accommodation hyperopia during the first 10 years of life is rarely accompanied by clinical symptoms.The subsequent weakening of the accommodation can lead to asthenopic complaints - headaches and blurred vision.The greatest practical importance has a close relationship with ginermetropii convergent strabismus.

Related changes the visual organ

Hyperopia (long sightedness) can be combined with other disorders, the main of which is cross-eyed.Comorbidities organ of vision includes:

  • strabismus (shape and accommodative esotropia in infants);
  • microphthalmia;
  • psevdootek optic disc;
  • positive alpha angle.

Related common violation

Hypermetropia high (hyperopia) occurs in combination with certain common disorders, including:

  • albinism;
  • Franceschetti syndrome (Franceschetti) (microphthalmia, makrofakiya, tapetoretinalnoy degeneration);
  • Leber congenital amaurosis (Leber);
  • autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa.

Treatment of hyperopia (far-sightedness) in children

Young children have a low degree of hyperopia and strabismus lack of refractive error correction is not usually required.With concomitant esotropia usually given full correction (according to a study in the cycloplegic refraction) for the disappearance of strabismus or decrease the angle of the eye abnormalities.In older children with asthenopic complaints (blurred vision and headaches) correcting ametropia without fail.The issue affects whether undiagnosed hyperopia on learning ability in children of preschool age is debatable.Also remains debatable question is whether uncorrected early hyperopia strabismus.