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December 09, 2016 00:03

Hygroma on the hand

Hygroma on hand is a benign connective node occurring in the tendon or joint.This small degree on the type cysts size from several millimeters to 10 centimeters in diameter, frequently localized in the hand, the wrist joint.

Hygroma usually maloboleznenna, if not causing trouble to the owner, except that slightly spoils the appearance of the wrist, especially when large amounts of education.

In childhood hygroma is a rare, mainly can occur in men and women 20-40 years old.

reasons hygroma on hand

reasons hygroma on the hand - metaplastic changes of collagen fibers of the connective tissue and filling their synovial fluid that thickens with time.Often the specific cause of the data does not detect the changes, however, require the participation of the hereditary factor, professional features, frequent traumatic brush.

hereditary factor involves the possibility of hygroma in the immediate family, if anyone of them is predisposed to such disease.

Hygroma may occur in members of certain profes

sions, the activities of which provides an increased load on the joints of the upper extremities.It typists, knitters, pianists, programmers, masseurs and other similar professions.

hygroma formation may be due to the periodic trauma to the tendon sheath or synovial bags, with frequent physical exercise on the joint.

inflammation of the tendon sheath or joint itself can also trigger the appearance hygroma: in this situation acts as a metabolic disorder in the periarticular region.

Symptoms hygroma on

hand Visual inspection hygroma looks like a small tumor formation, clearly manifested under the skin.This tumor can be singular, plural, or located on one or more joints.Education can be a dense and elastic to the touch, connected to nearby tissue, but the skin over it must be free to move.

Hygroma usually develops very slowly in the early stages can be quite inconspicuous.However, with the increase in education may be discomfort after exercise, limitation of movement in the joint, unexpressed aching pain under load (due to stretching of the bursa).

tumor of considerable size is easily injured by careless movements, it gives a lot of inconvenience, not to mention the aesthetic side of the issue.

Squeezing the small blood vessels and nerve endings is manifested as numbness and tingling in the fingers or joints, aching pain, stagnation hemostasis.With a sharp clicking on the tumor may appear sharp pain, radiating to the entire surface of your hands.

happens that tumor formation seems to be disappearing, but then appears again: this is due to hygroma location features in relation to the joint to which it is able to "hide".

Sometimes such an option when the hygroma is located in the subglottic space: pain and discomfort are present, and the outer manifestation of the tumor is not noticeable.

Skin over education is usually not modified, rarely observed thickening of the skin, peeling, redness.These cases, as well as rapid growth hygroma require urgent specialist advice.

Hygroma wrist

Hygroma the hand usually has a small size, it is closely related to the bursa and tendons, as uses liquid from their cavities for their growth.It may appear in a few days, and are extremely slow development.

Fist location hygroma is often referred to by the term "synovial cyst": it is a dense formation on a certain stretch tendon flexor muscles.This tumor is strongly associated with the nearest joint, therefore causing more pain and discomfort of the motor phenomena.General and local body temperature is not increased, the skin color of tumor formation is not changed.

Hygroma wrist - the most common type of hygromas.She characterized by small size and quite solid consistency, feels like cartilage or bone segment.The tumor has a characteristic property to increase slightly during exercise and during rest again decrease.

Hygroma on the finger

Hygroma on the finger is relatively rare, so it is sometimes confused with the symptoms of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rickets, in which the possible emergence of such nodules.By itself, hygroma finger rarely provokes complications, although it can occur as a result of other joint diseases.

tumor can occur as a result of some of deforming arthrosis of the joints.The most common of its location - in the area of ​​the distal interphalangeal joints: tumor formation with synovial liquid contents appears in the phalanx of the nail area, next to the nail base.

The emerging tumor may cause excess pressure on the germ portion of the nail, causing its deformation.

Diagnosed such hygroma quite easily, visually it looks like a small subcutaneous nodule tight.When the location of the tumor in the finger flexor muscles during flexion-extension movements may appear soreness and deterioration of joint function.

Hygroma on the wrist

hand More than 70% of synovial formations emerge from the back of the wrist.Palm and side surfaces of the outer region of the lateral ligaments are affected less frequently.Sometimes the appearance hygroma can be observed in the central part of the wrist, closer to the thumb.

Reasons hygroma on the wrist can become repetitive joint trauma or significant load on it, and previous surgery on the wrist.

These tumor-like formations occur when the thinning of the articular capsule as a result of injury or pathological processes.Abnormalities in the structure of the fabric contribute to the formation of a hernia distinctive capsules, which are squeezing the joint fluid attenuated layer, pushing the surrounding tissue.

Hygroma - harmless benign tumor may make its development over a long period, without causing any trouble.These tumors mainly occur without obvious symptoms, and only in some cases appear not strong nagging pain and discomfort during movement.

Hygroma to hand the child

pathogenesis of this tumor-like growths still not been studied in children.There is also no clinically and pathogenetically substantiated classification.In general, the etiology and precipitating factors of hygroma in children do not differ from those of adults.However, there are minor features.

Hygroma to hand the child may appear as a result of traumatic hematoma.In such a case the liquid contained inside hematoma (residual blood cells) and the capsule becomes detached from the remaining tissue.

Hygroma more common in the wrist and results from the traumatic effects of radiation on bone, or due to wrong and unskilled treatment of such injuries.Very often children hygroma provoked by inadequate physiotherapy appointment and excessive heat hematoma, ostensibly to improve their resorption.

child's body fabric is very soft and vulnerable, so a significant increase in tumors can put pressure on small blood vessels and nerve endings, causing trophic disorders, pain and reduced joint mobility.

Diagnostics hygroma on hand

Diagnostics hygroma on a hand held, as a rule, the results of visual inspection with palpation method.Basically, it is enough to arm hygroma diagnosis.In some situations, to avoid inflammatory and infectious diseases of the joints, you can assign an X-ray, and in difficult cases, ultrasound diagnostics, computed tomography, or puncture the study content of tumor formation and then send it to the biochemical research.

ultrasound method provides the ability to characterize the structure of hygroma, its content, the presence of blood vessels and so on. Magnetic resonance imaging shows the same results, but much more detailed and specific.

important point is distinctive hygroma diagnosis from other variants of tumors and cysts (lipomas, atheromas, epithelium, etc..).It is necessary to evaluate not only the size of the formation, but also some other characteristic features.

treatment hygroma on hand

About half of all cases of appearance hygromas may disappear on their own while reducing the load on the hand and wrist.However, many variants of formations still require a certain therapeutic effect.

treatment hygroma on the hand can be performed in different ways depending on the situation.Let us consider in detail each of the options.

Crushing hygroma

This method is considered obsolete for a long time and not quite right: a tumor or fingers squeezed sharply pressed flat object, resulting in synovial fluid force pushed into the joint cavity or the surrounding tissue.The consequences of such a method may be different.The most common - is a recurrent disease, but may also develop inflammation, and the accession of purulent infection.

puncturing hygroma

This method is applicable to formations up to 1 centimeter in diameter.The procedure is performed under local anesthesia: synovial fluid is aspirated from the hygroma with a syringe, and instead it is administered glucocorticoid tool that allows the walls of the capsules grow together with each other without causing a relapse.After puncture are required to wear a tight bandage for a month or more, according to testimony.

Physiotherapy at hygroma on hand

involves the use of electrophoresis, ultraviolet radiation, warming up procedures and applications.

Surgical and laser treatment hygroma on hand

Surgery - this is the most effective way of getting rid of hygroma.Before the operation, carried out by local or block anesthesia.Through a small incision exposing the tumor.Pushing the surrounding tissue with a scalpel or a laser beam carefully excised wall of the bag formation and release of free liquid place sutured.The duration of such an operation, about 30-40 minutes depending on the complexity of the process, the outer seams are removed after 2 weeks.

hygroma Treatment at hand folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers a variety of different recipes to get rid of the synovial structures.If you trust the non-traditional methods, you can try some of them.

alcohol compress: compress to use alcohol or alcohol-containing liquid, applied to education and are wrapped in cellophane.

Fresh cabbage leaves: skip through the meat grinder, squeeze the liquid and soak it in a piece of gauze;apply as a compress.

use Kombucha: used as a lotion.

Hay: take the usual hay, boil it and place carefully steamed to form, at least half an hour;After the procedure lubricate the skin with honey.

use kerosene: treated area over hygroma vegetable oil and put kerosene compress;hold about 10-20 minutes to four times a day, preventing the outer skin burns.

Aloe with honey: crushed aloe leaf is mixed with honey and flour to form a cake, which is then applied to the hygroma and turns the film;such cake can be done from the wet blue or green clay.

Which of the following methods to decide, of course, to you, but it is better to consult a more experienced professional.

Prevention hygroma on

hand, the presence of a genetic predisposition to the development of hygroma protect themselves from its appearance is rather difficult.Perhaps, in such a situation will help some general guidelines:

  • recommended to avoid elevated repetitive stress on the wrist joint and hand, as well as to protect high-risk area from accidental trauma;
  • when it is impossible to avoid power load, use elastic bandages, tightly fixing region of the joints;
  • in the development of diseases such as acute and chronic bursitis or tenosynovitis, and when you suspect hygroma in a timely manner, please contact a doctor, did not start the process.

Preventive measures are also important to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

If the patient has already been hygroma, great importance is its chosen method of treatment.For example, the greatest probability of recurrence is observed when using the method of crushing or folk remedies, while the most radical way of getting rid of such formations - surgical.

important role in the formation of hygromas plays food and drinking regime, so drink plenty of pure water, eat nutritious food, and try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

forecast hygroma on hand

forecast hygroma on the hand very favorable.Such benign negligible rarely degenerates into a malignant tumor.hygroma inflammation also occurs rarely, although it tends to slowly but steadily increase.

This tumor formation rather responds well to treatment: surgery often permanently eliminating the recurrence.The exception is poorly conducted excision of tissue, in such cases, relapse is almost inevitable.

extremely important hygroma correct diagnosis, although it is quite difficult to confuse with other species of tumors of the upper extremities.

In general, if this education does not cause you any inconvenience, does not restrict motor function and does not spoil the appearance of the hand, it is quite possible to reconcile with him.In any case, try not to self-medicate, follow the advice of a specialist, and folk methods can be successfully combined with the prescription of a doctor - and then the effect of the treatment will only increase.

If the hygroma on the hand is clearly increasing, it is not to delay the operation, as a later visit to a doctor may significantly hinder and complicate further treatment.