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December 03, 2016 00:03

tongue muscles

Among the muscles of the tongue, paired, striated, distinguish their own muscles and muscles, starting with the bones of the skeleton (skeletal muscles).Own muscles of the tongue begins and ends within the language and have a bony skeleton start.

Skeletal muscles of the tongue



cover up Plaine




chin beardmandible

The top and base of the tongue

pulls the tongue forward and downward

upper laryngeal nerve

sublingual-lingual muscle

body and the great horn of the hyoid bone

The lateral part of the tongue

Pulls tongue downward and backward

lower laryngeal nerve


styloid process of the temporal bone

side and bottom of the tongue

Pulls languagebackwards and upwards


own muscles of the tongue

upper longitudinal muscle (m.longitudinalis superior) located on either side of the median tongue groove under its mucosa.Starting this muscle in the tong

ue and ends at its tip.With the reduction of the upper longitudinal muscle shortens the tongue and raises its top.

lower longitudinal arm (m. Longitudinalis inferior) starts in the root of the tongue, is in the lower part and ends in the thickness of the top.As the upper longitudinal muscle shortens this language puts its top.

Cross tongue muscle (m. Transversus linguae) is represented by beams having the upper and lower longitudinal muscles by fibrous septa language transversely to the edges.The muscle narrows language, raises his back.

Vertical tongue muscle (m. Verticalis linguae) is found primarily in the sides of the tongue mucosa situated between the back shell and the lower surface of the tongue.When cutting, it flattens language.

Skeletal muscles of the tongue

chin-lingual muscle (m. Genioglossus) begins on the chin spine of the mandible is directed fan-shaped upwards and backwards along the sides of the language barriers and ends at its thicker By reducing the pulling tonguedown and forward.

sublingual-lingual muscle (m. Hyoglossus) comes from a large horn of the hyoid bone and the body ends in the sides of the tongue.Shifts the tongue down and back.

Shiloyazychnaya (m. Styloglossus) muscle begins on the styloid process of the temporal bone, is directed forward, and the medially down side is woven into the thick tongue.Pulls tongue up and backwards.When unilateral reduction shifts towards language.

innervation language: motor - hypoglossal nerve sensitive - lingual nerve (the front two thirds of the tongue) and glossopharyngeal nerve - posterior third of the tongue.Gustatory innervation - the front two thirds of the tongue (tympani), the back third of the tongue (glossopharyngeal nerve).