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October 23, 2016 23:01

Diet for diabetes

diet in diabetes is often the only curative measures, in which the needs of the patient.In a world of millions of people living with diabetes, among them many well-known successful personalities.

Treatment of diabetes is aimed at the prevention or elimination of ketoacidosis, hyperglycemia and glycosuria, achieving and maintaining ideal body weight, the maximum removal of the lipid and protein metabolism and preventing the occurrence or progression of diabetic microangiopathy, atherosclerosis and diabetes peculiar neurological disorders.Modern methods of treatment based on a correct assessment of the pathophysiological nature of the disease, consists of diet therapy, use of oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin.

strict diet in diabetes

strict diet in diabetes severely limits the amount of sugar that enters the body with food.Eat meals in small portions.On the day consume no more than 30 grams of fat.

See cookbook for diabetics.There you will not find a mayonnaise, bacon, sausage, sugar, dried fru

it and kvass.To make it easier to regulate sugar, eat at one time.Lettuce and cucumbers use in the preparation of salads, stews and soups.Useful baker's yeast.Raisins and bananas - with doctor's permission.Bread - Black.It is better to buy a special bread for diabetics departments.They are in any large supermarket.Meat and fish cook and bake.Eat daily 300 g of fruits and berries, lemon and cranberry compote cook on sugar substitutes.

diet treatment is a basic and essential component of the medical complex of measures in all clinical and pathogenic forms of diabetes.

Regardless of the methods of treatment of diabetes mellitus compensation must conform to generally accepted criteria for compensation shown below.In the absence of adequate compensation of carbohydrate metabolism method of treatment should be changed.

level of compensation of diabetes





glycemia (mmol / L):



& gt; 7,8

1 hour after meals


& gt; 10,0

glycosuria (%)


& gt; 05

HbA1c (%)


& gt; 8

Total cholesterol (mmol / l)


& gt; 6,5

Triglycerides (mmol / l)


& gt;2,2

HDL (mmol / l)

& gt; 1,1


body mass Index (kg/ m):


& gt; 27


& gt; 26

Blood pressure (mm Hg.v)

& gt.;160/95

Diet in diabetes mellitus type 1

very useful vegetable diet: fresh cabbage, spinach, cucumbers, soybeans.Useful lettuce, radishes, squash, beets.Eat meals of cereals and pasta, but you need to reduce eaten bread.Eggs cook soft-boiled.

you useful acid fruits, lemon in compotes on xylitol and sorbitol.Drink tea with milk, no sugar, of course, and tomato juice.In the day to drink 6 glasses of fluid.It is useful to have yeast.You can not chocolate, pastry and honey, spicy and salty foods, lard, mustard, grapes and raisins.Diet in Diabetes number 9 restrict salt in the diet.

Diet for type 2 diabetes

Treatment of type 2 diabetes is aimed at to reduce blood glucose levels.Let's look at why there is Type 2 Diabetes?The reason lies in the type 2 diabetes overeating.No wonder it is common in America, where the burgers are so popular.The doctor will select a varied and tasty food, medical table for a lifetime.Only if you get time under medical control, you do not need insulin.Calorie diet reduced to 1300-1700 kcal.Thus, fat sour cream, margarine, sausages, smoked all, fatty fish, cream and nuts are excluded.Honey, dried fruit, jam and lemonade much sugar increases.Cabbage, carrots, turnips, tomatoes eat, how much you want.But the need to limit the potato.

Diet for gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy and usually disappears after delivery.You should not only stick to a diet, but also to do the exercises.Useful to you products with high fructose, it replaces sugar.Eat more bran bread and cereals.Drink fruit juices, yoghurts.For breakfast, eat bread and eggs or oatmeal.Eat more grains, peas, beans.Add fruit to cereal, cook compotes on xylitol and sorbitol, use olive oil for cooking, prefer steam dishes.Diet for gestational diabetes prohibits drinking Coke, kvass and other carbonated beverages.After birth, it is also desirable to stick to this diet, even if the sugar has bounced back.

Diet for diabetes in children

Diet for diabetes in children should be respected as a family, it is easier to teach a child to eat properly.Do not eat at the child of those products, which banned the doctor: smoked food, canned fish, and especially sweet.Permitted carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin.Berries: cherry, mountain ash, strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, sometimes melon.Do not eat when the baby cakes, chocolate, jam, sweet syrochki.You can give milk, cheese, lean meat, fish, language, seafood.All dishes are given boiled and baked.Use sorbitol and fructose for sweet dishes, kids really love them and suffer if they did not give sweet!In special sections of supermarkets have diabetic department.But from these products, you can get better, so we can not give their child is unlimited.But vegetables can be eaten without restrictions, and occasionally let tangerines and watermelon in small quantities.

How to prevent diabetes in a child?Diabetes in children occurs due to uncontrolled consumption of sweet, starchy foods, fatty.The impetus may fear and abdominal trauma.Take care of your child - if he is assigned diet, stick to it.

Diet for diabetes in women

In mild form of diabetes in men and women can only do diet without drugs.It is enough to exclude from your diet sugar, jam, candy, sweet fruits.Limit fatty foods, it promotes the progression.The total amount of fat you should eat in a day - 40 g Avoid sausages, mayonnaise.Roasted, salted and smoked you can not.Do not drink wine, vodka, low-alcohol beverages, because of diabetes suffers including the liver and digestive tract, alcohol destroys your health, and so plagued by diabetes.Do you ever disturbed metabolism, the body is very vulnerable, not add to it a load.Choose all natural, avoid dyes and preservatives.Keep yourself in good physical shape, do not lose weight, carefully prepare for pregnancy and childbirth to choose a specialized hospital.Walk in the fresh air, a little work out in the gym, swim, go through the day, up to 5 km.You will be very useful green and black tea.You can have a drink and some coffee, but it should not be very strong.Curd will enrich you with calcium, which is the best prevention of osteoporosis, and buckwheat - iron.Rosehip - a natural hepatic protector, drink a decoction of it.Also, due askorbinku (vitamin C) it protects the body from viral diseases, helping the immune system.Think of dishes from cottage cheese - curd, cheese cakes, puddings!You - the owner is not afraid to experiment, believe that the dishes from your diet for diabetes, you can feed the whole family.Do not forget that diet in diabetes prohibits sugar, so always have it replaced with sorbitol and fructose.Like many of the vegetables steamed, boiled, roasted vegetables, some raw vegetables, but without mayonnaise and dressings acute.A glass of kefir, yogurt or sour cream should begin and end your day.Acidic fruits, oranges, cranberries - all that you can in large quantities.If it is very sweet, use a sugar substitute or prepare meals.The eggs even healthier, and more so you better not digest is scrambled.250 g of potatoes and carrots are not forbidden in the day.Available eat cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes.Pasta and beans in a small amount allowed, but these days eat less bread.Bread is more suitable from rye flour.

Diet 9 in diabetes

Diet in Diabetes 9 prevents violation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism.Excludes sugar and cholesterol.Every day eat cottage cheese and fruit, seafood.

  • soups: soup, beetroot, fish broth, mushroom broth, soup with meatballs.
  • bread: rye, white.
  • lean beef, pork and rabbit, turkey cooked and chopped, diet and liver sausage.Duck, smoked, canned food - not for you.
  • fish - cooked, jellied.Kashi: buckwheat, millet, oatmeal.Munk - it is not allowed.
  • vegetables: cabbage, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini.Vegetables need to boil and simmer, rarely eat raw vegetables.
  • Of fruit useful to cook the jelly, mousses.Excluded figs, raisins, sugar and sweets.
  • Prefer vegetable oil.
  • Drinks: tea and coffee with milk, broth hips.

morning, eat buckwheat crumbly, for lunch - soup, boiled carrots.In the evening - boiled fish.And at night - drink a glass of yogurt.That might look like your daily menu.

9a Diet in diabetes Diet

in diabetes patients prescribed 9a his mild obesity.The value of the diet in calories - 1,650 calories.Eating should be 5 times a day drinking 7 glasses of fluid.When the liver is broken CD.Help her dishes of oatmeal, eliminate fried.You can eat gooseberries, cherries and a bit of melon.1 banana is not forbidden.

What is prohibited?Muffin, sweets, jams, sugary juices, cakes, cookies, dates, sweets, fruit, berries, sweet dumplings, ice cream, grapes.Replace white bread with rye, protein.Porridge is better to eat buckwheat or millet.Rice and wheat cereals excluded.Eat pumpkin, zucchini, fresh pepper, cucumber.Permitted and baked jellied fish, stewed lean beef, veal, chicken.Allowed two small servings of meat a day.Permitted diabetic sausage and lean ham.The fat ham, smoked sausage and goose meat is excluded from the diet.Rather weak broths, vegetable soups, borscht, beetroot allowed.Soups with noodles and beans replace cereal.Spices: pepper, mild ketchup.Do not eat salty sauces and mayonnaise.Excluded sweet fruit juices and lemonade.Lean fish, cabbage, lemons, cranberries, cherries, brown bread, milk, buckwheat and barley - these products should always be in your house.

8 Diet in diabetes Diet

in diabetes patients assigned 8 obesity.Diet almost eliminates salt and seasonings.Cooking is done cooking and baking process.Bread wheat is recommended in limited quantities, rye, protein-bran.Eliminates muffin.Permission is granted to beef, stewed chicken, sausage diet.Gus, canned brains and are not suitable for your power supply.It is recommended to lean boiled, roasted and jellied fish, boiled eggs, milk, yogurt, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese.Cream, sweet yogurt and cheese, beef fat, cooking oil, barley porridge, pasta, peas are excluded.Recommended sauerkraut.Approved tomato and light mushroom sauce, ketchup without preservatives.It recommended tea and coffee with milk without sugar.

diet menu in diabetes

Basic principles of diet therapy are to limit or eliminate from the diet of easily digestible carbohydrates, providing the body of the patient physiological amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins to maintain ideal body weight, the maximum compensation of carbohydrate and other kinds of exchange and preservation of working capacitypatients.

Dietary measures in combination with insulin are also characterized by the introduction of the principle of fractional carbohydrates according to the moments of the initial and maximum manifestation of hypoglycemic effect of various insulin preparations or oral antidiabetic agents.The required amount of food for each person, including the patient's diabetes is determined by the amount of heat energy it consumes during the day.Calculation of daily caloric intake produced individually for each patient depending on its ideal body weight (height in cm - 100).Adults with normal body weight is required to maintain it in the conditions of absolute rest from 25 to 15 kcal / kg ideal body weight.The required amount of energy to keep the basal metabolism in the body - basal energy balance (BAB) - depending on the phenotype of the patient, ie, deficiency or excess of body weight...Therefore, the calculation of necessary heat energy in kilocalories or joules (1 kcal = 4.2 kJ) produced based on the phenotypic characteristics of the patient.

Calculation of the energy needs of the body, depending on the phenotype of the patient


amount of fat in body weight,%

required amount of energy

kcal / (kg-d)

kJ / (kg-d)



Obesity I-II degree

Obesity III-IV degree













depending on the nature of the patientwork (mental, physical labor, the degree of its intensity) to the BAB need to add a certain amount of calories to compensate for the additional energy loss.One of the options for the calculation is given in Table.16.

Calculation of daily caloric intake depending on the nature of the patient work

nature of work
Total calories per day

Very easy




Very heavy

+ 1/6 BEB BEB

BAB BAB + 1/3 +


BAB BAB + 2/3 +


Besides the abovein the table, and other embodiments are proposed for calculating the daily energy needs.The difference between the results obtained may be 200-500 kcal / day.Therefore, they should only be used as input for the appointment of a diet.Since one of the main goals of diet therapy is to normalize the actual body weight, an indication for adjustments in the calculation are the absence of weight loss in overweight or increase in low in childhood and adolescence in the calculation of the daily caloric intake based on the needs, is 50-60 kcal/ (kg-day).

Basic principles of physiological diets have been developed in our country by Soviet scientists SG Genes and EA Reznitskaya.This diet is now widely used in medical institutions of Russia.The diet given ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins within the daily caloric intake is% 60, 24 and 16, respectively.However, in some cases, the amount of carbohydrate can be reduced to 45%, for example, carbohydrates induced hyperlipidemia accompanied by insulin resistance.