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December 02, 2016 00:03

Placental lactogen blood

Reference values โ€‹โ€‹(normal) concentration of placental lactogen: men and non-pregnant women's blood serum is absent;5-38 weeks of pregnancy - 0,5-11 mg / ml (23-509 nmol / L).

placental lactogen or placental somatomammotrophin - glycoprotein with a molecular weight of about 19 000. It is synthesized syncytiotrophoblast with early pregnancy, and the content of his blood at physiological pregnancy increases.Maximum concentrations of placental lactogen were recorded on 36-37 weeks of gestation, then it is stabilized and reduced prior to delivery.The concentration of placental lactogen very variable, individual and is directly dependent on the weight and number of fetal placenta (if multiple pregnancy).Placental lactogen enters into the body of a pregnant where metabolized rapidly (half-life of - from 11 to 30 min).The short half-life, the lack of circadian rhythm of secretion and the presence of the sole source of its synthesis you can use it as a direct indicator of the functioning of the placenta.Place

ntal lactogen practically does not penetrate to the fetus, the amniotic fluid in its level 8-10 times lower than in the blood of pregnant.By its properties, it is similar to growth hormone during pregnancy but its output exceeds 100 times the secretion of growth hormone.Placental lactogen stimulates the mobilization of fatty acids, has lactotropic and lyuteotropnym action inhibits cell-mediated immunity, an active influence on the metabolism (helps glucose consumption in the body of the fetus, reduced protein synthesis in the pregnant woman, which significantly increases the supply of amino acids, which are used by the fetus for its formation).Placental lactogen is also an antagonist of insulin plays an important role in the maturation and development of the mammary glands during pregnancy and in their preparation for lactation.In addition, like prolactin, it supports the work of ovarian yellow body during pregnancy, increases the secretion of progesterone yellow body.

In I trimester placental lactogen level significantly reduced the development of placental insufficiency.Extremely low values โ€‹โ€‹of its concentration in the blood detected on the eve of the death of the fetus and for 1-3 days before the miscarriage.In the later stages of pregnancy reduce the concentration of placental lactogen detected by placental insufficiency and chronic fetal hypoxia.Thus its concentration in the blood varies widely, but most significantly lower pregnancy rates.When placental insufficiency in serum levels of placental lactogen is reduced by 50%, while fetal hypoxia - almost 3 times.The concentration of placental lactogen decreases in hypertension, late gestosis.Indications for the study of placental lactogen: diagnosis of placental insufficiency, fetal hypoxia and malnutrition.

Elevated levels of placental lactogen in the blood observed in multiple pregnancy, diabetes mellitus;Rh incompatibility.Placental lactogen is also produced by trophoblast tumor.The greater the degree of malignancy, the lower the ratio of the levels of placental lactogen and chorionic gonadotropin.