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October 19, 2016 23:03

Diet Protasov : features and contraindications

Diet Protasov - is a healthy diet system that lasts not so little - more than two months.5 weeks - the very diet and 5 weeks - on a smooth way out of it.But diet Protasov is designed for improvement of the body, rather than just losing weight.Which, by the way, after this diet is also good at.

Features diet Protasov

First you lose weight not very fast.But since the 4 th and 5 th week of the weight melts away with a pretty good rate.

In diet Protasov number of products that you absorb, is not limited to, making it easy psychologically.

Diet Protasov implies the rejection of food and products that have a high glycemic index.Sweet dishes during the diet Protasov man to anything.Due to this, it normalizes gastrointestinal tract begins to work better pancreas.

During diet Protasov man abundantly absorbs milk and milk products (ideal diet for those who loves them and is very uncomfortable - for those who hate all milk).Thus, during the diet Protasov person fills your body with nutrients: ca

lcium, protein, lactose.

It is very good for athletes, active lifestyle, because muscle mass is built up rapidly, and excess body fat go away.The result - a great figure and good mood.

However, Protasov's diet does away with fatty foods, especially in the first 2-3 weeks.This, of course, does not fit all.

Contraindications in the diet Protasov

People who have:

  • gastrointestinal disease, particularly top his department
  • gastritis
  • ulcer (duodenal ulcer, stomach)
  • duodenit
  • esophagitis

should carefullyrefer to the menu during diet.They are encouraged to eat as much raw vegetables, but always in combination with products containing starch.He has the ability to protect the internal organs from the smallest pieces of food and fiber, which is poorly absorbed.In other words, the food starch (only natural, but do not store) spares internal organs.

second option - for diseases listed above, during diet Protasov may be worsening and painful attacks as a result.Therefore it is necessary to consult with your doctor, nutritionist or gastroenterologist before proceeding to the system power.Perhaps it will give up on all you need.

Those who diet Protasov fit, we wish a speedy and high quality weight loss and health improvement!