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November 29, 2016 00:12

Shoulder periarthritis |Symptoms and treatment of shoulder periarthritis

Shoulder periarthritis - this defeat inflammatory periarticular tissues.Consider the main causes of the disease, symptoms, diagnostic methods.Also, effective treatments, prevention and overall prognosis for recovery.

Usually by this disease affects people of middle and old age, both men and women.Inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder and the capsule of the shoulder joint are diagnosed very often.Provoke disease can be injured, fall on the shoulder or arm's length.In some cases, surgery to remove mammary glands and diseases of the internal organs lead to the development of shoulder periarthritis.

Any violations in the joint structure result in periarthritis and other bone diseases.Frequent injuries lead to changes in vascular function and disorders of the joints, which leads to the formation of calcifications, which complicate the mobility of the limbs, causing pain and significantly reduce quality of life.

Periarthritis shoulder joint

Periarthritis shoulder joint has four stages, each of whi

ch has certain characteristics and symptoms.The main sign indicating the inflammatory process - it's a pain, and malaise.Accurately diagnose the disease can only be a doctor, after X-ray and a number of other studies.

  • Simple shoulder periarthritis

This is a mild form of the disease, the first indication - weak shoulder pain.Discomfort arises when trying to raise your hand to touch your spine or make a hand behind his back.joint mobility is limited, so it is difficult to perform simple actions.But if the affected area do not bother, the pain recedes.To diagnose this form periarthritis, your doctor may carry out the experiment.The patient should try to raise his hand under the resistance.If during the exercise there are painful sensations, this indicates a simple periarthritis.

  • Acute periarthritis

Occurs when a simple periarthritis left without medical assistance and began progressing.Symptoms as follows: limited mobility of the hands even more, there is a sharp pain when trying to raise or take a hand in the direction that increases with time.Discomfort is exacerbated in the morning and in the evening, maybe fever and signs of inflammation in the blood tests.

  • Chronic shoulder joint periarthritis

This form of inflammation indicates the progression of periarthritis.Chronic inflammation of the shoulder joint is treated by long and difficult.The main symptoms of the chronic phase: pain in the shoulder in the morning and evening, with sharp backache awkward movements shoulder, reducing discomfort, as compared to the acute stage.Because night pain may sleep impairment.Since the internal tissues of the shoulder joint severely depleted, there are occasional backache.At this stage, periarthritis did not take place on its own, so you need urgent medical care.

  • Ankylosing (adhesive capsulitis) periarthritis

This form of the disease has no cure.Since the shoulder pathological processes lead to complete coalescence of bone in the joint, thus blocking any movement.Painful sensations are obtuse character, but completely deprived of health.In rare cases, any attempt to cause movement of the joint pains.

Depending on the shape of periarthritis, disease symptoms and characteristics of the patient, to select the appropriate treatment.The sooner treatment is started, the greater the chance of keeping the full mobility and function of the shoulder joint.

Causes of shoulder periarthritis

shoulder periarthritis reasons are varied, but they all cause inflammation of the tissue shoulder, tendon damage, the joint capsule and muscles.Periarthritis not cause joint destruction, in contrast to arthritis or osteoarthritis.Periarthritis reasons may be covered within the body, or be due to a variety of acute illnesses.

consider the main causes inflammation of the shoulder joint:

  • Injuries and increased load on the shoulders.
  • Fall forward to an outstretched hand or shoulder.
  • unaccustomed activity.
  • consequences of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Pathology of the lungs and endocrine system.
  • Violations of cerebral circulation and the development of connective tissue.
  • Hormonal failure and diabetes.
  • condition after surgery (for example, after the removal of the breast).
  • Spondylosis.
  • osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis of the cervical and shoulder segments.

Regular hypothermia, stress, nervous disorders and increased humidity, exacerbated during the shoulder periarthritis.But more often the disease appears due to injuries, bumps and falls.

Symptoms of shoulder periarthritis

shoulder periarthritis Symptoms depend on the form of the disease and the stage of its development.If the patient has a frozen shoulder, the pain appears in the shoulder joint and is stored for a long period of time.The pain associated with movement of the hands, is also a symptom of certain forms of the disease.Consider the major symptoms occurring at different stages and in different forms periarthritis.

  1. Simple periarthritis:
    • little discomfort and pain in the shoulder during certain movements with his hands.
    • Limitation of joint movement when trying to start a hand behind his back, to touch or pull up the spine.
  2. Acute shoulder periarthritis:
    • Sudden pain of growing nature, smack in the arm and neck.
    • When attempting to rotate the arm around the axis of or to the side there are sharp pains that are worse at night.The affected limb is easiest to keep the bent at the elbow and pressed against his chest.
    • on the front of the shoulder appears a little swelling and redness.
    • slight fever, insomnia, general malaise.
  3. Chronic periarthritis:
    • pain is moderate, aggravated at night and the morning.
    • If unsuccessful gesture severe pain occurs in the patient's shoulder.
    • There is an ache in the shoulder, which causes insomnia.

All symptoms of the above forms of shoulder periarthritis are growing character.For example, chronic inflammation may last from a couple of months to several years.But in 30% of patients with periarthritis without medical treatment takes a more severe clinical forms:

  • Dyupleya Syndrome (frozen shoulder)

due to degenerative changes in the rotator cuff pronounced prejudice to any movements.Such symptoms may last for 2-7 months, which results in muscle tendon tear.Progressive inflammatory process captures the joint capsule that leads to a reduction in synovial fluid of the joint cavity.

  • Syndrome psevdoparalicha

sharp restriction or no opportunities to make active movement in the shoulder.The duration of the syndrome are not more than one month, if the symptoms last longer, this indicates a joint contracture.The pathology occurs due to rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder which stabilizes the head.

  • paralytic shoulder joint syndrome

patient loses the ability to perform any movement in the joint.Because traumatic injury several structures of the shoulder joint at the same time significantly compounded total for periarthritis.

  • Impindzhement syndrome

Pain occurs in various positions limbs and develops due perosseous cuff damage.

  • Tunnel Syndrome

Discomfort occurs when sudden movements.Pathology develops due to external compression of the clavicle or adjacent tissues Supraspinous muscles.

Shoulder periarthritis

Shoulder periarthritis is an inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder and the capsule of the shoulder joint.The peculiarity of this disease is that the internal structure of the joint cartilage and are not damaged.This fact distinguishes periarthritis by arthritis or osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint.According to medical statistics, every fifth person in the world suffers from Shoulder periarthritis.The disease is equally susceptible to both women and men.

reasons pathology is different, it can be injury, falling on an outstretched hand, excessive exercise, or blows to the shoulder area.That is unusual load on the joint or its overload cause periarthritis.It is necessary to take into account the fact that between the cause of the inflammatory process and the appearance of the first symptoms passes a certain time period, which can last 1-2 weeks.

In some cases, the disease of the internal organs lead to the development Shoulder periarthritis.Often, people begin myocardial infarction pain in the left shoulder, which indicate the development periarthritis.Liver disease, injury or any disease of the cervical spine also provoke illness.

neck and shoulder periarthritis

neck and shoulder periarthritis usually occurs due to cervical spine disorders.The disease is accompanied by degenerative changes in the intervertebral disk, pain and symptoms which can easily be mistaken for other pathologies.Periarthritis may occur against the background of cervical degenerative disc disease, as a result of pinching of the nerve bundle in the shoulder.In this case, the treatment to be not only periarthritis, but the primary disease, ie, osteochondrosis.

neck and shoulder periarthritis, as well as other forms of this disease is accompanied by pain and discomfort.Unpleasant sensations occur without apparent reason and often at night.A sharp pain radiating to the neck and arm, gradually increases and gives to the spine.At the same time if you raise your hand up, the pain recedes.In severe cases, the brush appears cyanosis and mild swelling.In addition, possible fever, pain on palpation attempts paravertibralnyh points of the cervical spine.

Diagnostics shoulder periarthritis

Diagnostics shoulder periarthritis - this is the first, what the doctor with complaints of the patient on the shoulder pain.To determine the cause of ailments collect history.The main clinical picture periarthritis - it's a pain in the shoulder joint abduction at the hands of local and soreness at the tendon and bone.Doctor holds an external examination of the limbs, motor tests and palpation.This is followed by the instrumental methods of diagnosis that allow to differentiate periarthritis a number of other disorders of the joints and bones of the shoulder.

consider all stages of diagnostics process of shoulder joint periarthritis:

  • Initial inspection

At this stage of diagnosis the doctor pays attention to the severity of the musculoskeletal system of the shoulder girdle and the shoulder girdle.Very often periarthritis in the suprascapular region there is a slight muscle atrophy.On palpation of the patient's joint pain appears.

  • next stage of the inspection - the definition of motion.The patient needs to be done abduction hands, flexion, extension, rotation outside and inside, there is an active movement.If during exercise appears discomfort or pain, it may indicate periarthritis.
  • In addition, a study carried out passive movements.This is due to the fact that the sharp decline in active movements appears when Dyupleya syndrome, that is "frozen" shoulder.

Usually if a suspected shoulder periarthritis refers the patient to 40 years, the cause of disease - injuries, sprains, bumps.If a patient over 40 years, the disease arises against the pathological changes in the organism.

  • X-ray diagnostics

X-ray has important diagnostic value.For a more precise study of the causes of pain, make three shots: at rest, during rotation of the hands inward or outward and shoulder abduction.Basic radiological signs of shoulder periarthritis look like bone defects or uneven structure in the area of ​​the humeral head.In the process of diagnosis the doctor can use the introduction of contrast medium into the joint cavity.This allows to determine the damage to the cuff, as in this case, the material penetrates beyond the joint.

  • Computed tomography

This diagnostic method is used for bone pathologies detected in X-rays.With the help of modern technology it is possible to visualize the image of the joint state.The information allows us to estimate the degree of damage to the muscles and tendons, as well as the presence of additional structures.

  • Ultrasonography

US is among the most informative methods.The main advantages of ultrasound - is the lack of special training, painless, neinvazivnsot and fast results.

  • MRI

With this study, we can consider the bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscle and articular shoulder capsule.MRI reveals any stage shoulder periarthritis, even those who could not be determined using the methods described above.

  • Arthroscopy

is a kind of surgery that allows you to determine the cause of the disease and eliminate it if possible.Diagnostic arthroscopy is carried out if the pain and limitation of movement in the shoulder joint are of unknown etiology.

Medical arthroscopy carried out at the cuff pathologies, when tendioze, impindzhement syndrome.The procedure is not allowed to spend at purulent-inflammatory diseases of the shoulder joint and limb, joint contractures and severe general condition of the patient.

Treatment of shoulder periarthritis

shoulder periarthritis Treatment depends on the form of the disease and the patient's condition.Therapy can be a conservative, that is, medicines and physiotherapy, and operational - surgery.Mild forms periarthritis treated conservatively, using different preparations (tablets, injections, ointments).Consider the main conservative treatment of shoulder periarthritis:


Since the main symptom of the disease is pain in the shoulder area, to eliminate them using painkillers and anti-inflammatories.As a rule, use drugs such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, aspirin, Voltaren and others.But the use of these means is possible only under medical supervision.This is because NSAIDs have pronounced side effects.Therefore, the duration of use of these drugs should not exceed a specified term physician.

Today emit a series of new generation of painkillers with minimal side effects: Celecoxib, Movalis, Nimesulide and others.But medicines can only appoint a doctor, after the diagnosis and determine the nature of pain.

Corticosteroids Drugs used to reduce inflammation in the shoulder.If NSAIDs do not have the desired effect, the patient is prescribed hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs.Corticosteroids have many side effects, so they are used in injectable form and administered to the affected area of ​​the shoulder.

Thus, according to medical statistics, in 75% of cases of shoulder periarthritis corticosteroid agents completely stop the disease.Therapy consists of 1-3 injections.As drug use Betamethasone, Diprospan or Flosteron.

novocaine blockade

This method of treatment is used in the case where the above does not give a positive result.Periarticular novocaine blockade is simple.In the painful area of ​​the shoulder joint with a certain periodicity introduced a series of injections with the anesthetic.In some cases, treatment may extend for 1-3 months.