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November 28, 2016 00:10

Endemic syphilis |Symptoms and treatment of endemic syphilis

bejel (endemic syphilis, syphilis Arabic) - a chronic infectious disease, occurring primarily among children and manifests itself erythematous-papular rash on the skin, mucous membranes, bones, joints and cartilage.

reasons endemic syphilis

bejel called Treponema pallidum (bejel);Some antigenic and pathogenic differences between endemic pathogens and venereal syphilis represent only features of strains of microorganisms.

infection tank - children aged 2 to 15 years, as well as patients in the latent period.

Epidemiology of endemic syphilis

The disease is transmitted mainly by contact-household, especially in children.This is facilitated by the low sanitary culture, cramped dwellings, drinking from the same utensils, ritual ablutions.Indirect way of infection - through infected utensils for drinking;straight - through fingers contaminated with saliva containing treponemes.Adults most often infected by their children.The carrier of the disease can be a fly.

Current endemic syphilis

incubation period - 3 weeks.

fleeting manifestations (pass unnoticed) - 1 month.

early period - from 1 month to 1 year.

Sometimes latency period - from 1 to 5 years.

Late period - after 1 year.

Symptoms of endemic syphilis

fleeting manifestations - in the oral mucosa appear spots, shallow maloboleznennye ulcers, stomatitis and sometimes cracks in the corners of the mouth.After a few weeks, these clinical manifestations disappear and often go unnoticed.

early period - occur disseminated-WIDE nezudyashie papules on the trunk and extremities, the folds - warts (vegetating papules).It affects the long bones of the lower extremities, disturbed nocturnal bone pain, t. E. Osteoperiostitov signs.

Late period - appears Gunma skin, sores and scars.Characterized gummas nasopharynx, by type gangoza (mutiliruyuschy nasopharyngitis), the appearance of bone gummas (osteoperiosti-you), dyschromia (by type of vitiligo).

Diagnosis of endemic syphilis

Mounted on the basis of:

  • clinical disease;
  • epidemiological data;
  • age of patients (children);
  • detection treponem in native specimens of early discharge of fresh eruptions (in a dark field microscope);
  • positive serological reactions (PB RIT, RIF).

Treatment of endemic syphilis

Treatment of patients with endemic syphilis, as well as their contacts carried out preparations of penicillin long-acting (benzathine benzyl-, bitsillin-1 and others.) At doses that are used for the treatment of yaws.If contraindications to the use of penicillin treatment is erythromycin or tetracycline.

Prevention of endemic syphilis

  • Timely detection of sick children, their isolation from healthy and appropriate treatment.
  • Clinical and serological survey of all family members and persons who were in close contact with the patient to identify the active and latent forms of the disease.
  • Preventive treatment of all persons exposed to patients bejel.
  • Improving living conditions, increasing health awareness of the population.