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November 27, 2016 00:17

cleft lip

Heyloskhizis or cleft lip - a birth defect, it looks like a cleft lip.

Causes of cleft lip

Why there is a cleft lip?The main cause of neonatal pathologies believe exposure to pregnant women during the first trimester of viral infectious diseases.Next in the list of factors that influence the occurrence of the defect, is the mother of the future reception of certain medications, poor environmental conditions, smoking, drugs, genetic factors.

whether inherited cleft lip is passed?

Cleft lip becomes the result of genetic mutations, if these genes play a role in cranial development.The scientific world is searching for gene transmission defect.But now we know: cleft lip, formed under the influence of heredity is likely to appear in children, where several relatives were born with such a defect.


cleft lip Cleft lip may look different.Often single- and double-sided pathology.In the first case, seeing the depth of cut in the upper lip (usually the left).In the second - we see tearing up nose

lip furrow (or deeper) from the center.

extent of the damage varies.There are splitting through, one-sided and two-sided.Front also called isolated.It is extremely rare to find a defect on the two lips.

Note that cleft lip and Patau syndrome - this is not the same thing.But this defect can result Patau syndrome which appears random and is irreversible.About 1 in 5,000 babies is born with Patau syndrome.Such children need special care.The first week of life a baby born with Patau syndrome, is considered to be critical, because most babies do not survive.Pregnancy with such a diagnosis are considered high risk.

Cleft lip is an external fault.It is easy to remove the plastic surgeon.In newborn cleft lip has no effect on their physiology and mentality, but then can deliver some of the difficulties.For example, during a meal.In addition, the baby can be difficult to talk and smile.Need special preparations for the care of teeth.Eastern Promises may entail other violations.

Celebrities with cleft lip

Famous people are not perfect, many of them in the same way as that of the ordinary people, there are defects such as cleft lip.

So, the famous actor Joaquin Phoenix between the nose and lips have a scar.He was born with a scar, which is a milder form of congenital abnormalities.

Cleft lip and attributed presenter Masha Malinovskaya, and the leader of the band "Time Machine" Andrei Makarevich.Some people claim that Mikhail Boyarsky hides under his mustache scar cleft lip.Other domestic actors, which they say that they were born with this defect - Andrei Mironov and Alisa Freundlich.

diagnosis of cleft lip

Diagnose cleft lip during ultrasound during pregnancy from 16 to 20 per week.Such news is not a reason for abortion, because it does not entail any mental retardation of the child, no violation of its development.Exception - a cleft lip as a result of the innate nature of the pathology.Such cases are diagnosed before the onset of labor.

Treatment of cleft lip

Correct defect only by surgery.Chiloplasty goes in stages.The number of operations, the amount and terms determined by the physician.Please refer to otolaryngology, speech therapist, psychologist, Phoniatrics, orthodontist and audiologist as cleft lip provokes a reduced immune response, impaired hearing and speech.Before surgical operations required serious concern about the oral cavity to prevent the appearance of caries and other diseases.The postoperative period is necessary to ensure that in the wound did not get an infection.

Surgery for cleft lip Cleft lip

corrected surgically.The operation involves several stages.First, it is important not only to remove cosmetic defects, but also to restore the anatomy.The kid carried the plastic nose and Plastic done until the child is one and a half years.Apply general anesthesia.Remove the seams can be in a Plastic involves a stay in hospital for five days.The final operation, the plastic of the upper jaw, scheduled from eight to twelve years old, when the child has permanent teeth appear.

Plastic cleft lip Cleft lip

to be plastic.Primary chiloplasty held in the first days of the baby's life.So reduced the usefulness of the split up of the lips.At an early age performed cheiloplasty different methods.Selection procedure carries a doctor, guided by the shape of the defect.

If you want to adjust the lip, nose, and muscles of the mouth, the primary perform rinoheyloplastiku.Such interference is considered difficult.

recovery usefulness of the lips and nose, and eliminate process defects alveoli is solved by performing rinoheylognatoplastiki.

comprehensive examination of the patient precedes cheiloplasty.Physicians need to receive confirmation that the child is ready for surgery.

After completion of cleft lip plastic set gauze in the nose, to protect the joints.Then, the tampon is replaced by 3 months of plastic tube to prevent deformation of the nose.One week after surgery removed stitches.

postoperative scar is visible, but in the future it can be reduced by turning to cosmetic procedures.

cheiloplasty A year later the results are evident.In most cases, require additional steps to correct deformities.They carried out later.

prevention of cleft lip

Give up bad habits.When planning a pregnancy, screened for TORCH and STDs.Consult a geneticist, if the family has a pathology.Plan your pregnancy at a young age.Avoid stress, take medication on prescription.

forecast cleft lip

overall prognosis is favorable.With timely treatment can completely eliminate the defect and scar after surgery to make invisible.Further development of the child is the same with his peers.Sometimes it may require speech therapy services, as cleft lip entails speech disorders (difficulty in articulation, twang).

Disability at cleft lip

person, would be born with a defect such as a cleft lip, disability set.The district pediatrician is obliged to send for examination.The basis is a violation of the digestive system.Install a disability to eliminate violations, from 3 to 7 years.They put on the account of the social welfare authorities and pay a disability pension.One of the parents should every month receive compensation.In the event of refusal to recognize the expertise of the disability of the child or remove the disability to recover, you need to appeal the decision.Child removed from the account of a disability only after all the rehabilitation activities will be finished.

Cleft lip is thus not a sentence.This is a cosmetic defect that must be corrected in a timely manner.