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September 04, 2016 23:11

Erotic Fashion: Lingerie

Antiquity knew diverse and sophisticated clothes - it just due to the peculiarities of climate was not necessary.However, one of the main principles of erotic fashion - pars pro toto (part for the whole) - has been well known.Apuleius in "Metamorphoses" describes "Gorny shaved female space", which is slightly camouflaged "likely to set off his elaborately than to cover up the shame".The historian Polybius gives a description of the feast of king Antigonus, on which guests charmed the dancers: "Dancing makes it more sensual and burning They take blankets with head and shoulders, and now they are completely naked, except for a tiny drawers that barely cover the middle part of the body.".

Chinese, many have succeeded in the art of "Spring Palace", also considered incomplete exposure more erotic than the state "in the buff."The pictures XIII-XIV centuries depict lovers in short jackets, sometimes both, sometimes wearing only a blouse woman.Manchu image later period show women in a sort of "nazhivotnikah

" on thin zavyazochkah.Fundamentally important and exclusive feature of the Chinese eros should be considered a closing stop-bintovkami special ribbons.The most intimate and exciting game was undressing legs, it is meant the total exposure.

to completely strip the Japanese prostitute, was required to remove her traditional silk "leaf" to cover up "private parts."Silk is used because this material is best preserves the "female" smell that Japanese (and not only they) felt exciting.

The Renaissance is not enriched European "clothesline" fashion, since not knowing restraint allowed freedom of manners completely naked in bed (dominated by custom to sleep without a shirt), while bathing, bath, etc.In the best case in these situations, men wore a little apron, and the women - only bracelets, necklaces and jewels in her hair.

In the XVII and XVIII centuries there petticoat, look at that gentlemen were so interesting that no trousers ladies did not wear.Excitation function underwear carry shoes, stockings and garters.There is a whole "art show leg" - retrousser.Garter transferred to above the knees, and are supplied with slogans reading that, or rather, giving the possibility to read them, it is an important part of the erotic game.

In the XIX century, is a real revolution underwear.Underwear is less hygienic purposes and more - erotic stimulation.Knickers, replacing petticoat, do very young, they will never reach below the knee.This trousers decorated with all sorts of ruffles, bows, etc., in search of a new erotic attraction invent all sorts of combinations of trousers with a shirt or skirt.Stockings continue to be an important means of influence on man."Eros" Dictionary (1820) argues that "thin white stockings, calf fitting thanks to its flexibility and leg so tightly that wonderful curvy shape of the body parts are the soft, rounded, able to charm ... right. The dark stockings dangling produce justthe opposite impression. "

Fashion, as it should, change - is now black is considered to be the most suitable for erotic lingerie on a par with white, which prevailed in the XIX century.For men stimulants are garments, tight fitting women's breasts and buttocks.Women are less responsive to this kind of specific stimuli, for them the main causative agent - the man himself.However, the sexual organs, clearly outlined skintight shorts, can act as a stimulant.

excitement - a complex and fairly personal gear.Some are worried about fitting with the special structure of the fabric clothing, emphasizing the prominent pubic hair on it.Other "plant" from the "threat", which symbolizes the black color, leather and buckles.Modern industry is able to meet all the most sophisticated or the most bizarre requests in this area.For example, the catalog of the American company "Doc Johnson" - the largest manufacturer of sex toys and accessories - contains dozens of erotic lingerie models.On the looks that say their name: "Fifi, the french made" - "Fifi, a French woman" (translucent set of shorts and shirts with hearts, lace, etc.);"Tigress", "unveiled" - can be translated as "expandable, affordable penetration" (transparent tights with lace edged slot between the legs);"After dark" - "after dark" (black panties with pretty white semaphore in the pubic area);"Dark nymph";"Wild game";"Teddy bear", etc.

Men Lingerie -.. Mostly cowards (except a certain similarity wrestling suit of black leather).As a rule, they are made from a fabric that looks wet, ie emphasizing the shape..;or mesh (almost lace), these forms directly detected.The model names pointed brutal: "the joy of the jungle" (with zipper front);"security guard";"Igrunov";"Bearer";"Mr. Stallion" (English title ". Mr Stud" - a play on words, meaning more and rivets: they covered the entire surface of the pant);Again semaphore - this time "after six", that is, the case does not begin after dark and immediately after six;and so on. d. As with all the products of large companies working in this area, the laundry is thoroughly hygienic and sexological inspection.

Our excursion into the region erotic lingerie forced to be brief, the history of fashion and eroticism has kept a huge amount of material (and even patterns).I can only add that vrobsche a dispute between beauty and use seems meaningless because useless beauty does not happen.