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September 04, 2016 23:11

The cycle of sexual response

Human sexual function is the result of a complex interaction between the autonomic nervous system, which regulates vital functions of the body without conscious control, cardiovascular system, blood circulation is responsible for genital and endocrine systems control the secretion of hormones and their release.These systems operate in close relationship with the thinking and emotions.Researchers

sexual problems found that the sexual response cycle can be divided into four phases.

attraction.For sexual arousal can cause a verbal or physical stimulation, and appropriate consideration.Sexual fantasies can equally cause excitement and awaken desire, resulting in acts of a sexual mechanisms.

excitement.This is the stage of sexual tension (excitation) and erotic ecstasy.With proper stimulation parasympathetic nervyvyzyvayut significant blood flow to the genital area.In men, there comes an erection (penis enlargement).In women, the vagina and the clitoris swell, the vagina becomes wet and slippery.Quick

ens the heartbeat.When stimulation comes voluptuous continuing tension.

orgasm.Voluptuous sensation in this phase culminates.In men, ejaculation occurs.Orgasm in women is manifested in reflex rhythmic contraction of the muscles surrounding the vagina.

Relaxation.Sexual organs are returned to their previous state, heart rate and respiration back to normal.

While a woman is capable of rapid repetition of the above cycle, men over a certain period of time (minutes to hours) repeated offensive erection impossible.This period is called the refractory time, increases with age.The young men this refractory time is often only a few seconds, after 30 years, it is extended to half an hour, at the age of 50 years, the refractory period lasts on average from 8 to 24 hours.On the other hand, with increasing age orgasm muzhchin.znachitelno time lengthens.

organic or functional factors can cause the disorder of the normal cycle of sexual response and sexual activity.In the event of such disorders can talk about sexual dysfunction.