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September 04, 2016 23:11

What platofaza in sex?

Platofaza - this is the second phase of full sexual intercourse, namely the very penetration of the penis into the vagina of women.Platofaza - a continuation of a love game or petting - as there will be a couple.What are the features platofazy, or full sexual intercourse?

What should be platofaza?

introduction into the vagina of the penis should be soft, gentle, and most importantly - painless.If a man allows rudeness, hurry, unsure of himself, and the woman is not ready for copulation, sexual intercourse will not bring mutual pleasure.Before the male sexual organ penetrates the vagina of women, it should be the prelude phase, which prepares for sexual intercourse both ignites their passion.Prelude phase lasts approximately 15 minutes.

When both - male and female - are ready for coitus (penetration of the phallus into the vagina), male sexual organ to penetrate easily, and the woman accepts it without the slightest effort, because her vagina enough lubrication.This lubricant indicates that a wom

an is ready to have fun on.

What should be the frictions?

frictions - a motion by men during penetration of the phallus in the vagina of women.Usually the first frictions deeper and slower.Then the frequency of frictions and can reach speeds of 100 beats per minute.The intensity of the frictions that may be accelerated, then slowed down at a pace that are pleasing to both.As a man grows faster physiological arousal, and a woman - slowly, he can control the pace, pulling his own orgasm, and the orgasm closer partner.

woman during movements man can help his body, regulating the sexual behavior of the partner, and the pace of his movements.During frictions excitement of both partners are at the same level, and it is called platofazoy.Excitation of this can be stimulated, the man at this time is most excited by a small plot of coronary groove of the head of the phallus and a woman - the clitoris or vagina.If frictions slow and not very often, these areas are the most excitable.

At first frictions both partners can leisurely enjoy, they are easy to control with certain skills and knowledge.You can occasionally stop frictions, and then resume it again, increasing the duration of intercourse.When both partners are strongly excited, control the frequency and intensity of the frictions is becoming increasingly difficult, they become sharper and stronger, in the form of aftershocks.Less and less can control this process, and finally comes the orgasmic phase - the phase of orgasm.

If a man is experienced enough, it can cause caresses orgasm in women already during foreplay, and the next step - platofazy.Therefore, he or partner to orgasm can do the stimulation of the clitoris - this will increase the excitement of women and bring her to orgasm.

What changes occur during platofazy?

If a woman is sufficiently aroused, during the actual copulation she raises the following features.

  • nipples increases, they are extremely stretched
  • abdominal skin becomes pink or even red
  • breast skin and even the back of the head can greatly blush
  • clitoris is slightly reduced, but the voltage of this subsides
  • large labia may slightly increase asblood flow in the veins is reduced
  • labia become much more - in 2-3 times
  • lubricants may stand out more due to active work of Bartholin glands
  • muscles of the outer part of the vagina is compressed, the erectile tissues in the uterus become more dense, and malemember covered by stronger - this is called female orgasmic cuff
  • vagina strongly stretched wide.It is expanding, so the penis can move it easily

The man in platofazy too is changing step, but small.His nipples are too tense, and the penis, as a rule, remains in constant tension, the erection is no longer fluctuates.The head of the penis becomes red from the blood flow, the testicles enlarge and tightened up.From the urethra can stand clear liquid droplets called Cowper's glands secretions.

Platofazu as the excitement phase, it is not necessary to delay, or a sexual act will not bring pleasure - partners only wear down.Phase intercourse should last 2-5 minutes.There is an unwritten rule, which is known seasoned lovers: love game lasts about 4 times longer than platofaza (act of intercourse itself).This time, the couple can be adjusted as she pleases, as long as both were good.Doctors say that it is not necessary to worry if copulation phase lasts only 1 minute, if at the same time, both reach orgasm.

result platofazy correctly held, that is phase intercourse, orgasm is.In women and men it may last from 10 to 15 minutes, especially in the passionate expectancy can reach orgasm in 30 seconds.The brightness of both partners feeling - a reward for his generosity and caresses the senses.